Why being published would be the best thing ever?

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My opinion on why becoming a published author would be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



Why do I want to become a published author?

I'm not oozing with confidence in general, I'm quite a shy person until one gets to know me, and when you know me you'd know that I never shut up! Writing is all about getting your voices and opinions heard. I want to spread my ideas out there, for people to think about, imagine, wish to be true.

Writing is the only thing I'm actually remotely good at, the thing that makes me, well, me. And that is why I'm using booksie in the first place. We all have to start somewhere, and this is not exactly the beginning. I'm young, young enough for people to think I'm mad for writing instead of well, messing about with everyone else and going to teen discos or whatever. But that's just not where I stand, although enjoy doing that too. My ambition into become an author, and no one can stand in my way. Except myself, but I'm not willing to let that happen.

It's not my whole life mind you, I have families and friends to attend to. Writing can be something important and treasured, but it is not going to replace my loved ones. I've seen too many other people go down that road, and there's no going back once you are gone. The people that get a surge of over-confidence, they think they've made it and when they realise that they haven't, we'll, there's no one left to cry on.

No writer can say that it doesn't hurt when your work gets turned down, no author can say they haven't wondered if they were just bad writers. The truth is, we've all had our doubts, we've all had our queries, but we carry on, because that's just what west, were authors, we can just makeup a great big game of let's pretend.

We need to set our sights on the horizon, we need to believe that no matter how many people in the world are more accomplished in the world, or how old they were when they got their big break, or how famous they are, we can dream.

Me? I want to be a successfully published author whose books have been turned into a block-buster film series, starring celebrities I admire, like Robert Sheehan. Yes, it's unrealistic and it's daft, and you're probably laughing but that's my dream and I don't care. I'll go as far as I can before its too late to make my dreams come true, or thereabouts.

And I hope you do too..

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