Up There

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'

What's it like up there where the sun shines?

How many years has it been?


How many years since we hid under the ground?How many years has it been since we lived under the ocean floor? How many years has it been since our kind breathes fresh air?


And what about the sun?

Oh, the bright, warm, amazing sun…is it still shining up there? Is it still hanging from the beautiful blue sky?

I’ve never had a taste of any of it. Never. I was born under here, forced to look up at the dark, lightless depths of the sea.

But the stories…the beautiful, beautiful stories that the elders have told us…


I know it all by heart; the sun…big and bright, providing warmth for all the creatures up there, the moon…just as beautiful, shining in the dark among the sparkling stars, although it’d be too shy to come out at times.


The lovely chirps of the birds in the morning, the fresh air, the greenery among the living…such paradise I imagined.

It was such a beautiful time, the elders said…that was, until he came.


He was one of our kinds, but he was a monster. At first, it was knowledge. He said it would help us move forward. He said it would help us improve. He said that’s what we are here for.


Grow. Create. Rise.


But soon it all became too much. The elders never told us what exactly happened, but they said that our home has been infected. Earth is no longer earth. It was the dawn of the new era.


“Bah! If you can’t deal with changes, then go!”


And that is exactly what we did. Or perhaps, we didn’t exactly ‘go’.


We lived our own civilization here under the sea floor; a place where nobody could ever find us. Even the smartest human of them all can never find a way to explore our hiding spot; an underground society, under the deepest and darkest ocean floor.


Humans. That’s what they’re called. The creatures living up there now. That’s what the elders said.


I was growing tired of being under here, and so I decided to come up. I have found a way to swim out to the ocean and above the surface of the ocean.


The first few minutes was beautiful; as beautiful as the stories the elders have told us.


The water salty, yet fresh against my skin. The sun warm, just the perfect amount of heat. The wind blows against my face, as if telling me that this is the beauty I’ve been missing out on.


I swam to the nearest land, and was shocked to see the sandy beaches packed with people. I found a clearing; a place with no one around. The trees were great; tall and shady, sprouting out huge leaves.

It was as beautiful as I imagined.


But as I walked deeper in this place, I started to wonder. Where is all the greenery that the elders talked about? Where are all the animals that were supposed to be roaming freely? Where is the breeze that was supposed to follow me wherever I go?


Where is the freedom?


All I see are moving metal machines with wheels on them, huffing and puffing…blowing out dark smokes.

I see people, yelling to a tiny rectangular metal they hold up to their ears.

I see tall buildings, blocking out the sun’s heat.


The further I walk, the more chaotic it seems. The noises were too loud. The smell of rotten garbage was overbearing. The heat suddenly felt too hot, as if stinging my skin.

It all became too much, until I realized that the elders were right.


Knowledge was the thing that created this new era and knowledge is the thing that’s going to destroy it.

Submitted: February 03, 2017

© Copyright 2020 jetblackheart. All rights reserved.

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An excellent story! I really enjoyed the read.

Sun, February 5th, 2017 5:30pm

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