I am a mystery. But who am I really?

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I was asked a question. Who are you? And I got to thinking....Who am I really? I mean there are a lot of versions of me. I will mimic someone else to make me fit in, I will put on a brave face so I don't make everyone else around me sad. I am so many people I am. But this question made me think. Who am I really? Who are you?

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



Who am I really?

I am a reflection of life.

I am Beautiful though not many people think so.

I am funny,smart, and talented.

I am also complicated, weird, and a little crazy at times.

I love my friends and they love me.

I trust too much sometimes and get my heart broken.

I have a lot of problems.

I have a family that loves me.

I am a mystery.

I hold on to things even though they hurt sometimes.

I am miserable a lot.

I am perfectly Unperfect.

But that's OK!

I like being unperfect.


So Who are You?

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