Jennas Afterlife.

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Jenna's a ghost. For the first time she's letting people into her mind. She spends yet another night watching her insomniac sister in the early hours trying desperately to solve the mystery of her being a ghost. But is distracted by the memories of her death.

Submitted: March 22, 2011

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Submitted: March 22, 2011





“I’ll be good tonight, early to bed, up on time.” *lights off, sets alarms, snuggles into blanket*




*looks at clock* “Don’t worry, it’s only been 20 minutes, you’ll fall asleep soon.” *yawn*


“What shall I wear tomorrow then? Black jeans, white tank, cookie monster shirt, black cardigan. Yeah, that’ll look good. Hair up or down? Hmm…up I think, I have math tomorrow, need to be able to see the book.”




*looks at clock* “Common, you can do this. Think of blank paper.” *thinks*





*looks at clock* “Ok…this is not working.”*sits up and turns on light* “I’ll try exercising a bit, tire myself out a bit.” *Stands up and starts push ups, sit ups and jogging on the spot*




*pants* “Ok you’re tired now, lie down, close your eyes and let sleep take you. It’ll work this time.” *lights off, snuggles into blanket, closes eyes*




*looks at clock, sighs* “Ok, that obviously didn’t work….ummm what now.” *looks at ceiling, yawn*




“Ok this is getting ridiculous now… what else can I do? Count sheep? Yea like that works. I’m starting to feel thirsty actually.” *sneaks to bathroom, sips water, peers into the mirror*


“Jeez, how is it possible to get a bed head without actually sleeping? That’s gonna take some serious brushing.” *steps closer* “Jesus, my pores are huge!” *Squeezes small spot* “Ewwww! I hate spots that are bigger than they look! But out of curiosity, anymore on my face I need to be rid of?” Hmmm *pulls faces*




*Tiptoes back to bedroom, looks at clock* “Holy shit! I was in the bathroom for 30 minutes? Ah well. I Might as well stay awake, if I do fall asleep now I’ll never wake up on time.”


*turns on TV*


Jenna listened to her sister mumbling to herself, deciding what to wear tomorrow and pondering upon a wide range of subjects. She finally gave up and watched the TV for hours. Jenna waited for her sister to fall asleep but like all the other times, sleep never visited. Jenna sighed and drifted through the wall to check on her parents, they hadn’t been doing well since she died either. There were loads of sleepless nights, crying and asking the world what they could have changed. Jenna hated seeing them like this, it wasn’t even their fault.


The saddest thing about the whole situation is that she can see them, touch them even but they can’t do the same. Whenever she touches them all they feel is a breeze or a chill down their spine. It breaks her heart that they are ignorant to the fact that she’s still there, in a way at least.


Now you’re probably wondering why Jenna’s a ghost. She was a junior in high school, the outgoing type and a cheerleader no less. Tall, blonde with pouty lips and no doubt the object of attention every time she walked into a room.


 On the night she died she went to a college house party, she suspected that she was the youngest person in the immediate area but that didn’t bother her. She started to drink like everyone else but after a half hour she started feeling strange. Despite her size she could hold her liquor, so why was she feeling this way? The answer came almost instantly to her near sedated state. She was sure of it. Date rape. She spun around and tried to spot the perpetrator but no one stuck out.


She desperately stumbled to the door. She had to get away from this place as soon as possible, away from whoever did this.


Jenna was jerked from her reminiscence to reality by her sister switching off the TV and stretching; she peered out the window and saw the sun on the horizon. This was her cue to start getting ready for school. If she was going to stay up all day she had to start it correctly, so she headed to the kitchen downstairs and made herself a strong cup of coffee, or two. She blew on the coffee before every sip until it was cool enough to drink without doing so. 20 minutes passed and she had drained two mugs of coffee, after which she stretched again and jogged upstairs to shower. Jenna didn’t follow her, her sister needed her privacy. She stared out the window and returned to her memories of that night.


When she managed to reach the door, which was already open, she stepped outside and breathed deeply, with the breeze blowing in her face she groggily walked to the curb of the road. She heard shouting and glanced over her shoulder. Heading straight for her, were a group of heavily built college guys. They obviously didn’t see her and they knocked into her which cause her in turn to fall back onto the road, where a speeding car hit her as she tried to get up, killing her instantly. She didn’t hear the car coming, but the lights of the she remembered that she was blinded by the headlights, and then everything was black.


She didn’t understand why she became a ghost or how it happened. On all the TV shows it was the ghosts had unfinished business. But no matter how much she thought about it she couldn’t for the life of her think what it was. No pun intended. She hoped someone would suddenly appear in front of her and tell her what was going on, but in the 7 years she’d been dead it didn’t happen. For the first few years she was hopeful, thinking that it will happen soon. Then she became desperate, searching high and low for some glimmer of a blurred outline or a glowing aura. Now, she’s given up completely. It’s a lonely concept, to be a ghost if you think about it.

Thinking back to that day all those years ago made it incredibly hard for Jenna to handle the situation. All she wanted to do was disappear completely but no matter what she tried she couldn’t get to the other side. She wanted to watch over her family and protect them. So that they would live their lives to the fullest and never be in this situation, but she also wanted peace and not the mumbo jumbo of being able to drift through walls and never being hungry.


Sighing she left her family to get on with their daily business and floated through the front door and down the street. Not sure of where she was going, she drifted aimlessly around the city. She realised the she had wound up in the ‘Other side of town’, the poverty stricken area.


Rusty cars, garbage and syringes littered the ground. She’d never been in this part of town before, not even as a human so the sudden change of scenery stunned her. She reckoned that she’d never have the guts to come here again intentionally; she decided to stay and explore. She peered into houses as she made her way down the road and was about to leave when something caught her eye.


A silhouette of a man she guessed. But there was something strange about him, he was blurred around the edges and he had an iridescent glow to him much like her own. Taken aback but extremely curious, she approached cautiously; she had to be sure that her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.


She was right as she’d suspected, this man was a ghost. Excitement burned through her like fire, she’d finally found someone like her! She rushed towards to him to ask him the questions she so desperately needed answers for.


But she never reached him. Before she got to him she felt incredible peace wash over her. She stood stock still in front of the stranger as realisation dawned on her face. She looked down as her body and saw that it wasn’t the cloudy consistency as before, but barely visible to her own eyes. A single tear ran down her cheek and a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she disappeared completely.


Death stood at the corner of a building wearing simple jeans and a plain white t shirt, as opposed to the black robe in most myths. He was a handsome man and aging gracefully. His job was to help lost souls pass on to the other side. This one in particular intrigued him, what was a girl as well turned out like she was in this part of town. It saddened him when she spotted him and rushed towards him, she could see the excitement in her eyes. But he had to do his job.


He centred himself and drew the energy to his hands. With clenched fists he raised his arms in front of him and waited until she was close enough. He closed his mind and focused with all his might, jerked forward and released the energy.


The stumbled back as it hit her, a mixture of relief, surprise and fear on her face, she looked down and saw that she was starting to disappear. She looked into deaths’ eyes and he watched a tear roll down her cheek, and a small smile stretch her mouth a little. Just before she disappeared completely he could have sworn that he heard a faint “Thank you” but he couldn’t be sure, even though he wasn’t sure it tugged at his heartstrings. A smile fell on his own lips as he plunged his hands into his pockets. He kicked a can off the sidewalk playfully and commenced his search, for lost souls, once again.


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