Love Hope Smith

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a poem about being named Love Hope.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



My Name is Love Hope smith. I show about as much love as a fish. My name is not who I long to be. It is the exact opposite of me. I am a mean little brat. I bet my name don't mean that. I eat people for lunch. I don't comb my hair. I'm mean to everyone, anywhere. My favorite show is Family Guy. Only my mom has seen me cry. If you were to fall I'll laugh. I've always hated taking baths. I burp and fart. Hate little dolls. Completely love who I am. If you don't like it, simple GET LOST!!! I' m not going to change im a wart. So why am I named Love Hope? Mommy loved me and thought of me as dope. So if any one asks who I am, I say I'm Love Hope dumb Ma'am Goodnight everyone remember me. Have a whatever dream!

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