Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
book detailing exact day of Jesus' return. Jesus left us a sign to look for just before He returned. He called it the sign of the Son of Man. Do you know what it is? Get my book. spiritual catagory page 40.

Submitted: June 21, 2010

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Submitted: June 21, 2010




The earth lies in darkness. No light shines from the heavens. Panic grips the hearts of men as they dreadfully await the outcome of this phenomena.

No one dares venture outside, they stay indoors in a vain attempt to ward off the evil they know is outside.

They hear the gnashing of teeth, the sound of mournful cries. Nerves are shattered and bravery abandoned as they ride out the worst time in earth’s history as they have knownit.

Off in the distance another scream; “Oh my God, no,no, no!” Then just as suddenly, silence. Somehow as if instinctively, they summarize their fate. Whatever is out

there is hungry for human flesh!

Maybe we should have listened more closely to that raving old lunatic, each one thinks to his or her self. But that old man sounded crazy, ranting and raving at the top of his lungs; “Three days of darkness and God’s Devine judgment!”

He shouted again, “You have asked for a sign, a sign you shall receive!” “The sign of the Son of Man awaits you,” he said. Surely his words and the present situation had nothing in common. Surely this was mere


That old gizzard had claimed to be the

prophet who was to announce the return of Jesus of

Nazareth to claim His rightful place as king of the world.

But that was insanity.

Still, what if he had been telling the truth all along?

Another scream broke through; “Oh my God, I’m sorry,

I’m sorry, I’m sorry.“ the words stopped. What if that

lunatic was saner than the rest of us? Nah, it couldn’t be.

In between the terror could be heard the songs of

praise being sung to God for His great sacrifice of His only

begotten Son Jesus Christ. How could they be singing at

a time like this? Those insensitive morons. Couldn’t they

hear the screams of desperation by their fellow human

beings? Surely a God of love could not have sanctioned

such a terrible thing as this. Surely He would curse any

human who could sing at such a traumatic time in the

history of the world. Anyway, where was God in all this?

Why if He exists doesn’t He help?

The old fart had quoted from that outdated collection of

books he called the Word of God. He had warned mankind

to repent and believe on the Son of God whom he believed

to be Jesus of Nazareth. Indeed! How could he expect

anyone to believe Jesus could still be alive after nearly

two thousand years? Still, he had found somewhat of a

following. They were as mad as he was. He had said the

Word of God declared a time of judgment just before

Jesus’ return. He claimed to know when Jesus was

returning. Two thousand years after His ascension into

heaven. When asked why the calendar had passed the

year 2000, he sputtered something to the effect that

mankind had started the New Testament calendar 33 and

a half years too early. He said, they should have started it

after the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, not at His



birth. Who did this guy think he was, Changing the

calendar? It wasn’t bad enough when the new world

leader did it. It took some getting used to. Now he wanted

us to go back to the old version, but accept his version that

it was off by 33 and one half years, which meant that this

present darkness was the actual year 2000. Who could

believe such nonsense! Voices could be heard thanking

God for revealing these things to the simple and

confounding the wise in their own eyes. Just who did

these people think they were! Making merry at a time like

this. They were no better than the rest of us. How had

they found a way to keep their lights on when the rest of

the world lay in total darkness? Though their lights could

not be seen by the rest of the world, they did have light or

they could not be singing and rejoicing. Who were they to

judge the rest of the world? The animal noises outside

were much more ferocious sounding than any animal

ever heard of. They sounded like something out of a

horror classic only all too realistic. The screams were not

fake on the other side of the walls. What, or who, was out

there killing and eating human flesh?

The earth had left it’s orbit and been flung into

darkness due to the nuclear war which destroyed Iraq.

The old buzzard had at least been right about the end

results of this nuclear war. He had said Iraq which he

called Babylon would be destroyed by nuclear war which

would send the earth hurtling through space to a place of

darkness. How he knew this was beyond me. Maybe he

held a degree in physics or some such thing. Though that

would not explain how he knew it would be the Kurds,

whom he called the Medes, who would destroy Iraq. I



could not figure this guy out. He had to be crazy, but still

I had to admit he had some things right on the money.

The war between the Kurds (Medes) and Iraq (Babylon),

had escalated rapidly and unexpectedly. The Kurds said

they had a Devine decree to destroy Iraq. Ha, they were as

loony as the old man! What was this world coming to? A

new beginning with Jesus as it’s king if the old man was

to be believed.

According to the old guy, after the world saw three days

of darkness, Jesus would return to reclaim what Satan

had stolen, the Earth. Jesus would return and gather His

children up into the clouds of glory, he said. This, just

before He in a rage, tipped the world upside down,

causing another world wide flood like the days of Noah.

This was in the Word of God as he called it. This time

however, God would not kill everyone due to a promise He

made to Noah. God would however, kill all but 10% based

upon another promise made to a man named Abraham

who asked God if there were ten righteous to spare two

cities named Sodom and Gomorrah. The old man had

turned this to mean a percentage prophecy for the next

world wide flood God would bring upon the earth. Go


Another worldwide flood? There was no proof of any

previous World wide flood. Apparently, this next flood was

in one of those books the old guy quoted from. I believe he

had said it was in the book of Isaiah chapter 13 if I

remembered correctly. Preposterous! Why was I even

thinking about these things? Wait! What’s that light?

Could it be the earth has returned to it’s original orbit

around the sun? Oh, no! It can’t be! Jesus!!!




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