A Step Behind

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Something I made this morning. The first bit of artistic inspiration this year. Sad isn't it?

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012



May 24, 2012

I feel that throughout my life
Love is going to be a work in progress
Always one step behind
No matter how hard I try

While most of you
Have been in out of love
I've been lagging behind
Still a shy little child

So now some old friends
Are exhanging rings
Bearing new life
And starting careers together

While I still haven't
Felt love
Or been in love
But I've seen it

Seen it in the eyes of a pair
Seen the joy
Felt the longing
to be a 1 + 1

So when I find my love
That loves me right back
I'll be one step behind
But a step is nothing in a marathon

So don't get me wrong,
I'm not detered
And definatly not quitting
Just a mere observation

Because love
Is the grandest, most monumental
And easily the most colossal
Of all emotions Man can feel

It makes me want to scream
From the tops of mountains
"Love is the greatest force
In the universe!!!"

Because love is stronger than gravity
It makes you float
Gets you hooked on that high
Like a drug without the unclarity

Love lets you forgive
That schoolyard bully
Who for six years
Made everyday just suck

And mutual love
Opens many more doors for love
I don't mean romantic either
But in the same way that I love Liam Neeson

It enables a whole new spectrum
Of ways to interact with others,
Ways to see the world,
And experience it too

Or so I'm told
I've read a lot about it
Seen it on TV
And been told these things by others

I'm just a slow horse out of the gate
I'm not trying to win the race
Just cross the finish
In stride with my mare

It's not my best metaphor, I know
But I heard women love horses.
I have a long way to go...

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