Hide & Seek Love

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The story of how two high school lovers got together.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



She: He passes me by every day in the hallway on his way to lunch. I sometimes catch myself smiling while staring at him clean his glasses. He is just so beautiful, too beautiful to be referred to as sexy. Sometimes I wonder, “Does he notice me?” Do he?

He: Occasionally I see this girl staring at me, at first I thought “Great another creep!” but it’s more than that. She has a wonderful aura. I can tell she’s a sweetie pie because she has an innocent face of a six year old, but also a body of a sixteen year old model. She’s intruding to look at.

She: Today as I walked down the hall he bumped into me, Almost as if on purpose, I finally got to smell him. Although that sounds weird his smell was so SEXY! It smelled of a hint of sweat and a quite bit of BOD/Axe spray. Anyway, when he bumped me and miled so I returned it and walked off swiftly but stupidly before he could apologize.

He: I bumped her today. It was hilarious. Like seeing a deer stuck in headlights. I had to smile to prevent myself from laughing. She smiled back and ran off before I could apologize for my little escapade. I must say I think she gave me a “sexy” walk that left me thinking I like her. By the way she smells great! Like cherries and vanilla.

She: Today I’m going to be brave and write him a letter. Perhaps I’ll put it in his locker, that way I won’t have to face him.

He: I received a letter today and it said;

I see you every day, 5th hour, it seems like that’s the only time you choose to clean your glasses. I don’t wanna sound like a creep or anything but one day me & you should talk when you have the time. HI, Isse/Issabellah

Could it be her? Could the mysterious she be Isse, I mean Issabellah? Maybe I’ll return the note.

She: Ahhhhh! I received a random note in my locker. Yes! It says;

Hi, um I’m not sure if your Isse I mean Issabellah but if you’re her I think you are beautiful and I’d like for us to meet up. By the way I’m Johnny, no Johnathan, I mean John. ^_^  (if you didn’t send me a letter first then don’t worry you’re not the girl I thought you were.)

He: Another note;

John Meet Me Across the hall and you’ll see Isse well Issabellah!

She: He isn’t coming, Huh Here he Comes!!!! ^_^

He: This is it!

Them: You?!?! How did this? OMG, I love you! I see You every *Kisses* day, *hugs*.

She: John is my boyfriend we’ve been dating now for

He: 3 years and we’ll be having our first child in

She: Six months!

Them: High school lovers can be so oblivious and blind!



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