An Insomniatic Nightmare

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
The narrator is unable to sleep, and encounters demonic hallucinations before dawn breaks. Somewhat of a religious theme.

Submitted: February 09, 2009

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Submitted: February 09, 2009



An Insomniatic Nightmare

As I lay awake, a sleepless, dreamful night I will be having,

watching through the darkness for the creatures lurking ther,

I espy the shadows closing, closing in to eat what little

light is left, and hear a warning that of this I should beware.


Ghastly forms the shadows taking, hope for daylight to be breaking

to be dashed as the clock in the hall starts chiming one,

I am feared my heart can't stand to pull me through the darkness and that

all the shadowed whispers of the night have just begun.


Outside, all the crickets chirping have been silenced by an owl,

all the om'nous chirping gone, the void been filled with something worse.

Slowly, then, the sound does come back, but the tone is slightly different,

death-watch beetles seem to have replaced them, having brought their curse.


Sounds and vision both obscured by what I hope to be illusions,

spiders crawl upon my skin and smells of brimstone fill the air.

Seemingly the signs of such dark creatures rarely mentioned

have arrived and turned the darkness of the room into their lair.


Slowly, softly, as a reddish glow begins arising (is it

my mind? is it my eyes? Or is something called to here?),

the whispers from the darkness seem to grow much more intense,

rising whispers up to chanting, then to howls inspiring fear.


Quickly, sharply, with a flourish, from the reddish glow is rising

one of the worst silhouettes a man could ever see.

Spiral horns, a cloak of darkness, 'tis the evil's royal highness,

'tis Old Nick, the Prince of Shadows, from the darkness rising free!


Reachingfor the bedside table, feeling weak and hardly able

e'en to feel the sep'rate beads upon my necklaced crucifix-

it is not my nerves because the table has been emptied

of all items on it, and my hope falls like a ton of bricks.


Only hope could save the wretched, doomed by lack of faith,

for if there was a devil, surely then there must exist a god?

Herding lost sheep back to pasture, like a shepherd, keeping away

vile wolves and wicked devils, trust and hope his crook and rod.


Sensing hesitation in the creature there before me

it was all the miracle I needed to restore my long-gone trust.

Clasping hands in prayer, I begged deliv'rance , and it found me,

with the sky outside the window turning to the red of rust.


Minor demons disappearing as the sun's disc started nearing,

it was sunrise and the light delivered safety as was told before.

Form of darkness now retreating, and my soul they won't be eating,

long as my beliefs in those above were strong, forevermore.

© Copyright 2020 JET73L. All rights reserved.

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