I hate my bff

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I hate my bff. So you tell me whose right.

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



So what do you do when you and your bff hate each other? Well you tell me. Leave comments on my page saying whose right and whose wrong.

  Okay so I slept over my bffs house. I figured I could trust her but apparently I can not. I told that this girl and our schools mom hated my parents. I told her that I was not fond of them but I try to stay out of it. So we continued to have our sleep over and everything. The next monday at school she sat with some other friends of hers cuz my other friends and her do not get along. Whatever. So we go out to recess and the girl whose parents do not like mine walks up to me and says " Why do you hate my parents?" I said that I never said that and asked who told her that. She told me that my 'bff' was at her tabled saying that I hate her parents and that she hates having to be my friend. I walk over to my friend ready to approach her when her bitchy friend screams at me to just leave her friend alone. Pissed off I go and vent to my other bffs that they were right and shes not my friend at all. Now every time shes approaches me I act like shes not there. So now shes calls me a bitch. 

SO who do you think  is right. Leave comments on my page and let me know. Thanks!:)

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