Abraham Lee Shakespeare

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I'm thinking Hollywood would shit to do a story on Abraham Lee Shakepeare, who won a 17millon dollar jackpot, and than went mysteriously missing while his money continued to get spent,only to turn he gets murdered. and the list of suspects grows until the conclusion is bombshock in final outcome. True story as well, or it can be base upon whatever.

Submitted: February 14, 2010

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Submitted: February 14, 2010



Fuck Ya. You saw the summary. Take it or leave it.

He was an illiterate who dropped out in the 7th grade. Wona lottoworht 30million.had jeaous friends and a jelous bitch. Got murdered and was hidden from and was buried and had a concrete slab put on him. The police were tipped off about Abe's disappearance and later arrested the bitch and her boyfriend for killing him and spending. Sad story. I feel it for him. I think hollywood should take the step to make a movie about him.He was a very hard working man, just like anybody before his lucky day came and he won the lottery. He was generous withhis free money and provided significant amounts to friends and family. Until the one day came where he was neverheard from again. In a desperate attempt to coverthe tracks of his disappearance,a letter was written and submited to his mom, which became very suspicious doto thefact that hecould not read or write.One day the police were tipped off, when theywere about to go check under a slab to see if his body was there. In a desperate attempt. His murderertried to hire a convict to retrievethe body and act as if he murdered him again. He was going to be paid off, and paid off cheap. Once hisbody was discoveredit was all over.His murderer is now behind bars. I thinkthe movie could start outwith, How Abraham, was in general. We couldshow his life from the beggining tothe point where he raised his children, and thenone day on his lunch break howhe gave his buddy a couple bucks, and he went into the gas station to buythe lottery tickets. That would then follow with the night of the lotto drawing and how he watchedas his numbers were called on the television. He would later go on to claim his prize. But only laterfind himself in court, because of his friend's jelousy andhis lies to say that the ticket was stolen from him. Abraham would of course win the case and the story would progress on to thefact how he was bothered by everybody. People who he had known, only for so little, people who wanted and wanted, people who would say that heowed a portion of that money to them for something to nearly absolutely nothing they did.There would rarely be a moment of silence between his phone calls, as they racked up one afteranother. Hewould later go on to purchasing hismillion dollar home, and meeting up with Dee DeeMoore(his murderer) andher fake compassion for him.The movie would go onto show how generous he was with his funds, even though he would have some fun with his as well.During the last portion of the flick, Abraham's disappearance wouldcome, and the conclusion would only follow that he was murdered towardsthe end of the flick. Isympasized for this man. To me he was avery cooland awesome dude. Ican see this roll going far, because if we can make many stupid movies after another,then a good movie based on a true story would be better. Rest In Peace Abraham. I know your kicking it with God now. So sit tight. Let me share yourstory.

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