Dreamscape - Chapter One

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Annie finds herself in a magical world of wonder and fantasy with each new chapter. Where will she end up this time?

Submitted: December 31, 2009

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Submitted: December 31, 2009



Annie sat on the foot of her bed just watching. She had a pencil in hand and paper on her lap but she hadn't been using them. Not for quite some time. She had been observing the languid movments of the sun coming in through the window for the better part of the evening, transfixed by the thin legs of illuminated dust that was slowing shuffling acrossed the floor. As the sun inched closer and closer to the bottom of the window pane, they climbed up on the wall and got thinner, as if trying to flee the sun and hide in the furthest corner of the room.

Annie kicked her feet out and hopped off the bed. Twisting her feet into the thick threads of the carpet, she relished in the soft feel of the long carpet between her toes. In two skips that seemed to slow down time, Annie hung in time for what seemed like an eternity until landing before the great chestnut-framed mirror that her sunbeam friends where inching toward. She reached up to touch them but even as she lifted to her tippie-toes, her arm length fell short. Annie was not prepared to give up though. Down she crouched, almost sitting on her heels. Nose pointed up, staring her target down she was ready to strike. In a flash of movement, her muscles extended to propel her into the air. Now flying, her arms rose higher, higher, and higher still, until they were withing reach. She raked at the illuminated dancing legs. The little particles paniced and fled from the assault and immediatly flew back into position as if nothing had occured. Twice more she flew upwards, landing palm and hooked fingers into the target, but leaving it virtually untouched. Annie sighed.

Only now had her attention fallen on the large chestnut mirror before her. The mirror stood twice as tall as her and was tilted backwards slightly on its axis so that she stood in the very bottom of the large pane. The frame was solid and as thick as her forearm. She reached up and touched the frame at the highest point she could reach and slowly slid it around to the other side, running her fingers along the deep floral patterns engraved all around the outter edge. Annie involuntarily released a smile at the joy that running her fingers through the small small mountains and vallies brought her. Having been caught up in her tactile adventure, she had forgotten about the mirror. Gazing in she studied the figure staring back at her. Annie raised a small hand, no bigger than an apple, and moved it towards the Other-Annie. Slowly they both cautiously moved their arms closer, mimicking each other. Finally their hands met on the reflective surface, but both Annie and Other-Annie quickly pulled away from each other, clearly both being cautious of one another. Annie leanred forward and looked around inside Other-Annie's world. It looked so similar. She had been told that the two places were the same thing, that one was just a reflection of the other, but she could see inside of it. She could see part of the wall inside at the foot of the bed in Other-Annie's world that she could not see in her own, so she was rather skeptical. All the while, Other-Annie was looking in at hers and studying the same places she was. What was to stop reality from confusing adults into thinking the other place didn't exist. It very well could and the only thing keeping the Annies apart was this invisible force inside the rich chestnut frame.

A thudding sound echoed distantly, getting progressivly louder. It appeared to be coming from inside the walls. She could feel it in the ground now, vibrating up her legs and settling in her stomach, but she wasn't afraid. She knew what was coming. She turned to face the door, hands innocently locked behind her back. The large wooden block stood flush with the wall, only distinguishable by the small wooden plate halfway down that housed a rusty bent handle and keyhole. The thudding was loud now. Very loud. Annie heard it reach the other side of the door and stop, just moments before the door flew open and was replaced by a huge hulking mass, almost the size of the door itself and cloaked in shadows from the diminished sunlight. In a suspense movie there may have been smoke which slowly revealed what was before the character, but there was no smoke here, and this was not a suspense movie. Taking a step forward changed its appearance entirely. It was now revealed as a man of seven feet and shoulders that almost filled the doorframe. His arms appeared to be trunks from a great oak, ending in fingers that could crush steel. Sitting attop the fortress of muscle was a face barely dinsinguishable and covered in a huge beard that fell halfway down his chest. His eyes were sunken in shadows and covered by a canopy of huge bushy brows. He might even have been intimidating if it wasn't for the huge smile planted from ear to ear, and the children's bedtime story tucked under one of his great oak trunks. Annie beamed and flew accross to her bed, only to struggle with sheets as she furiously tried to nestle under neath them. The monster of a man removed a logging coat and set it over the corner of a chair in the corner, now sporting a tighter white shirt, with a thick tuff of hair protruding from above the neckline. He sat down on the edge of the bed and helped his daughter into her sheets. With a pat on her long curly hair, he flipped open the tattered old book and found something he hadn't read to her before.

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