Kids on bus's

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3 screaming kids on the bus, playing up for their mother, are they just being kids or out of control hummmm!

Submitted: August 05, 2010

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Submitted: August 05, 2010



So, I'm sat on the bus, near the back, when a woman with 3 children climb to the back seats, all is calm intill on little girl starts to make a fuss and the other little girls begin to play up, its mostley the first girls playing up. The mother is trying to disapline them, and you can see the mothers cheeks redding, I smile to let her know that I don't care that her kids have gone wild. But I overhear that, the naughty girl has adhd,  the people on the bus are beging to look at her, but the naughtey girl carries on. Then as a woman goas to leave the bus, she says somethink to the bus driver about them, the mother replies, do you mind talking about my kids, the woman tells her to learn to control them. The mother replies their are just being kids, it what they are, and woman goas I know what they are, their not children, and promtley leaves the bus.

so, are children these days out of control or is the older generation just to strict?

Times have blanetly changed, no matter what, your, mine or anyones opinions on the subject at hand, in the 1970s you could give a child a smack on, the bottom, in the publice eye, without recieving glares. But if you give a child a small tap on the arm knowdays you recieve, a large amount of hostilness.  The govement have even made a law against it, if it makes a mark, its considered to be child abuse, prehaps it good that the govement have made it against the law. On one side of the argument, the smacking law is good, as its has been said that if you recieve smacks your more than likely to lash out at people, as you were, inferlanced at the age you most likely to be but simlery, if you had been smacked you most likely, follow instrutions, and know your guidlines.

I know turn the case to teenagers, there are two types of teenagers, uncontrollble , and sensible. Some do drugs, and so do homework, some smoke and some read, the newer generation of teenagers, do have more acess to drink, drugs and cigerettes, that is a fact, all you have to do, is take a walk through the local comprehensive school to count the cigerette butts.  You hear, tales about parent actully buying their children drink, so in affect they are killing their own children which is worse, a smack, or a drunk teenagers vunrable to the world.

In conclusion I belive the children of todays generation need to be disaplined, even with a good telling off, rather then a smack. 

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