Dollars can't buy

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Money isn't the answer to everything, its life, learn to enjoy it. Stay happy, keep smiling :)

Submitted: February 16, 2014

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Submitted: February 16, 2014



So, you aim
Those delicious dollars and those pounds?
The biggest fame, to your name?
I hope you get it someday, I hope you win the game
So you know it ain't the answer you were looking for
So you know billion dollars cant make you smile  

And when you flashback for a while,

A missing file in your brain says it wants to live the life again

Live those laughters, forget the pain
Live those moments, left much ago in vain
You never did smile, thinking it would come out too big someday
And when you went great miles, your smile didn't

You sit, at the back of the your chauffeur driven car, hollow and alone
The smaller car that follows, with some friends going insane, too much fun for them to handle
You're in the guilt, and the fault had been your own

So live it as a life to remember
Leave behind some memories to miss
The fun, the love, the laugh, the kiss
And let your thought take people to bliss
Live your passion, love that fashion
Live your life, you've got just one :))

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