Sweet Sweet robbery

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a success robbery gone wrong

Submitted: April 03, 2008

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Submitted: April 03, 2008



We had been planning the robbery for weeks, researching the precise moment that we could strike. The Seattle bank was the target. Our gang of experienced criminals had found that the time it was most vulnerable was at 11 pm and that is when we raided the bank.

 Access to the bank was through the back door because it was not possible to enter without being noticed at any other place. It would take a bit of time to disarm the door but we could afford it when no-one could see us. I also thought that is the only sensible place for our truck to not be spotted when the money was loaded.

The bank didn’t even have a high tech security system like we assumed. It was probably the easiest bank we’ve robbed with a security camera nowhere in sight. The money was in a massive vault like traditional 1960’s bank robbery movies. The code took TJ, our expert code-cracker, ten seconds to crack. He was our guy for decoding locks. Our truck driver, George signaled that he thought someone was watching. George was deaf, but he was the best person for the look out job because he kept focused and noticed problems.

The theft was completed quickly and twenty cash bags were loaded into our getaway truck. To avoid getting noticed and looking suspicious we told George to drive slowly until reaching the highway. Then we could just blend in and not get the cops on to us.

On the way to the hide out and about ten minutes from the hideout a random VW bug was trailing behind us. I believed we were being followed and was extremely nervous.  To my relief, the vehicle disappeared before we turned into the dirt road where our storage place was. The hideout was an unused old hall and within two minutes we had unloaded the bags into the building.

TJ suggested we have a wine-sculling competition to celebrate our latest successful robbery. It was red wine, my favourite. “Only one possible winner here,” I boasted. TJ shouted, “You wish grape face”.

Twenty bags of money lay on the floor in a big pile with a cool one million dollars total in them. “Let’s go and raid the other big bank in Seattle and double our money,” TJ proposed greedily.

“Yeah, Do we need to lock anything?” I murmured to myself. My thoughts were that there was no danger of anyone finding our loot so off we went into town.

On our arrival back following a second big cash grab I had a funny feeling that our hideout had been broken into and money was stolen when I walked in. I was right, the window was open and we found half the money had been stolen. TJ found a piece of paper on the floor. It said “I know all about the robbery in Seattle, because I watched you do it.

When I come back I’m coming with police and going to take the rest of the money to return to the bank.”

“They’re probably just bluffing” I sniggered.

We packed things up and everyone hid the remaining bags under some floorboards in the kitchen. I chose to stay for the night as the other gang members went home. My hope was that the arrogant fool who pinched our money would return. I wanted to get him.

Sure enough, an hour later someone arrived and my tension grew. The large, round figure was moving across the grass and then came up to the window. “Don’t move you thief,” I demanded as I put my gun to his head.

“You’re the thief, “ he replied. “And by the way there are ten police officers surrounding this building right now so you should just surrender.”

I told him he was just bluffing and then he ducked and disappeared before I could shoot. He was somewhere, invisible!

Not long after, a massive blow to the head was enough to send me into an unconscious state. I came to over thirty minutes later to discover that our whole gang had been arrested. I was interviewed and tried to explain what had happened when they asked me where the rest of the stolen money was. The police would not believe my version of events. I had lost.


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