The Eagle

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Throughout our life, we find times of trouble and strife where we struggle with who we are and the WHYS! I have found myself alone and vulnerable quite often and the struggle UP was not an easy one. We try to learn from our choices but ... we continue to make new choices everyday!

Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016





There once was an eagle that lived high in the mountains

He'd fly here and there living by the earth's fountains

No lovelier bird had ever been formed

To his perch he had clung since the day he was born

The Eagle could see from a distance away

How down in the valley the vultures would play

His family had warned him of the dangers for one

Who was tempted to go and join in their fun


One day while flying o'er the Valley of Styx

Lost sight of his perch and decided to mix

After all said the eagle, "What harm can it be?"

And down he flew for new sights to see

Each vulture he met seemed pleasant and bright

Offering brews and chews preparing his plight

In the west the hills were devouring the light

From the peace of the day to the evils of night


The vultures cried and the laughed out loud

For just one feather we'll show you around

Another feather will buy you a feast

The eagle smiled and gave into the beasts

The lights went out and the smiles disappeared

The eagle felt a chill of fear

The need to return to his home in the sky

Faultered when he found, he could no longer fly


The vultures are flying

The eagles are dying

This world is passing away

Though we don't understand

His coming is planned

The eagle will live again!


Flying high, the eagles are going to fly again!

Flying high, the eagles are going to fly again!

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