Sucidal Ends?

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This Short but Long story is an interesting read about a man named David Merlone story and why his life is convincing him to commit suicide. It's very interesting and it keeps you wanting more information about this man and his mysterious life problems. Just Read it.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012





\"How should I do it? Do I use a knife, pills, gun, or do I just simply have an accident? Maybe I should hang myself or drown in my tub.\" I asked my alter ego. My ego had a name, his name was Walter. I never understood why such an ugly name, but that was the name he picked. Me and my alter ego had been planning this suicide for a year now. After my mother, kids, then wife death I figured I must go to. Walter was just the alter ego to help me get this done.

Well before I go on let me tell you how this all started. It started when I found out by my mom that Karon, my wife, was sleeping with my bestfriend Kent. Kent was a big time lawyer, top dog, and he slept with almost every girl in Chicago. He was what my wife referred to as a stud (that should've told me she was sleping with him, or had thoughts about it.). From what my mother had told me, it started a month after me and Karon married. She said it was during the time me and Karon was thinking of having children. That had really hurted to hear because my mom waited four years to tell me this. When she told me she seen the anger fill my eyes. She just knew I was going to murder someone. Then she broke even bigger news to me. She told me my first born might not have been mines. I went ballistic. My anger, my rage took control of me. I punched a hole through my mothers' tile wall. \"How could she mom?\" I repeated through my tears. My mom just held me and cooed me. \"How could she just move on with on with my bestfriend like I was a nobody? Do she not rememer how hard it was for her to concieve and hold?\". That just took me over egde, I snatched away from my mom and got in my Bentley and drove 100mph on the expressway.

That morning I came home and \"my wife\" had the nerve to question me. I just picked her up and slammed her in to the wall. \"What is wrong with you?\" She screamed. My younger (alleged) daughter Lisa started crying so I put my wife down and told he I'd deal with her later and ran to my office.  I just wanted to be somewhere secluded. After about an hour of being alone there was a knock on my office door. \"Come in.\" It was my oldest daughter Michelle, 4, \"Hi daddy.\" I looked at face before I could speak and thought about Kent. \"Hey Michi.\" She smiled and sat on my lap, \"Daddy what's wrong, did I do it?\". I played in her long brown hair and said, \"No Michi, you didn't do it this time.\" She told me ok and ran off to play. I sat back in my chair and thought everytime I see her I see Kent.

The Middle

A couple days later went by before my wife asked me why I had slammed her. We were in bed and the conversation went like this; She started it with a kiss \"*kiss* Babe why were you so angry yesterday? You know, it did hurt when you slammed me.\" \"Go ahead Karon act like you don't know.\" She sat up, \"What are you talking about? I've been nothing but good to you!\" \"Right, me and Kent.\" I swear you all should've seen the way her face lit up. \"No, baby, hunny, David I was depressed. I needed a friend.\" \"Look Karon not tonight I have a meeting in the morning to conduct so I need my rest.\" With that I fell to sleep.

These conversations went on for about six months, until I found Kent and Karon together. So what had happened was, I bumped into Kent at a client's party. When he seen me he looked very surprised. So I got him by his self and him, \"Hey what's been up? You been M.I.A.\" He laughed and said, \"Buisness keeps me up all day and night. You know?\" I laughed back and said, \"Yeah, Karon has some part in it too.\" He stopped laughing and looked so caught, \"Huh?\" he managed to choke out. \"Ha, No, she keeps me up all night you know?\" He nodded with a sign of relief. \"Plus\", I added, \"That would've been wierd if I said she keeps you up all night.\" He just nodded and checked his phone. \"Um, look D, I got a hot date back at the hotel so I'll just hang with you later.\" I shook his hand and watched him leave. Then I tried calling Karon (I told her I'd be at the party all night.) but her phone went straight to voicemail so I got suspicious.

I knew Kent wasn't going to hotel because anytime he wanted to hook up with somebody he'll just use my getaway Condo. Like any other man in love with a cheater, I followed him (My wife's cheating with him so why not follow him?). I needed to know if he was with Karon. To my surprise he was at my house. I was so heated. So after 30 extra minutes of soothing myself I got out of my car and sneaked into my house. The first thing I notice when I got in is that the kids were gone. Second thing I notice was that the shower water was running. So I got my golf club and creeped up the stairs. I walked into my bedroom and saw straight in to my master bathroom. I seen two figures in the shower. It happened so fast, I ran in the bathroom and swung my club so high and smashed my shower door. Then there was scream, pleading, and alot of blood. I just kept swinging until I was the last man standing. Finally I looked down to see what I done. Kent layed unconsious with a busted face while my wife layed ajar with a busted head. I left them to clean up my finger prints and any other evidence then called the police and ambulance.

It took my wife two days to come out of here coma, took poor Kent a week. My stared at me from her hospital bed. I put my finger to her mouth (Telling her to keep quiet or else ;-0) and stroked her hair. I whispered \"Why Karon? Oh why my sweet precious Karon?\" A tear rolled off of her face. I waited another two hours for her release.

The drive home was silent. Finally we pulled into my drive way. I asked her how she was and she just turned her head away from me and looked out the window. I locked my car doors, \"You know, none of this had to happen.\" She kept looking out the window. \"I'm the victim here Karon. I'm the one whose been cheated on.\" Still silence from her, So I grabbed her face and yanked it towards me. She started panting and breathing heavily while crying, \"Now you here me talking to me huh?\" She nodded and asked me not to hurt her again. I let her go and unlocked the doors so she can leave.

The Ending.... (long but Good)

Two months after the incident me and Karon was still on shaky grounds. She would take Michielle and Lisa with her to see her mom but leave David with me. She made things so much wierder. I wonder was Mich and Lisa really mine.

Me and David started being two busy men. David was 3, he was a smart 3 year old. One day he was helping me pick out houses to buy and sell when he pointed that I had mail. I checked to see who it was and it said I read the message; \"You'll be sorry for what you did. What was yours was mine remember?\" The mail frighten me a little bit because I thought it was coming from a loan shark.

Two minutes after I recieved th mail I got a call from my sister Annaily. I rejected the first two calls because I figured Karon had told her what happened, but I was way off. The news she had for me sent me to my knees. I answered the phone, \"Hey Anna wassup?\" *Pause* \"*sniffles* It's mom David.\" \" What about mom, Anna what happened?\" *pause* \"*Cries loud and uncontrollably* Mama was murder Davy. Sh-Sh-She was murdered.\" My chest felt heavy as if I was about to kill over. I didn't know what to do with my self. \"I'll be on my way Annaily.\". I hung up and told David to go get dressed. just as we was about to call I got another messager from the same person; \"Told you :-) guess what, I'm not done!\" I looked at my phone in disabelief. \"hurry dad hurry!\"  David yelled.

As I drove to my dead mother house I tried to think was it Karon that set me up. Then I thought It couldn't be, Karon would never call my mom hers. The the message popped into my head \"Whats mines is yours!\" Then it hit me. Kent! Me and Kent used to tell each other that during highschool and College. \"Oh no!\" David jr. yelled as we reached my mom house. \"What happened? Dad where's grandma?\" David hopped out the car and ran towards his mom and waiting auntie . I followed behind him,  just as I walked up I seen the Coroners carrying my mother out the house and I fell to the ground and balled like a big baby. Anna took David while Karon came and held me and cooed me just like my mother did. At the moment I realized how much I loved and need Karon right now. \"God please!\" I yelled. Karon just held me saying, \"Baby it's ok, she's in a better place.\"  I blanked out and just thought of all the moments me and my mother shared, even the death of my father. I just couldn't believe my mom was dead and gone.

Three weeks after my mom death I turned in the e-mails that I recieved. The officers looked at me as if I was a suspect. I just turned to them and told them,\"Take it and find who did this before I do.\" I got in my car and drove home. My mother death somehow made me and Karon bond outstanding. We made love for the first time in 3 months and it was beautiful. I love my wife, she is my new found life. I guess she isn't all that bad minus the cheating. After me and my wife had \"Fun Time\" we took a drive to the store and I had got another email. From the stalker guy again. This time it said,\" You've been got.\" I sent Karon home on a cab and jumped in my car and sped home. As I approached the house Karon ran to me crying, \"The Kids David..... our babies!\" An officer greeted us and told me that my kids had been drowned in our pool . It took alot out of me to remain standing. Then another officer walked up to me and asked, \"Are you David Merlone?\" \"Yes.\" The officer signaled two other men, \"You're under arrest and have the right to remain silent.\" Karon looked at me, \"What did you do? David?\" The police ordered her to stand back as they forced me in to the back of the car.

\"Where were you the day your mother died?\" \"I told you, i was at home with David Jr. going through my emails. Did you check those emails yet officer?\" The officer grinned, \"Yes and they all linked back to you!\" I stammered, \"But how?\" a million times. \"Do you remember Kent Barcell?\" I nodded. \"Do you remember this golf club?\" I looked at it.  \"Well David it looks like you do.\" I just thought about the beating I gave Kent and Karon. \"This club has your prints all over it and specks of your mother blood.\" I yelled, \" Impossible, Kent set me UP!\" The officer mimicked me. \"You did this David , you did it because your a mad man. You have every reason to be your wifes a home wrecker, Lisa and Michille aren't yours, and your best friend got what you always wanted.\" Then it all clicked . The emails. The emails. \"The emails officer, read this last email. Think about what you just said. All the emails basicallly explains how Kent wanted what was mine  and now he has it. Well almost had it! If he thinks I'm in jail.... Karon!\" The officer face lit upas another officer bursted in to the room, \"It's an emergency officer Dick! 1236 E Woodlawn, we have Karon Merlone, say Kent Barcell is trying to kill her .\" Officer D looked at me \"Let's go!\"

We sped to my house, my heart  was so heavy it was about to explode because everyone  I loved has died. We hopped out the car and I was greeted by an officer, \"I'm Sorry David Kent commited suicide before we came and he also killed Karon.\" I was hopeless I just felt like dying then. It was so tragic what happened. Some on even offered me a therapy session.

A year after that, my depression cause me to create Walter. Walter is the sadist David. He makes me laugh at my hurt. So as I sit on my couch today I wonder how is Walter going to get me through suicide? He won't. I won't let him. I love David to much to let Walter interfere with that one last love. Maybe I'll start over again. Go to church, but what ever happens Walter has to go.



Note To Reader : Suicide is never the answer. Never try to commit it and this story doesn't promote suicide at all I'm a full Christian and if you need some one to talk to you can talk to me. Keep your head up ^_^ 


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