My School Cafeteria

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just what lunch time at my school would be described as if u were to have been there.

Submitted: December 05, 2009

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Submitted: December 05, 2009



The Cafeteria (lunchtime) At Immaculate
The students sat in the classroom anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. The teacher could sense the anxiety and want around the classroom, she ended her lecture and allowed them to give thanks for the food that they would soon consume. The students then pack up their things and rushed to the door to make the line awaiting the lunch bell.
Being at the front of the line, I had to make sure I didn’t get trampled for moving too slow and being in the way. As I cleared my thoughts and focused on the food that I was about to devour the bell rang. Some of these girls are very stealthy and keen, so I had to watch out, I noticed some go through the front door while others were already half way to the cafeteria already. What lunchtime at my school is like watching a pack of lions take food away from coyotes.
The girls are running, jumping and screaming. (The cafeteria staff is very brave to take on this job, they could get fired easily if something were implied or said insultingly.) As they get to the collection counter they snatch the food away aggressively from the staff and make their way over to the ketchup table. There is a huge crowd around the table at least four (4) layers of girls around it and only one lonely ketchup bottle left. Girls drown their fried chicken in ketchup and when I finally get the bottle I receive a small squirt of ketchup leaving my chicken rather dry.
As I walked to my lunch group I noticed a pile of food on the floor and supposed someone’s lunch got knocked over, which reminded me to be very careful not to slip or bump into anyone’s food or I would have to give up mine.

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