Revelation of Mysterious Patterns within the Word of God

Revelation of Mysterious Patterns within the Word of God

Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



God wants to show you a mystery or two that you won't hear in your Church.
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God wants to show you a mystery or two that you won't hear in your Church.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Revelation of Mysterious Patterns within the Word of God

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God wants to show you a mystery or two that you won't hear in your Church.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2012





This book is not for the weak minded. This book deals with mysteries, which have been withheld from the Church at large, but are totally backed up by Scripture. It took a lot of courage on my part to write this book, as there will be many who will call the things within these pages heresy.

The thing is that if the Church at large would only study a little harder, they would reach the same conclusions written within this book. But since there are few who wish to go beyond elementary learning of the Scriptures, they miss many things, which God desires for them to figure out when they mature enough having studied the word sufficiently.

That being said, I invite you into the mysteries of God, which have eluded many. Do you have the courage to lay childish thinking to rest long enough to grow to maturity in God’s Word? If not, lay this book down and don’t continue. Far be it from me to force you the reader to mature if you are not willing.

For those of you who are ready to grow to maturity, I welcome you into the fully mature Word of God, which will cause many childish views to be done away with. You are about to embark on a fast paced course to maturity. Hang on to your hats!




Why all the Mystery


When dealing with the Word of God, there are mysteries within mysteries. This is why one can read the Scriptures for a lifetime and barely scratch the surface of what God has to say, or reach into His mind. Why all the mystery? Because it is necessary to keep those who are not intended to understand from understanding.

That being said, it behooves me to give to you the reader what little I have been able to learn of the mind and heart of God. I pray this helps in your walk and understanding of who God is and what is His desire for you in your life.

Let’s start at the beginning. I don’t know how advanced you are in the Scriptures, but we can always go back to step one for a refresher course now and then. To start in the middle or end may leave someone behind. I shall endeavor to leave no one behind.

The creation of man by God did not occur in the Garden of Eden. It occurred somewhere else. We can ascertain this by the fact that God tells us He sent mankind out of the Garden of Eden to till the land from which he was taken (created). Genesis 3:23.

Only by paying attention to detail can one begin to understand mysteries, which God intends for the tenacious to understand. Every jot and tittle (every letter and punctuation), becomes important in our understanding of these mysteries.

Why am I starting with the fact that mankind was not created in the Garden of Eden? Because this tells us that the creation of mankind came from corrupt soil, soil that had little or no water.

We can be sure of this, because God tells Adam that his working of the land will not yield its strength; thorns and thistles will it produce unto Adam. This is indicative of desert land. Therefore, Adam was created out of desert land, since this is the land from whence she (Don’t be alarmed; Adam WAS created female first. See my book; “Time for Truth,” available: was taken. Genesis 3:18-19.

The above statement about Adam being created female first, is fully proven in the above-mentioned book by means of Scripture. But let’s continue on with our learning. This book will open your eyes to many things, which have been denied you within your Church walls.

Now the fact that Adam was created out of desert land might not seem an important thing to most. But it is symbolic of Adam’s sinful nature, which by the way, she had from the beginning of her creation. But God caused her to go through a transgender, and she became male. Refer to the above book for proof within Scripture.

So Adam already had a sinful nature. This is why mankind fell in the first place. If they actually had had the life of God breathed into them, they would have had God’s Divine and incorruptible nature and would never have listened to the serpent (Satan).

No, what they had was an earthly or natural spirit, which is why the Devil was able to trip them up into sinning. But there is much more that we can learn from the fact that Adam was created outside of the Garden of Eden.



In the New Testament, we find Yeshua (Jesus) only did one miracle, which was a creative miracle. This occurred when a blind man, was taken outside of Jerusalem by Yeshua (Jesus) to perform this miracle of creation. Mark 8:22-26.

We next see Yeshua (Jesus) spit into the sockets of the man to form the eyes. Yeshua asks the man what he sees. The man says “I see men walking around as trees.” This is a spiritual perception. Yeshua wants this man to understand something spiritual. He wants him to understand why he is spiritually blind. Only after he understands this fact does Yeshua restore his physical sight.

His physical handicap and his healing showed mankind’s pride. Trees in the Scripture have to do with leaders. We can know this by the parable of Ezekiel where the eagle takes branches off of a tree to carry them to his land.

This parable is explained to Ezekiel. God tells him that the king of Babylon will take the leaders of Israel into captivity. This shows that trees represent leadership. Ezekiel 17:3-4, and Ezekiel 17:12.

It was the leadership, which was causing this man’s spiritual blindness. The trees within his first ability to see, represented the fact that this man had been relying on these evil leaders to guide him. This was hindering his spiritual walk with God.

But there is still more. Yeshua took him outside of Jerusalem to create his eyes. By doing this one act of creation, Yeshua forever settled the question as to whether He was in fact the God who created mankind.

For the eye is the most complex of all parts of the body except the brain. It takes literally a million optic nerve endings to line up exactly right, for a person to be able to see.

Why did Yeshua have to take this man outside the city of Jerusalem? Because He wanted to create from the same area that Adam had been created. Thus we see that Yeshua went back to the original place of Adam’s creation to perform this creative miracle. Mark 8:22-24.

If you will notice when the above miracle took place, it took place immediately after Yeshua fed the multitude with the fish and the loaves of bread. Yeshua asks His Apostles why they still don’t understand that He is their God? Mark 8:17-21.

This is why Yeshua did this miracle at this particular time. He wanted His disciples to understand who He was. He decided to prove to them once and for all who He was. He wanted them to know He was the God of their creation. How He longed for them to understand this fact.

There is something else here which I would like to point out. Yeshua’s creation of this blind man’s eyes actually represented another important aspect of something Yeshua wanted to say to His Apostles.

Eyes in Scripture represent those who witness for God. By creating this man’s eyes, Yeshua was showing that He created His two witnesses, the Old Testament saints and the New Testament saints.

Okay, so you have learned something I pray from all of this. Let’s move on to something else. Let’s find out from which tree the woman and her husband (I want you to notice that they were already married at this point) ate.

The woman was already married to Adam when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This then shows that the tree had nothing to do with them having sexual relations out of wedlock as some would have you believe.

The marriage contract was in full force before they ate from this tree. But you might ask how they became married. This is where it gets a little tricky. This is where one must understand that Adam was created female first.

Adam conceived the woman without the aid of a man. It was a pre-cursor to the virgin birth of Yeshua. Within Adam were both male and female spirits. When Adam gave birth to the woman (her image), Adam spilled blood to do this as her hymen was broken when the child exited her womb. This created the marriage contract, which can only be instigated through blood (this is why Yeshua had to spill His blood).

When the female child was grown and had been taught by Yeshua, He brought her to the man whom He had transgendered (“And the Lord closed up the place with flesh; the male organ). Genesis 2:21. Notice that the Lord took one of Adam’s (the literal is sides implying a gender) ribs in the English, which is a mistranslation. This Trans gendering by the way answers us why a male has paps. It is because Adam was first female. Then she no longer needed her breasts to nurse the child, so they shrank.

So the woman gave to her husband from this tree. What type of tree was it? I’ve heard every conceivable theory on this Scripture. None of them made any sense to me. It was in fact a physical tree, yet it seems many try to spiritualize this tree.

Scripture tells us what type of tree it was. It was a fig tree! They sewed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness. A more proper translation would be that they sewed fig leaves in an attempt HEAL their nakedness.

People, must be healed by the antibodies of the source from which they were infected. This is a medical fact (snake bites are cured using antibodies from the same snake that bit the victim). They knew this fact. This is why they sewed leaves together from the same tree that infected them with death. Yes, they had eaten from a fig tree. Revelation 22:2.

What else can we learn in the opening of Scripture? We can learn much. Let’s look at the fact that Jerusalem or Israel is in fact the Garden of Eden. How can I prove such a thing? First you must remember that the fig tree was in the middle of the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:8-9.

Take a walk through Scripture with me to the New Testament and an incident, which happened in Yeshua’s life. Yeshua was hungry upon coming into Jerusalem. He spotted a fig tree, which had no fruit upon it. He curses the tree and it withers. Mark 11:12-14.

Scripture explains that the tree was not in season for fruit. So why then does Yeshua curse the tree since it was not the tree’s fault that it could not produce since it was not yet time to produce?

Yeshua used this tree to make a spiritual statement to mankind. He cursed the tree because it was an ancestor or the very tree from which the woman and Adam had eaten. The fact that He cursed it out of season shows that it was not the tree’s fault.

This shows that the law, which the fig tree symbolizes since it was the first law given to man; “From the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat,” Genesis 2:16-17, could not produce fruit unto God since it was not yet the season for mankind to produce fruit unto God.

By cursing the first covenant of the law, Yeshua brought in the covenant of Grace. This is what this cursing of the fig tree by Yeshua was indicative of. He says, “No one shall ever eat fruit off of thee again.” The first law and the curse accrued by it was done away with! This allowed a new marriage to take place between God and man.

But the cursing of the fig tree by Yeshua tells us something else. If this fig tree was in fact the tree or one of its ancestors, which the woman and Adam ate from, then it proves that Israel is where the Garden of Eden was located.

This explains why God led the Hebrews into this land as their own. He was giving mankind back the Garden of Eden as his inheritance. He was lifting the curse where the curse first took place!




Uncovering One’s Feet


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