A walk inte the dark

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Have you ever walked in the dark and had the feeling that something is behind you? Maybe you won't be so lucky next time...

Submitted: June 25, 2014

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Submitted: June 25, 2014



He hated to walk this way at night. Thru the park. Even thou it walked it a hundred times he still got goosebumps and hurry his step. During the day, He loved to be here. But at night it was like he was in a different world, a world were everything wants to hurt you. And this particular night was no different to his discomfort, he felt scared as normal. But there was a tension in the air, he could nearly touch it. He could feel it brush against his face.

Suddenly he could hear the bushes behind him rustle. He stopped and turned as he was stopping. He wanted to be ready to run. Nothing. Just the old city lamp, with it's damp light and darkness. But there was no one. He tried to shake the feeling as he continued to walk the path.

After a short while, he was not far away from where he had stopped. He could hear something, maybe it was footsteps. Maybe it was just his imagination. He could not really put his finger on it. Maybe he just heard his own footstep. He stopped. But the sound behind him was off. Stopped alittle to late. He started to turn. Slow. Slow. Slow. Afraid of what he might see. Afraid of who it might be. No one. Nothing. Just darkness and the damp light from the lamp. But nothing. His discomfort was higher then before. He started to get so scared, just standing there, it was like everything around him was pulsating. Vibrating. He started to breath slow, trying to control him self. He started to walk again, a little bit fast this time. It started to drizzle. Then it started to rain.

The sound behind him started again. Now he was sure. Footsteps. It got closer. He could hear it's breath. He passed a bench. As he pass it, he sees something in the glimpse of his eye. He then realize. The steps. The breathing stopped. He stops. And one more time he turns with his hart up his trout. On the bench. A Person. Just sitting there. Looking down. What was that? Crying? He stood there. Not sure how to react. Not sure if he should leave. He started to take a step towards the person. Still not sure if it was a boy or a girl. One more step. He could not see it's face. One more step. The person had not jet looked up, did he or she knew he was there? One more step and it turned it's face up and scream at him. It's face was wildly deformed. It was not a human face. It had no eyes. Just a big mouth with sharp theet that would cut him in half if he had not taken a step backwards. It was a wounder he hadn’t felt on his back. Gone. It had vanished. He was not sure he had seen what he had seen. Not sure if it was just his imagination. He was frozen from fear. He was breathing hefty. Panicking. What should he do? RUN! He should run! He had to force him self to move. His mussels acted a little from the tension. But he had to run. The steps behind him started to run to. On command. The breathing to. This time he didn't want to check. He just wanted to run. Run home. In front off him something started to evolve from the darkness, like it rose from the puddle that had formed there from the rain. He could see how the water bounced off it. He was sure it was there. He stopped and feel from the speed, just some meters from the dark thing that had rise from nothing. It started to move toward him, there was no escape. He tried to get up on his feet, but he stumble every time. He finally got upp on his feet as the thing was about to swallow him whole. The gate. So close. Just behind the monster. He started to run the other way. What other chose did he have? He was so close. But so far away. He fell headlong on his knees. Crying from the panic. Panting from the running. What should he do? He could feel how it was still moving towards him. Crying even more he shouted; “Leave me alone! I don want to die...”

He stood there on all fore. Waiting. Crying. Listening. He could hear the rain droops on his coat. A car, driving on the other side of the wall that surrounded the park. But nothing else. He could feel how his knees had gotten wet. Waiting. Scared half to death. Panicking. His hart pounding in his chest. Exhausted. Silence.


After a while without nothing. He rose. Looked behind him. Nothing. The only thing he could hear was the rain. The tension in the air was gone. The only thing he felt was the rain as I drips on his nose. He starts to run. Nothing. No one. Silence. He sees the gate. He runs faster where he had seen the thing. With panic in his chest. Out. Hi was out. Out on the street. Just two blocks from home. He stopped just outside. Panting, catching his breath. But he could feel the discomfort from the park on his pack. Like something was hanging on him. Panic. Panic so heavy and discomforting he starts to run. Just over the street he stoops again. Turning towards the park. In the gate. IT stands. Looking at him. 

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