No One Cares...

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When someone tries to commit suicide, what will they find at the end of life?

Submitted: May 01, 2010

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Submitted: May 01, 2010



I put the gun to my head.

I quivered, thinking of what a crime I will commit. I had to do it, though. I had to. This world is too much for me.

My boyfriend walks out on me to my enemy. My mom and dad got seperated. Both sets of grandparents are killed. My best friend moves away. I get addicted to alcohol and drugs. I fail school.

This life is too hard. I'm missing something. I know it. Something inside of me. It's not there. It never was there.

I placed my finger on the trigger. Should I pull it?

I was outside. Where else would I kill myself? I was in the middle of a dark ally way. It was cold and the hard concrete floor was pressed against my skin. Darkness devoured me.

Occasionlly, a drunken soul wandered past me.

The clock in the town struck 12 o'clock.

It was midnight. I was shaking in terrible state.

No one cared about me. No one ever had. I was just a mistake my parents made. A mistake. I never should have been born into this cruel world.

Life hated me, so I turned to death. Was that the right choice? Turning from all the ways my parents once taught me?

I had to. No one else cared about me. If my life was taken by me, or anyone else, for that matter, no one would care.

Why me? Why has this happened to me? Does God hate me? He must. He has to. He wouldn't have done this to me if He truely cared.

Oh, don't worry. If He did care, He would be happy to see me in Heaven. That is, if that was where I was going.

Would I end up in the most glorious place ever? Or would I sink into the depths of this evil world?

I coiled my hand tighter around the gun. It was now or never.

Goodbye world. Goodbye family, if I would call anyone my family. Goodbye friends, if I would call anyone my friend. Goodbye enemy, I know you are out there. Haunting me. Torchering me. Pulling me. Pushing me. You're there. And always will be.

I'll be in a better place. Or so I thought. I would be with God, wouldn't I? This is for the better of everyone. Including me and my so-called family and friends.

No one would care that I was gone. No one.

I had more confidence than ever that I was doing the right thing.

Killing myself.

I took a deep breath. It would be my last one.

I pulled the trigger.

Everything went black...

The Truth About Suicide*

>Throughout the world, about 2,000 people a day kill themselves. That's about 80 an hour.

>In the U.S., more than 80 people a day die by suicide, adding up to 30,000 a year. It's the equivalent of a fully loaded jumbo jet crashing every fifth day.

>You are more likely to kill yourself than be killed by someone else.

>An estimated 300,000 Americans a year survive a suicide attempt.

>About 19,000 are permanently disabled by suicide attempts.

>About 1.4 percent of Americans end their lives by suicide. It is the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S.

>The highest suicide rate is among the elderly.

>Men kill themselves four times more often than women.

>There is a high correspondence between alcohol, drugs and suicide.

*From Suicide and Attempted Suicide by Geo Stone.

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