It hurts when..

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I wrote this song when the love of my life left me..

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



It hurts to think how it all used to be,

i still can't believe just out of words to speak.

It hurts to think that once u were wid me,

but now i guess i cud't be ur all and im ain't all u need.


We used to be so close but now we're so apart,

we were so perfect together

but all that's left now is a broken heart.

It hurts to think that u don't miss me when i always do,

and it hurts even more that i love u so and u don't.


All i wanted was to just be there for you and be by ur side,

and to take away all your pain and sorrow

and to make things feel alright.

All i wanted was to show that i was there and you weren't alone,

but u never saw and never realized how much i loved you so.


It hurts to think that now u're not what u used to be,

how cute u acted and how happy you used to be.

It hurts to think that you came out to be the one who left me,

after all i did for you when u were so lonely.


Now im tired of mending my heart and keeping it together,

how i wish i never met you and how it wud've been so much better.

I hate u so much now...i wish i never loved you,

i wish i knew before that u'd leave me like dat

and u were up to no good.


I feel hopeless but im gonna live my life widout you,

of all the good times we spent im still gonna try to forget you.

I won't look back to you and i won't be falling for u ever again,

cuz all you did was to fake love and to make me feel it's pain.


It hurts to think that i loved you...but you used me,

and now i'll be moving on even if i can't keep myself happy.

It hurts to think that u lied and faked loving me,

but no matter what happens to me...

u'll be the only one ending up being lonely...

~The end~


Originally...i cudn't find an end to this one...i've experienced dat amount of pain dat i can still write more...but it wud be too long...

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