Imaginary Friends

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I was a lonely child, but my imaginary friends got me through a lot of my life. Then I grew up.

Submitted: December 08, 2013

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Submitted: December 08, 2013



Children always have very active imaginations and I was no exception. My imaginary friend was my best and only friend, Harry. He played piano while I sang and we would sometimes play a game called Devil's Hand I made up. Don't worry, it was nothing bad as the name suggested, although I guess I can't really say that for the rest of my imagination. Like the other children, I always thought there were monsters under my bed and in my closet. Green balls of slime with long, sharp teeth or spider-like creatures with only one eye that was hanging from their abdomen would sometimes creep into my imagination, but Harry would always chase them away and I would be safe for another night. The dark didn't even scare me like it used to because I knew that there was always someone to protect me. I was really happy then.

Then came elementary school and the constant ridicule for still talking to an invisible character. I stopped talking to Harry at school, then just didn't talk to him in front of people. Eventually I just stopped playing with him altogether. I still didn't have any friends, but at least I wasn't being made fun of. But with Harry gone I needed to learn to defend myself from the monsters in the dark, so I just...ignored them. Most of them left me alone after that, but there's still one that I remember vividly. People called her Courtney. She had long, slender fingernails and black, matted hair, had a soft, angelic voice by day to hide loud, screeching cries she let out at night. There was always a necklace adorned around her neck; a golden chain with a ring made of the same material. I could never get rid of her. She kept me trapped in my bedroom which feels more like a prison now, and barrages me with insults if I do anything she doesn't like. It's a painless torture. I've tried to get rid of it; I tried to bring Harry back to no avail, I tried to retaliate only to come back with bruises, I even tried talking to her but all she did was tell me to shut up.

Over time another monster had shown up. It didn't have a physical form, but a voice, and the monsters had both teamed up. One would slap me, tell me I'm worthless and the other would whisper into my ear and tell me to end it all, I'd try and Courtney would come in and slap me again. This went on for two years. But I found Courtney's weakness when I stole it from around her neck. The ring was what gave her power, right? It had to be. She constantly wore it, and she began crying the second I stole it from her. I dashed into my room, blocked the door and examined it to find out what was so great about it. On the inside there was an engraving.

"Harry + Courtney December 27, 1997"

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Tears formed in my eyes. I didn't know how to react to this. I just sat down and curled up with my dead dad's wedding ring against my chest.


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