My rough Draft. Life of a Teenager.

My rough Draft. Life of a Teenager.

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Chelsea Clark isn't exactly Head cheerleader, or most popular girl in school. But being unpopular also has it's advantages.
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Chelsea Clark isn't exactly Head cheerleader, or most popular girl in school. But being unpopular also has it's advantages.

Chapter1 (v.1) - My rough Draft. Life of a Teenager.

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Chelsea Clark isn't exactly Head cheerleader, or most popular girl in school. But being unpopular also has it's advantages.

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Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 22, 2013




Chapter 1: Introduction


Hello world, It's me again. Don't know who I am? Well let me update you. I'm a high school senior with a pretty average life, Well most of the time. I have the coolest friends I could ever ask for. Amanda, has been my best friend since 2nd grade, and partner in crime, She has shoulder length brown hair, With chocolate brown eyes, And then there's Lilly, My hippie vegan best friend who I met this year, She has shoulder length brown hair, And aqua colored eyes.


My friends mean a lot to me since I'm an only child. My dad works 24/7, So my mom is always trying to spend time with me... a little TOO much time. My mom is always asking me about personal things, Like boys...No one knows that I have a HUGE almost obsessive crush on...Kyle Weston. Light brown beautiful hair, Liquid blue eyes, and a smile that can light up the whole room. Too bad he doesn't even know I exist. Oh, And there's one more thing... he is in love with his stupid perfect girlfriend TAYLOR. Head cheerleader, and most popular girl in school. She is the devil.. Seriously.


I bet you're wondering who I am, and why I’m writing this blog. I'm writing this because you guys are the only one's who will listen to whats on my mind. My name is Chelsea, But since my name isn't all that important you can just call me “Anonymous” or better yet call me “Anon.” that sounds cooler. I have light brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. But let's get to the good stuff.













Chapter 2: Chemistry & Kyle Weston.


This has been a crazy few days for me, It's been emotional too. Let's see where do I begin?




I had to tutor someone after school to get extra credit that I desperately needed for chemistry. As I walked into the class room, there he was. The guy I had been dreaming of for as long as I can remember. Those beautiful liquid blue eyes, and perfectly brushed back hair. He seemed stressed, With his head resting on his hand, staring down at the desk. “Oh my god. Is that really him?” I thought as I stared from afar.


Umm...H-hello are you here for the t-tutoring?” I spit out. “Yeah, And your name is Saddie right?” He replied. I couldn't believe he didn't know my name! I've known him since 6th grade. “ no, it's actually Chelsea, but you can call me Saddie if that's easier for you to remember.” I said. “Oh, sorry about that.” He apologized “Let's get started”. So there we were making CHEMISTRY, get it? I couldn't believe I was next to Kyle Weston, Star football player, It was a dream come true.


After the tutoring was over, I waited outside for my mom, she was nowhere to be found. I heard footsteps behind me as I turned around I saw Kyle. “Hey.” he said “Do you need a ride?”. “ N-no thanks, My mom is on her way” I replied nervously. “You still get rides from your mom?” He joked. My mom had been begging me to get my license since 15, Now was the time I wished I had actually listened to her. “No, it's just my car is in the shop and you mom is the only one who can get me.” I fibbed. “Well let me give you a ride. It's the least I can do.” He offered. Before I knew it, There I was riding in a car with Kyle. It was perfect! Except for the loud rap music that was blasting through the speakers almost making my ears bleed. I just sat there and smiled the entire ride home. As he dropped me off, I waved good-bye and walked into the house. My house isn't all that big, but it's very cozy. As I walked into the living room, I saw my mom on the couch watching TV. My mom is in her late 30s with light blonde hair and brown eyes. “” I said. “ Hey honey! You're just in time for Family Fued come sit down.” She replied joyfully. “Mom! You left me stranded at school!” I spit out trying to hold in my anger. “ I am so sorry honey, I went out for drinks with the girls, and totally forgot.” She apologized. After that incident, I went to my room and locked the door.






I was in the hall by the lockers talking to my best friend, Lilly, When Kyle came up behind us. “ Hey Chels! I passed the chemistry test all thanks to you!” He said excitedly. “Kyle, That's great!” I replied. “Thanks. I really appreciate it” He said with a smile. “That smile.” I thought “Could he be any more beautiful”. “So I was wondering if I could stop by your place after school, and you could help me out with homework?” he implied. “Sure!” I said “That sounds great!”. He smiled “Cool. I'll see you then!” As he walked away, Lilly shrieked “OH. MY. GOD. Kyle Weston is coming to your house after school!”


After school, I immediately raced home to find something to wear. I went through every piece of clothes in my closet, And tried on almost EVERYTHING. Soon enough I stuck with a denim skirt with brown leggings underneath, and a “Pinch Me I'm Irish” tank top. After taking a few glances in the mirror, I heard a knock on the door “I'll get it!” I yelled to my mom. I opened up the door and there that beautiful smile was. I was so lost in it I almost forgot to invite him in.


Hey Chels, Ready to study?” He asked, “Umm, Yeah, Come on in.” I replied. It was so unreal, the guy of my dreams at MY house. After studying for about an hour my mom came home. “Chelsea!” She yelled out “I just got back from Wal-Mart, They didn't have those tampons you wanted.”.


Oh god kill me now.” I thought. “ So I got this other kind, They are in a cute little black box.” She continued as she walked into the kitchen “Oh, I didn't realize we had a guest.” She said half embarrassed half surprised. “Mom, this is Kyle Weston. I'm tutoring him.” I said with my head down. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Clark” Kyle said with a soft smile. “Call me Angela hun, So do you like football?” she asked. “Yeah.” he replied “I'm Quarterback for our football team.”


Great! Why don't you kids take a break from studying, and come watch the game.” She said cheerfully. “ It was official” I thought “My mother is cooler then me. She got him to watch football with her, How come I can't even do that?” After the football game Kyle's phone rang. “Excuse me ladies” He said with a half smile. As he talked on the phone we sat in the living room “Hey Chels?” Kyle shouted. I went to go see what was wrong. “Yeah?” I asked. “Are you busy tomorrow night?” He replied. I froze “ OH. MY. GOD. This is it...Kyle Weston is going to ask me out.”

I stood there for a few seconds “Um...No.” I finally answered. “Do you think you could fill in as our mascot for the game tomorrow night?” he asked with a smile I couldn't resist “Sure, why not.” I said.







The next day, when I got home from school, my mom was parked out front in her white SUV. “Hey honey, Hop in we're going shopping.” she said. I started walking towards the car “What's on your face?” She asked. Referring to the blue bobcat facepaint I was wearing. “Oh, Nothing.” I replied. Before I got into the car, I heard a voice calling out my name. “Hey Chels!” I turned around and saw Kyle in his blue football jersey “Hey Kyle, What's up?” I asked. “I just wanted to say thanks for being such a good sport at the game today.” He smiled. “The crowd loved you!” I started to feel my face get a little red “Well I'll do anything for the school” I joked.


Just then I heard a voice “Hurry up babe! We're missing the dinner.” The girl shouted. “Well, I gotta go” He said quickly “Thanks again.” He hopped in the car with his girlfriend as they drove away I got in the car with my mom. When we arrived at the mall I immediately went into the bathroom to wash the paint off of my face. By the time I got out, my mom was waiting for me. When we entered 'Hot Topic' One of the stores in the mall, Someone caught my eye.


There was this absolutely GORGEOUS guy working at the counter. He had Cream colored hair, and bright green eyes. He had flawless skin, and a septum piercing. Next thing I knew he was walking towards me, “Don't freak out Chelsea” I told myself. Then he approached me “Can I help you with anything, miss?” He said with a smile. “Oh...Umm... N-no. I'm fine.” I spit out “Okay then.” he said “If you need help with anything just ask me.” He smiled again and walked back toward the counter. Me and my mom walked around for a few minutes, I didn't realize I was staring at him the entire time, until my mom asked me if I liked a cute pair of dangling diamond earrings. “Yes! I love them.” I replied, still looking at the guy. As we approached the counter he smiled and took our stuff and scanned it.


You're Mandy Martinez's son, right?” My mom said. “Yes,” He replied “This is my daughter, Chelsea.” My mom said as if I were a prized possession. He reached out his hand and shook mine “Nice to meet you, Chelsea. My names Tucker.” The touch of his hand sent chills down my back. “Y-you too, Tucker.” I stuttered. He chuckled a little. “Excuse me for a second kids.” My mom said as she excused herself to the ladies room.


I stood there awkwardly “So, Chelsea.” Tucker said leaning on the counter. “There's this party tonight, I know we just met and all but maybe You could come with me?” I froze up for a few seconds “U-umm...Sure. I'd love to.” I replied. He smiled “I'll pick you up at 7.”



Chapter 3: Boys and parties.


At about 6:30 there was a knock on the door. “He's early” I thought. I raced to go open the door, And to my suprise Kyle was there. He had on his Varsity jacket, His hair a mess, and black sweats. “Hey Chels.” He stared at me “Wow. You look great.” He said. “Thanks...What are you doing here?” I asked. I really didn't expect to see him “Oh. I just wanted to stop by and say sorry about earlier...Taylor can be a little pushy at times” He said with a smile. “It's fine.” I replied. “Well, There's a football game tomorrow...If you wanna come.” He ruffled his hair a little “Sure” I said with a smile. “I guess I'll see you there! Bye” He said “Bye” I replied.


When Tucker arrived, We headed to the party. The music was blasting so loud, I should my eardrums were going to explode. There were people dancing laughing, and making out. And there we were...Me and Tucker. How could a guy who works at Hot Topic, and doesn't even go to our school get invited to the hottest party of the year. Just then I heard a voice “Hey Tucker, come over here” Taylor shouted. They danced, and as always I was left out. “Hey Chelsea!” Tucker called “ Do you think you could get myself and the beautiful Taylor some drinks?” He smiled “Sure. Why not.” I said. Of course I wasn't going to get that jerk a drink. I left the party after that.


I was on my way home when someone caught the corner of my eye. “Kyle?” I called out, he was working on his truck “Hey Chels! What are you doing over here? He asked. “I just left your girlfriends party.” I said truthfully “Sweet, how was it?” He smiled “It” I fibbed. “That's good, I'm not much of a party person, that's why I didn't bother going.” He replied. “Yeah. I'm not really the type for parties either” I stated.


Do you mind hanging out with me for a bit? Until the parties over.” He asked. “Sure I'd love to!” I said joyfully. We sat in the back of his tuck underneath the stars. We talked about so many things that night, He told me about his parent's divorce...His little brothers, He talked about how his dad is his best friend, He even told me about when he broke his arm in 2nd grade. Of course I had no interesting stories, but he listened to what I had to say. I kind of forgot about his girlfriend and Tucker. The only thing that mattered was him and the stars in the sky.I had never felt so close to anyone before in my entire life. It was Honestly a perfect night.



I looked at the time on my phone, and it was time to go home before my mom sent out a search team. “ I think I better get going it's kind of late” I said “Yeah, I gotta help Taylor clean up anyways. Thanks for talking to me, I had a blast.” He smiled. “The pleasure was all mine” I replied with an even bigger smile. He chuckled “Dork. Text me when you get home, so I know you made it there alive”. “Okay I definitely will” I said. I started to head home, When I looked to the side and saw Tucker making out with Taylor.


Why was it I had to be the one to see the two together. How come I had to walk down THAT street. The next day I invited Amanda over to talk about what I had seen last night, and how I should handle the situation. “Are you sure the girl was Taylor?” she implied “I'm positive it was her, I know what I saw, Amanda.” I said eagerly. “Well maybe you should tell Kyle” she suggested “He probably wouldn't even believe me.” I said. Just then the doorbell rang, just then my mom shouted up the stairs “Chelsea! Your cousin is here.” I walked downstairs. “Heeeeey” she said. It was strange to see Skylar, We hadn't talked since my family moved to New York. She wore a long yellow tank top with a Radioactive sign on it, and black skinny jeans. She had flat blonde hair with pink streaks, her bangs swept the the right side of her face, and chocolate brown eyes.


Hey Skylar! What are you doing here?” I asked curiously “Ehh, I was bored and decided to pay my favorite cousin a little visit.” She said jokingly. Just then my mom walked in “Skylar, sweetie. How's your sister?” She asked “Well. Brooke is still being...Brooke.” she replied. “That's good.” My mom said. “Umm...Skylar, let's go in my room” I said. Me and Amanda told her our dilemma about Kyle and asked what we should do “ What's the big deal with this Weston kid anyways?” She asked. “Umm. He's the star Quarterback and his girlfriend cheated on him last night.” Amanda replied.


And why do you guys care so much?” She asked “Well, Because I've got to know him, and I don't want to sit here and watch him get hurt.” I said. “ We have to do something to let Kyle know Taylor is cheating on him” Amanda implied “We can write him a letter.” Skylar said. “...That's actually not a bad idea” I admitted “OKAY. You can start the letter 'Dear Kyle, Your girlfriends a Effin' W.' “ She said enthusiastically. “Yeah!” Amanda agreed “Guys, no.” I said.


Fine, let me think.” Skylar said. “I got it” I said. After we sent the letter, Amanda left, and Skylar and I watched TV with my mom. Then the doorbell rang, “I'll get it. It's probably my sister” Skylar said. When she opened the door Tucker was there “Hey, is Chelsea home?” He asked. “Yeah, But I'm home too. How ya doin' hot stuff. I'm Skylar” She said flirtatiously. “Uhh...Hi Skylar, I really need to speak to Chelsea.” He said


Eh, Fine” She replied. “Chelsea, Some guy is here for you!” I got up and walked to the door, “Skylar, can you give us a minute” I spit out angrily. “Call me!” she said to tucker then walked inside. “Alright, What do you want?” I said “Just checking on you, you totally bailed last night at the party.” He replied. “Bailed on YOU? You were too busy kissing Taylor's butt to even notice I left.” I said angrily “Come on Chelsea, Calm down, let's not make a big deal about this.” He said.


Oh, whatever” I said and walked inside and shut the screen door. Skylar had left a few hours ago when her sister finally decided to show up, And I got ready for bed. It was only 7 PM and I was dead tired, I face panted on my bed and fell asleep. Then I heard a voice “Chelsea?” I sat up to find Kyle in my room, I almost had a heart attack. “OH.MY.GOD. How did you get in here?” I said half awake “I climbed in through your window” He laughed “Your mom let me in loser.”.


My hair was a disaster and I'm pretty sure I had drool on my chin. “I'm sorry. I look terrible.” I said “I don't mean to sound rude, but what are you doing here?”. “I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go down to the lake with me.” He smiled “There it was again, that beautiful smile...The smile that made me wish I didn't know something that would hurt him” I thought “Shouldn't Taylor be going with you?” I asked “She's busy with...” He seemed confused “I don't know. She didn't tell me. But what do you say?” He asked. “Yeah, just let me put on some make-up and ACTUAL clothes first,” I laughed.


When we arrived there Kyle immediately stripped down into his swimsuit and jumped into the lake. “Come on Chels! Get in you're missing out.” He said “No way! I bet that water is freezing!” I said. “Come on get in, For me?” he said, his eyes shined in the moonlight. God he was beautiful. “Let me test out the water first” I said and stuck my foot in it “Feels great doesn't it?“ he asked. “It's cold!” I replied “You're lame Chelsea.” He said floating in the water on his back. “I am not.” I argued “LAME-OOO” He teased. “I'll show you!” I said and jumped in the water. We swam around for hours until we got so tired we couldn't move.














Chapter 4: Father Knows Best.


Hello world, and welcome back to another week of my miserable life. Let's being, Shall we?





I don't think I can go to school today.” I said to my dad, knowing that I had to put the note in Kyle's locker. “Why not?” he asked “You didn't study for a test? You have to run a mile for PE? Your friends didn't go to school?” “No, I'm just feeling kind of sick.” I fibbed. “I'm sure your mother has some medicine in the house, You'll be fine” he replied, if I told my dad one of my arms fell off, he'd tell me to use one of my doll arms until schools over. “Wanna go inside and get the medicine Chelsea?” he asked “No, dad, I'm fine. Let's just go” I replied.


After I arrived at school I met up with Amanda. “Hey, did you stick the note in Kyle's locker yet?” I asked “No, Someone beat my to it.” she answered. “Wait what?” I said with surprise. “Just tell me is it true?” Kyle asked Taylor “I don't know what you're talking about” she said coyly “Taylor! My best friend said he saw you and some hipster kid!” he said aggravated. “You're seriously going to believe him!?” she said “Did you cheat on me? Yes or no.” he asked her.


Yes, I cheated on you Kyle,” she replied “Are you happy now?” Kyle showed such sadness in his eyes and walked away. By the time he left everyone was staring at her “What the hell are you all looking at?” She spit out angrily. “Show's over losers.”



Later that Day...


I went to go visit Kyle at his house, to see how he was doing. But someone got there first. Kyle was lounging on his front steps when Taylor walked up “Shoot, I have to hide behind a tree. I hope they didn't see me” I immediately thought and ran behind a tree “Hey” Taylor said “Hey Taylor.” Kyle responded “I apologize for making such a scene in school today.” She said “Yeah, we should have talked about it in private” he agreed.



He crossed his arms “Why did you cheat?” He asked sadly “You don't treat me that way a good boyfriend should. You've changed a lot since your parents divorce” She replied. “I'm trying hard to be the guy I was before all of this. But it's really hard, Taylor.” He said “Well suck it up Kyle! Get over it.” She said coldly. “You are unbelievable” Kyle stressed “Goodbye Taylor.” he walked into the house. After that I knew he wouldn't want to be bothered so I just walked home.



When my dad isn't working, we usually just chill out in the garage. I haven't spoken to Kyle all week, He's all I could really think about. That's why I was surprised when he showed up at my house. He was wearing a light brown jacket with a plain white T-shirt underneath he had his hair swept in front of his face, He was wearing a dark blue scarf which made his eyes pop and worn out dark jeans. “Hey.” he said “Hey what are you doing here?” I asked, “Hi, I'm Dan Clark,” My father added “And who are you?”. “Hi Mr. Clark, I'm Kyle, Kyle Weston” he said with that beautiful smile of his “Kyle Weston,? Star quarterback. Wow. What are you doing here? Your team needs donations? Chelsea go get my wallet.” My dad said.


Actually, Mr. Clark, I'm here for Chelsea.” He said. My dad seemed confused. “ Can you give us a minute, dad?” I asked “Alrighty, I'll check up on you two in a few minutes.” he said. Me and Kyle hung out for a bit, and played Foosball. “So what are you doing here, anyways?” I asked “I haven't seen you in awhile, so I just decided to come over.” His eyes lit up like the sky. He ruffled his hands through the back of his hair “I mean it's okay I'm here right?” He asked embarrassed “Yeah, Of course!” I replied. We spent the rest of the night playing video games, and talking about our favorite things. I wanted to bring up the breakup thing with him. But he was so happy, so I just kept my mouth shut. I couldn't let anything ruin this moment. 'You're going down Chels!” Kyle said “No way! I responded “Winner gets a piggyback ride.” I won, and Kyle had to give me a piggy back ride, When my dad came to check on us, I guess it looked kind of wrong considering where Kyle had his hands placed trying to carry me around.


Umm...” My dad said clearing his throat. Just then Kyle turned around still holding on to me “Hey Mr. C!” Kyle said cheerfully “Hey dad, we're just messing around” I laughed. My dad didn't seem pleased “Chelsea, Dinner is ready. I think it's time for you to head home.” he said to Kyle. “I'm sorry if my dad seemed kind of...rude” I apologized “It's fine, I probably would have reacted the same way if I walked in on something like that” Kyle laughed “Thanks for coming over I had a really good time!” I smiled like a dork. “No problem, do you think you'd wanna hang out tomorrow? Like a real date?.” He asked “Really?” I asked “Yeah, It'll be fun.” he said with a smile “I'd love to!” I replied “See you tomorrow! Night Chels!”

The next day I had my mom and Lilly help me find the perfect date outfit. I tried on everything, From short skirts to long, from crop tops to long sleeved tops, from Stilettos to flats. I finally stuck with a beautiful Purple and black knee length dress, with black heels and a diamond necklace “Perfect!” My mom said “Extravagant” Lilly added.


About an hour later there was a knock on the door. I was going to go get it when I overheard my dad in the kitchen “I don't know why you are pumping Chelsea up about this date with Kyle.” he said “Dan, It's her first date with a guy. I'm her mother it's my job to pump her up.” She responded. “Exactly It's her FIRST date, why would a guy like Kyle be interested in her?” He asked “Dan, what are you trying to say here? She said angrily “Kyle is a star football player, He goes after the cheerleaders, not girls like Chelsea.” he replied. “ I love Chelsea with all my heart but you and I both know she's no cheerleader, Angela.”. “Dan, just stop it right there. Kyle is the kind of boy who wants to spend time with Chelsea.” My mother said protectively “Fine. But don't come to me when she's crying because he used her.” My dad said and walked away. Was my dad right? Was Kyle only using me? Did he even like me? I HAD to ask. I went to go open up the door “Do you like me?” I asked “Umm...Yes” Kyle said, I could tell he was surprised. “Why?” I asked.


There's a lot of things I like about you” He said “Like?” I asked. I wasn't trying to be pushy, I just had to see the truth if he was using me or not. “I like the fact you're awkward a hell” He started “You snort sometimes when you laugh, you can't say spaghetti, You smell like strawberries” he continued “And you put on chap stick like every 5 minutes, You're the only person I know who can pull off oversized glasses. You write on your shoes, and every time I get a text from stomach drops and those are just a few things.” He said. “Really?” I said my face completely red. “Yes really, Now come on” he said taking my hand and leading me to the car. After those amazing and embarrassing comments he took my out to this cute little diner.


When we arrived we got an outside table “Thanks for taking me out.” I said “Thanks for being my friend these past few weeks.” He smiled “You don't hang out with any of your friends anymore?” I asked. “Not often...I've been closed off ever since my parents divorce, that's why Taylor cheated on me.” He said “That has to be the dumbest reason ever!” I added. “I thought so too, I'm glad I'm not with her anymore she wasn't good for me.” he said hesitantly “I totally agree.” I said “You're better off without her.”






I felt on top of the world the next day. Kyle even let me borrow his Varsity jacket. I was in biology waiting for the bell to ring so I could go see Kyle, whenever I overheard Taylor talking to her friend Jenny “Hey, did you hear that my ex-boyfriend Kyle is using some girl just to pass his classes?” Taylor gossiped. “No way who's the girl?” Jenny responded “Some girl named Chelsea, Kyle needs good grades in order to stay on the team.” Taylor said “She's a total idiot if she thinks she has a chance with Kyle” Jenny added. “Right, I mean she's not even a little pretty” Taylor continued.


Just then the bell rang, I immediately packed up my books and got out of there as fast as possible. As soon as I got into the hall I saw Kyle “Hey Chels, ready to go?” he asked. I ignored him and walked right past him 'Chelsea?” He called after me. A part of me wanted to believe Taylor was just being a jerk. But the other part makes me think maybe my dad was right.




On Monday night, I was asleep and I woke up to someone calling my name “CHELSEA!” I woke up to see Kyle standing outside my a creep. “What do you want” I asked angrily. “Can you meet me in the garage? Please.” He proposed. I went to the garage and opened it to see Kyle standing there. “Can you please tell me why you won't talk to me?” He asked. “I overheard Taylor saying how you were just using me to pass your classes.” I replied. “You actually believe something TAYLOR said? You've got to be kidding me.” He said. I paused for a moment “Well, it could be true...Guys like you don't really give girls like me a chance.” I said sadly “I'm not popular, or ptretty so it only makes sense you would take advantage of me.” I continued. “I guess I was pretty stupid to think I had a chance with you, huh?” He paused a moment, then started towards me. “Chelsea. Shut up.” he said with a smile “What?” I said “I said: SHUT. UP.” he repeated “Ugh you jerk.” I responded. Then the next thing I knew I was on the other side of his lips. KYLE. WESTON. I was kissing Kyle Weston. It was a dream come true, it was MY dream come true.








Chapter 5: Drama



Ihadn't talked to Kyle since that night. I was worried. “So, what's on your mind honey?” My mom asked. “ I've been texting Kyle all week long and he hasn't responded, I never see him at school, I think he's done with me.” I said. “He's probably busy with football Chelsea. You can always go over to his house and check on him” She implied. “That's a good idea mom, thanks” I responded.


Whenever I started to leave, I saw Amanda outside in my front yard. “Hey! Are you ready to go to the fair?” She asked “I'm sorry Amanda, I won't be able to make it” I apologized. “Aw, Why not? We've been planning it for weeks now.” She asked disappointingly. “I have to go find Kyle, he hasn't talked to me in days. I'm starting to get worried. We can go next year though!” I said in the nicest way possible. “So, you're ditching me for Kyle?” she asked “I'm sorry Amanda. Kyle comes first right now.” I said. “He didn't even know your name a couple weeks ago, and now you're putting him first?!” She said.


LOOK. You wouldn't understand, because you don't know what it feels like to be with a guy like Kyle.” I said coldly. “Why would I wanna be with a guy who doesn’t hang out with me in public and doesn't even claim me as his girlfriend?” She replied “That's not true. We HAVE hung out in public places, you're just jealous.” I said. “Wow, you're really pulling the jealousy card on me Chelsea?” She said hurt. Just then my dad came out “Hey girls, Settle down now, what's going on?.” he asked. “I'm outta here. Have fun with Kyle.” she said and walked away. “All of this fighting is over a boy?” My dad seemed concerned “What has gotten into you Chelsea?”. “Leave. Me. Alone.” I said and walked away. My dad and Amanda were getting on my nerves, I just had to walk to Kyle's house before I lost my mind. When I arrived at Kyle's house. I knocked on the door, and I was relieved when Kyle answered it. “Hey Chelsea, what are you doing here?” He asked with a smile. God how I missed that smile “FOCUS CHELSEA.” I thought to myself.



I was worried about you. I haven't heard from you in days.” I said. He seemed skittish “Kyle, is everything okay? I asked “Who's in there Kyle?” Now I was freaking out...was he cheating on me? I walked past him and into the house. And there she was. Long blonde beautiful hair brushed over her right shoulder. Bright blue eyes, Full lips. She was in her mid 20s, She was beautiful...More beautiful then I could ever dream of being. “Bonjour” she said. My heart dropped down to my feet. “Chelsea, this is Hayden Daniels. I'm giving her french lessons.” Kyle said awkwardly :Since when do you speak french?” I asked curiously. “Since I was 4...” He responded. “Aren't you a little too old to be taking french lessons from a kid in high school Hayden?”


I'm affordable... and I could really use the money right now Chelsea.” Kyle interrupted. “I was talking to Hayden, not you Kyle.” I said through gritted teeth “Wow Kyle, your girlfriend sure is...feisty.” Hayden said with a grin “She's uh...She's not my girlfriend” Kyle said “Do you really expect me to believe you're tutoring a beautiful 20 something year old? My dad was right about you.” I said almost in tears. “Chelsea come on, you're overreacting about all of this.” He said as I walked out of the house. After that horrible disaster I went home. “You need a girl who is older and more mature. Trust me older is better.” Hayden said.



I went home and drank every bottle of alcohol I could find. I was leaning against the bar counter in the kitchen, with beer bottles in front of me. When my mom walked in “Hey sweetheart, How did things with Kyle go?” She asked “Chelsea are you drinking?!” she paused “Leave me alone, mom.” I said. “I am your mother and you DO NOT talk to me like that.” She spit out. “That's it go to your room right now. You're grounded Chelsea.” That's when it happened... It's like I couldn't control myself I punched her down, and knocked her out. My dad then walked in “Angela?! What's going on Chelsea?” he asked. “She made me do it dad.” I said not knowing what was even happening.


A few hours later I sobered up a bit and realized I hit my mom, I couldn't believe I did that. I walked into the living room, where my dad was on the couch watching TV trying to get his mind off of things. “ mom going to be okay?” I asked hesitantly, He didn't respond “Dad?” I said again “Go in your room Chelsea. I can't even look at you right now.” He said coldly. I don't blame my dad for being mad, but to say he couldn't even look at me killed me.


Not only am I a horrible friend, But I'm a horrible daughter too. It's funny how all of this happened when I met Kyle. I would have never treated my friends this way before. But I can't blame all my problems on him. They are mostly my fault. What's wrong with me...I don't like the person I'm turning into.


The next day, I decided to leave the house early so I didn't have to run into my dad. Since my friends hated me there was only one place I could go, and that Skylar and Brooke's house. I knocked on the door, Brooke invited me in. “Can I get you anything, a beer? A cigarette?” She asked “Brooke I'm only 17...” I responded. She crossed her arms “What's your point?” she asked. Just then I caught sight of Skylar in the backyard. “Umm...I'll be in the backyard.” I said to Brooke. I walked out to the patio “Hey Skylar.” I said “Chelsea? What are you doin' over here?” she replied. “I'm having some problems at” I responded. “Bummer. Oh Chelsea this is my best friend, Mia.” she added, Mia had auburn hair pushed back and swept over her right shoulder with blue eyes and peach skin. “Nice to meet you, Chelsea” She said “Come on let's go inside and talk about these 'Issues'” Skylar said.


I spent the next 30 minutes explaining EVERYTHING to Skylar and Mia. “I'm so over this Weston kid.” Skylar said. “I don't know Skylar, he sounds sweet and misunderstood.” Mia added “You think so?” I asked. “Yeah. Maybe we can talk to him for you.” Mia said with a smile “That's such a stupid idea Mia.” Skylar injected. “No, I think Mia is on to something” I said “Yeah! We'll just ask him a few questions about you and his relationships.” Mia added. “This has 'BAD IDEA' written all over it.” Skylar said. “Come on Chelsea, It'll be fun.” Mia implied with a smile.


When we arrived at Kyle's house Mia and Skylar dragged me to the side. “Okay, look. You stay here and we'll ask kyle the questions.” Mia said. “Don't move from this spot, okay?”. “Okay” I agreed. “Let's hurry up and just get this over with” Skylar said. They walked up to the front door and knock, “Can I help you?” Kyle said ruffling the hair on the back of his head. “Hi, we're going around asking about relationships, Can we ask you a few questions?” Mia asked. “Umm...Well...” Kyle started “GREAT! First question, Do you have a girlfriend?” Skylar interrupted. “Be honest! Don't hold back!” Mia added “No, I'm single at the moment.” He said with an embarrassed smile. “What about Chelsea Clark?” Skylar said curiously “Yeah, what about her, huh?” Mia added. “I think you two better go” he managed to spit out. “Okay, So that didn't go and planned.” Skylar said frustrated. After that horrible plan, I went back home and sat in the garage. I sat on the couch with my knees folded up resting my head on them.


I was surprised when Kyle arrived. ”I can't believe you sent your friends to ask me questions!” He scolded. I kept my head buried in my legs, “If you really wanted to talk to me about this, You could have asked me yourself, Chelsea!” he continued. I still didn't lift up my head “Chelsea...?” He said “Are you crying?” I finally got up. “Look, I'm sorry okay? I'm going through a lot right now and I just wanted answers.” I replied. “You treat me so well and you kiss me but, you don't ask me to be your girlfriend.” I continued. “Am I not good enough to be your girlfriend? I don't understand, And now my friends and my parents hate me. I don't need you to hate me now too.” I was in tears now. He walked up to me and brushed the hair off of my cheek and held my face “I don't hate you, Chelsea. Now stop crying” he said with a smile. His touch was breathtaking, I laid my hand over his “Y-You don't?” I stuttered out. “How could I hate the person who stole my heart?” He said with so much passion in his voice. “Are you being serious?” I asked with a smile “Yes. I just want you to be my girlfriend, Chels, I was nervous at first. But I think I'm ready now.” He said, I wrapped my arms around his neck “Are you sure?” I asked. “Positive. Now tell me what's going on with your parents.” he smiled, I told Kyle about my whole family drama, and he just held me. I've never felt so safe. “It'll be okay Chels. Things will get better soon.” He said calmly. “I hope so Kyle, I really do” I said. I grasped his face and kissed him. “I've never felt so safe with anyone.” I said. “Me neither.” he said sweetly.


When Kyle left, I went to my parents room hoping to talk to my mom, but she wasn't there. “What part of “You're grounded” do you not understand?” My dad walked in behind me. “I just came in here to see mom...” I said truthfully “Your mother is in the hospital, You would know that if you wouldn't of left the house without permission this morning.” He scolded. “I'm sorry dad,” I apologized “I'm sorry for everything.” He paused, “Just please go to your room, Chelsea.” he finally said.


I went to my room... But I was so much pain...emotional pain, I had to make it go away. I went into the bathroom to find something to numb it. Just to make my mind go blank so I could sleep, I had to numb the pain. “Have I really hit rock bottom?” I asked myself as I stared at all the pills. “You're not going to do it” I turned around and found Tucker standing in the bathroom doorway.


How did you get in here, And how would you know.” I asked through tears. “If you were going to do it, you would have done it already. You've been in here for 10 minutes.” He said. “My dad hates me Tucker...” I stuttered out. “Your dad wouldn't have asked me to come over here and talk to you if he hated you.” he said “He asked you to come?” I asked. “Yeah. I guess he's concerned, so is your mom.” he replied “You don't need to hurt yourself to get rid of the pain Chelsea, Trust my it only makes things worse.” he added. “But, I'm hurting so bad inside.” I said “Then don't make it hurt on the outside too. You are a beautiful person, You don't need to do this.” he gave me a half smile. Even though I thought he was a jerk, I couldn't help but wrap my arms around him. “Thank you so much, Tucker.” I said. “I know what you're going through and I'll be here for you” he said. A part of me feels like he was saying it to make me feel better, but the other makes me feel like he really cared. I'm glad he was sitting there watching me like a creeper, He possibly saved my life.


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