Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood by Jesus Villalobos

Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood by Jesus Villalobos

Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Jesus' return is knowable. Matthew 24 had been abused by Church leaders.
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Jesus' return is knowable. Matthew 24 had been abused by Church leaders.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood by Jesus Villalobos

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Jesus' return is knowable. Matthew 24 had been abused by Church leaders.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2012






Did the apostles understand that I must die and resurrect?? This was the question I heard the Lord ask me as I lay upon my bed in the darkness during the Passover season of

2008 in April. Stunned, but not surprised that God would use my quiet time to speak to me, I answered Him aloud as is my custom. I told the Lord that the Apostles did not know that

He would die and resurrect.

The Lord?s response caused me to freeze up. He asked me if the Apostles did not know

He had to resurrect, why then would they even bother to ask Him in Matthew 24 about

the sign of His return. They did not know He was going away!

I struggled to find the most logical answer to this enigma. Then it came to me. The Holy

Spirit had put the question into their mouths. The Lord told me that I had answered

correctly. The Scriptures were quite clear that the Apostles were told that Jesus would die and resurrect. The Scriptures are also clear that the Apostles understood not what Jesus

was talking about. Matthew 17:22-23 (Jesus reveals death), Apostles grieve but don?t understand.

This is the same timeframe as Mark 9:29-32, (Jesus reveals death), they (the Apostles),

understood not and it was hid from them (by God). John 20:6-9 (John believes Jesus has risen), ?as yet they understood not the Scripture that He (Jesus) must rise from the dead.?

Since the Apostles did not understand Jesus was going away, they would not have asked this question at all unless the Holy Spirit had put the question in their mouths to ask.

If then, the question was asked by the Holy Spirit, it stands to reason that the question is perfectly asked with no errors. If this is the case, then why is the question singular and not

plural if there are indeed two comings of Jesus one for the Church and one for Israel? The question is; ?What will be THE SIGN (singular) of Thy COMING (singular)?

Remember, this is the Holy Spirit asking the question not the Apostles.

There is no mistaking the fact that there is only ONE coming mentioned! Since the Holy Spirit asked the question, there is no deception in the question. Therefore, there is indeed

only ONE SIGN the Church should be looking for which will reveal Jesus? coming.

Jesus repeats this fact when He answers the question. Jesus says that immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days, the sun would be darkened and the moon would not give

its light and the stars of heaven would fall to the earth. He completes His answer by saying, that then they (the inhabitants of the earth who rejected Him), would see THE SIGN (singular) of the Son of Man.

This does not mean the Church will not experience THE SIGN; He is singling out the non believers, because it is them that will be the ones to actually experience the judgment of

God known as THE SIGN of the Son of Man. The Church will be spared the judgment, but will know full well what is happening to the non believers at this terrible time of God?s

judgment! Matthew 24:29-30.

For you to understand what I am saying, I need to tell you just what THE SIGN of the

Son of Man is. I lay there in the dark conversing with the Lord, when the Lord asked me

the final series of questions, which shook me to my core as I understood their

implications. Jesus? warnings about being deceived about His return began to take on a

whole new importance.

The Spirit of God was wise to put this question into the mouths of the Apostles as it

would be the key to understanding just when Jesus would return, and what would be the

key to avoiding deceptions concerning Jesus? return.

The Lord told me that the Pharisees had asked Him for a sign, that He was the promised Messiah, since He was driving out those who bought and sold in the temple. He replied, ?

An evil and adulteress generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given it but the sign of Jonah; for as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish three day and three nights, so

shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth. Matthew 12:39-40.

The Lord next asked me, ?Did I not say, „I am the light of the world?? I replied ?Yes.?

?If then, the light of the world went into the center of the earth, what happened to the

earth?? I replied, ?It went into darkness.? ?Yes,? He said, ?But for how long?? ?For

three days and nights,? I answered. ?That is correct,? The Lord said. ?I gave the Scribes

and Pharisees only ONE SIGN that I was the Messiah. Do you think I am going to give

the Church a different SIGN??

His words cut through me like a hot knife as I understood what He was telling me. He

was telling me, just what THE SIGN of the SON of MAN was! Three days and nights

without light, THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS!

Like lightning, the peace I had been experiencing during our conversation turned to

concern. I begged The Lord to verify that it was indeed Him who was talking to me. Just

as quickly, to calm me down, the Lord began to give me Scriptures to verify, what He

had just revealed to me.

He began by asking me how many hours darkness was over the land of Israel, while He

hung on the cross. I answered three. He asked me if I thought the two might somehow

be related, the three days of darkness, and the three hours of darkness over the land of

Israel as He hung on the cross.

I told him I supposed it could be a smaller version of the same sign. He told me I was

correct. He used a smaller version of a greater truth. The three hours of darkness, were

intended to represent the three days the light of the world, would be missing as He lay in the tomb.

I told the Lord He needed to show me more proof that The Sign of the Son of Man was

indeed three days of darkness, three days without light. He took me to the Exodus; the

final plague upon Egypt, which was the death of the firstborn.

He asked me to tell Him what accompanied the death of the firstborn in the Scriptures. I

answered that I was not sure. He told me to grab my Bible and look it up. I did. I almost

fell off my bed! Three days of darkness accompanied the death of the firstborn in Egypt!

Exodus 10:21-22. He asked me if I was beginning to see a pattern. I said ?yes.?

I asked the Lord if there were any more proofs in the Scriptures. He replied that I should go to the covenant (contract), He had made with Abraham. I understood, before I even

turned my Bible to the page. I remembered asking God as a child, why a terrible darkness

would come upon Abraham during a contract uniting him to a holy God. I was about to

get my answer, 40 years later! Abraham had seen THE SIGN of the Son of Man!

Genesis 15:8-13. But why?

The Lord explained to me that He showed Pharaoh THE SIGN, because he had asked

Moses, for a sign that the Lord was indeed the true God of the universe. Pharaoh had

asked Moses, ?Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?? Translation, give me a sign

that your God is God indeed!? This is the same attitude of the Scribes and Pharisees.

Exodus 5:2.

But what about Abraham? Abraham had asked the same question, but with an honest

heart before God. Abraham asked God how he could be sure that God was going to give him the land of Canaan. But, he was only being cautious that it was indeed the God of the

universe he was talking too. Therefore, God showed him THE SIGN with a heart of Love, rather than a heart full of vengeance. Genesis 15:2-7.

I asked for one more Scripture to confirm that this was indeed THE SIGN of the Son of

Man. The Lord told me to go to Genesis. He asked me, when He had placed the sun and the moon in the heavens to shed light upon the earth? I replied that it was on the fourth

day. He asked me, ?Then how long was the earth in darkness?? ?Three days,? I said. ?Right again,? the Lord said.

?But you said, „Let there be light,? and there was light, I said. ?Yes, but I also explain,

that I separated the light from the darkness. I did not permit the light to enter the

darkness for three days, in order that honor might be shown for the death and resurrection which was to come to pay for mankind?s sin.

I put a barrier between the light and the darkness. So, now do you understand that THE

SIGN of the Son of Man is three days without light, three days of darkness?? ?Yes,? I said. Then it came to me, and I shuddered as I lay upon my bed. I realized that

there was only going to be ONE coming of Jesus. It needed to be preceded by the ONE

AND ONLY SIGN spoken of by Jesus himself. The sun would grow dark and the moon

would not give its light, and the stars of heaven would fall to the earth.

The stars falling to the earth, would be what appeared to be happening as the earth was

hurled through space leaving the orbit around the sun, being flung into a place of

darkness just as had happened in the beginning of Genesis 1:2. This, would start the

countdown to Jesus? return, which would occur THREE DAYS LATER!




Where did I remember reading in the Scriptures, about the sun moon and stars not shining their light upon the earth? Oh yeah, it was in the book of Isaiah. I opened my Bible, to

Isaiah 13 and began to read once again the Scriptures concerning the destruction of Babylon. Slowly, I began to understand that the words used in Isaiah 13 paralleled Jesus?

words in Matthew 24. This opened a whole new perspective on end time events, and how they would unfold. Jesus had not been making new Scripture, but was only clarifying what

Isaiah had already prophesied.

The passages of Isaiah, spoke of a war which would devastate Babylon (Iraq). The

Medes, who are today?s Kurds, would attack without mercy killing everyone in sight,

including pregnant women and infants. Ultimately, they would use weapons from heaven which would destroy Babylon so completely, that no one would ever live there again. This

could only be nuclear missiles. Isaiah 13:17-20.

Apparently, the Kurds are somehow going to gain access to the satellite system of some country and launch the nuclear missiles necessary to totally destroy Iraq. The question is

why? Presently, the only reason to believe that the Kurds would launch a nuclear attack on their own people would be because of the fact that Iraq had launched a mustard gas

attack on the Kurds, which is still affecting their lineage to this day.

This war however, is God?s Devine judgment against Babylon (Iraq) according to the

Scriptures, for their murders committed against the saints of God. This is most likely the

meaning of Jesus? words, which speak of His desire to send fire upon the earth. Luke


According to Isaiah 13, this war would be so terrible that the sun would grow dark, the

moon also, and the constellations would not give their light. The earth would leave its

present orbit and drift into space. Isaiah 13:10-13. Since this is exactly what Jesus said

would happen in Matthew 24, I see no reason to think He was not quoting from the book

of Isaiah.

Many preachers believe Isaiah?s prophecy concerning the destruction of Babylon already occurred sometime in the past when the Medes attacked Babylon and overtook it. This

cannot be the case, since they are speaking of the city of Babel which was in fact destroyed. However, the prophecies of Isaiah and other Old Testament prophets are speaking not

of the city of Babel, but of the whole nation of Babylon, which will not ever be inhabited again.

Also, they are careful to denote these things as happening on the day which the Apostles called the DAY OF THE LORD, using the same exact descriptions Isaiah used in his

prophetic utterances. If then, Jesus was in fact quoting Isaiah we get a whole new understanding of His words in Matthew 24. We can understand that it is because of this war that

Jesus must return to save the saints from the effects of the earth leaving its orbit.

Apparently, according to Isaiah 24:1, the earth becomes empty and waste by the wrath of God. After this nuclear war, He turns the world upside down, causing a worldwide flood,

just as in the days of Noah. Isaiah 24:1 and Isaiah 24:18-20.

Notice that the windows of heaven are opened, just like the days of Noah (Genesis 7:11) according to these Scriptures. The earth is said to be clean (water) dissolved. It has been

totally flooded. This then, becomes the reason for the rapture! God takes His chosen out of harm?s way, to protect them from this worldwide flood.

It is interesting to note, that it was put into my heart about a month earlier, to discover

just who the Medes were in modern terms, I had been reading Isaiah chapter 13. I had to research a bit, before I discovered, to my amazement, that the present day Kurds were the

ancestors of the Medes.

This revelation caused me to understand just what was being prophesied in Isaiah 13:17-20. I began to listen for any hint of a war, breaking out between the Kurds and Iraq. It

wasn?t long before this war began.

The Kurds live in the mountainous regions of northeastern Iraq. They have a desire to

separate from Iraq and create their own country. This is due to many injustices, which

have been done to them by the government of Iraq.

There is a spiritual reason for these injustices. It goes back to the time when God allowed northern Israel to be taken into captivity. God allowed the Assyrians to conquer Israel,

because of their rebellion against the Lord. The Assyrians placed their captives Israel, in the cities of Halah (sounds like Allah does it not?), Harbor, which is by the river of Gozan,

and IN THE CITIES OF THE MEDES. 2nd Kings 18:11-12.

By necessity then, it is logical to determine, that they intermarried with these people.

Therefore, they would be considered as inferior to the rest of Iraq. They would be

considered fair game. This is exactly why Saddam Hussein used mustard gas on his own people. He did it, because of the fact that the northeastern section of Iraq, is home to the

descendants of the three tribes of northern Israel known as Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh.

These settled in Northern Iran after they were captured by the Assyrians. Their

descendants, later became strong, and overtook Iraq with the help of the Persians. Hence the Medo-Persian empire. They migrated north into the mountainous regions of

northeastern Iraq, and the southern mountains of Russia.

This then, would make this region half Jewish. They would be looked upon as enemies

of the country because of this little known fact. 2nd Kings 17: 5-6 and 1st Chronicles


What is not generally known, if known at all, is that the three tribes of Israel taken

captive are the very tribes of Israel, which God will use to destroy Iraq, just before Jesus

returns. The three tribes mentioned as being taken to the territory of the Medes, are

Reuben, Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh. 1st Chronicles 5:26.

The thing is, that the wording of the calling by God for the destruction of Babylon (Iraq)

is indicative of these three tribes and the prophecies Jacob foretold concerning them in

genesis 49:3-4. The prophetic words that God uses, when calling those whom He has

given the power to destroy Babylon (Iraq), match exactly, the blessings that God had

Jacob pronounce upon these three tribes.

Genesis 49:3-4 ?Reuben, thou my firstborn, MY MIGHT…? This matches Isaiah 13:

I have commanded my sanctified ones (the three tribes), I have also called MY

MIGHTY ONES….? Why use the same terminology? This is not a coincidence.

Genesis 49:3 continues, ?And the beginning of My (God?) strength.? This is a prophetic

statement, which tells us that Reuben will be the tribe leading this revolt against Babylon.

They will begin to take back the earth for God, in the end times. They will be called to

destroy Babylon (Iraq). Genesis 49:19, the tribe of Gad, is prophetically told by Jacob; ?Gad, a troop shall overcome him: (this occurred when the Assyrians took this tribe captive

into the territory of the Medes. We must remember, that Jacob told these tribes

that these things would befall them in the LAST DAYS). Genesis 49:1 and Genesis 49:19.

But Gad? prophecy continues; ?But he shall overcome (when he destroys Iraq), at the

last (days).? Can we afford to see this as mere coincidence that Gad ended up in the

territory of the Medes (today„ Kurds), where God declares, He shall call upon them to

destroy Babylon (Iraq)? First, Gad is prevailed upon (taken captive). Then, Gad

overcomes at the last (days). Genesis 49:22-23

?Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh, remember it was the half tribe of Manasseh which was taken captive), the archers have grievously grieved him (by moving him out of his

homeland Israel to the land of the Medes), they have shot at him (Saddam Hussein shot

mustard gas bombs into the territory of the Medes), and hated them; but, his (the half

tribe of Manasseh?) bow, abode in strength, and the arms of his hands (nuclear missiles), were made strong by the mighty God of Jacob.?

Jesus did not want His children to be ignorant of the time of His return, which is why He

described His return so perfectly matching Isaiah? prophecy of the day of the Lord.

Jesus was trying to tell us not to expect His return until we saw the destruction of

Babylon (Iraq), and the earth fall away from the sun.

This is why Jesus said, the stars of heaven would fall to the earth. He was saying the

same thing Isaiah prophesied, but in different terms. Jesus was saying that it would

appear as though the stars were falling to the earth as the earth moved from its present

orbit, to its place of total DARKNESS. Matthew 24:29-31.

These Scriptures match Isaiah 13:10 and Isaiah 13:13, which state that the Lord will

shake the earth (by this war between the Medes and Babylon, the Kurds and Iraq), and

the earth will MOVE OUT OF HER PLACE. The earth will fall away from the sun and

moon and planets. It will go into a place of darkness.

This is the reason why Jesus told us to beware, of those who came in His name but would deceive many. He knew, preachers of His Word, would come up with many false

doctrines as to the timing of His return. He desired to protect His children from false

doctrine concerning His return.

He warned us to be careful; because He knew preachers who came in His name,

confessing Him to be the promised Messiah, would still mislead people concerning the

timing of His return. Matthew 24:4-5. These, would endanger the little ones in Christ, to

the great lie which would come upon the world, to test men.

Twice in this discourse of Jesus? He warns us to beware; once, from preachers who

would profess Him as Messiah but would mislead many as to the time of His return, and

once, from those who would say, ?Behold, He is in the desert….? Both warnings have to

do with the same thing!

Jesus was saying that there would be preachers who although they recognized Him as the Messiah, would mislead many into believing that His coming would be sooner than what

He Himself had promised us in Matthew 24. He knew that there would come a time, when men would no Longer endure sound doctrine. Creating fables concerning His return

saying His return would be without any significant sign.

To counter this, Jesus gave a definite sign, which the Church was to look for, to know for sure, that it was Jesus and not a counterfeit who was returning. This sign, would be so

powerful, that it could only be God who brought it about.

But, to hide the sign from those who were unworthy, Jesus does not give them just what

the sign is. Instead, He expects those who are worthy, to study to show themselves

approved (2

nd Timothy 2:15).

The Word of God declares, that the will of God, is to make man scarcer than pure gold

(Isaiah 13:12). Since this is the case, who can stop Him? Nobody Isaiah 13:13, tells us

just how God intends to accomplish this task. First, God will shake the heavens. We see

this prophecy also in revelation 6:12 and Matthew 24:29.

Notice in all three Scriptural references, the stars fall to the earth or grow dark, showing

the earth is leaving its present position and Orbit, to a place of darkness. This occurs,

because of the use of nuclear weapons by the Kurds against Iraq. Isaiah 13:5, 9, 17, 18,


The earth is moved to a place of total darkness, remaining there for THREE DAYS. This

is the one and only sign, going to be given to the Church that it is time for the rapture to

take place. This is THE SIGN, which the Church must use to be sure that it is Jesus of

Nazareth returning and not some imposter.

If you look for another sign, or believe another sign, you will be deceived. Please allow

me to explain before you write me off as some lunatic who doesn? understand prophecy, or who is trying to deceive unsuspecting fools. If you can bear with me just a little longer,

you will understand why you must not believe any other sign, other than the one given by Jesus Himself, concerning His return.

Jesus said, immediately after the tribulation of those days, that the sun would grow dark, the moon also, and the stars of heaven would fall to the earth. Then the rapture! Matthew 24:29-31.

The Scribes and the Pharisees, had asked Jesus for a sign, which would prove to them,

that He was in fact the Messiah who was to come. Jesus responded that an evil and

adulteress generation seeks for a sign. None would be given it, but the sign of Jonas; for as the prophet Jonah was in the belly of the great fish three days and three nights, so

would the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth, three days and three nights. Matthew 12:39-40.

Following this as our key, we can understand that the sign given to the Scribes and

Pharisees will be the sign given to the Church as well. Jesus declared Himself to be the

light of the world. Thus, the light of the world went out for THREE DAYS when Jesus

died. He was buried for three days (Matthew 12:40, John 8:12, and John 9:5).

God gave this sign to Satan in Genesis 1:1-2; no light was permitted to enter the darkness for God separated (put a barrier between the light and the darkness), until the fourth day

when God placed the sun and moon to shed light upon the earth. He gave it to Noah, just before the flood (this by a conclusion drawn by pattern).

He gave it to Abraham, during the covenant He made with him in Genesis 15:12 (…and

behold, an HORROR OF GREAT DARKNESS fell upon him). He gave it to Pharaoh,

during which He struck down all the firstborn males. Exodus 10:21-22.

In each of these cases, they had asked for a sign. Abraham asked God how he could be sure he would inherit the land of promise (Genesis 15:8). Pharaoh asked ?Who is the

Lord?? Translation, give me a sign. Exodus 5:2.

Thus, we see that God has been consistent all through the ages with this same sign as

THE SIGN of the Son of Man! Now do you see why I am being so dogmatic concerningthe necessity to adhere to sound doctrine? If you do not, you will be deceived! You will

believe The Lie; which is, that there is no clear sign of when Jesus will return! Quite the contrary, Jesus tells us that there is only one sure sign which will announce His coming;

THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS, three days without light! No other sign is to be believed no matter how impressive! Please listen to Jesus?words!





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