Dreamscape - Chapter Three

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Annie finds herself in a magical world of wonder and fantasy with each new chapter. Where will she end up this time?

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



Originally written on: January 5th, 2010

You can find the first chapter here: http://www.booksie.com/fantasy/short_story/wolfcry/dreamscape-chapter-one



Annie was immediatly flooded with a whole new wave of sensations. It took her many minutes of disbelief to even begin to percieve what she was experiencing. The first thins she noticed was that everything looked... better. She was looking at rolling hills covered in grass that were more green than she had ever imagined possible. The sky was baby blue and not a cloud was in sight to question its solidity. A few paces off was a huge garden. Annie decided that it was big enought that it could only be normally seen at a castle or palace. The garden was lush with rich purbles and neon oranges and the most vibrant blue flowers she had ever laid her eyes upon. Her vision was also different. She could see everything so clearly. The hills rolled on infinitly it seemed and her vision never decayed, the further she looked. Everything that a photo-esque clarity to it, like the places she had only read about in books.

She didn't have time to let the sight sink in before the smells overtook her. It was such a rush that she had to close her eyes and just focus in on them alone. Wave ofter wave was coming up from the gardens. Annie blindly started to move toward the garden; slowly, step by step. There were smells of every sort. A small yellow fruit bore a green tuff of short leaves at one end emitted a sweet, sugary scent that hung on to her tastebuds. Furthur in she came across the rich purple flowers which she discovered were on vines that rose and fell in particular pattern, but always hug in the air, minus where they sprouted from, as if the air itself was holding them up

As something brushed along her shoulder she turned and was facing a patch of he garden devoted to red leaves taller than herself that rose out of the earth individually. They swayed to the side as a breeze rolled languidly by. But no, that wasn't right. The leaves were definatly a light orange now. Annie felt a breeze again and she clued in. Moving in a circle around the leaf that had brushed her shoulder, she saw it change. From orange to red, and then to yellow. Placing her hand to her head, Annie wondered how any of this were even possible, and how she had never seen these plants before. Taking a deep breath she caught the scent of these leaves, as subtle as it was. It was a tropical smell, similar to what she he smelled before. Wracking her memories she started to pin it together. It was similar to that of pineapple, but what was that new part of it?

Annie remembered an occassion with her family from some time before:

~Auntie Clive had made a visit for dinner one night. Daddy had said that she should be nice to her, because he hadn't seen her in a long time, and she had never seen Annie. She was very anxious to meet the visitor.


~The smell of freshly baked buttered biscuits came from a basket in the middle of the table. Autie Clive had spen a lot of alking to Annie and prepared some biscuits while food cooked in a wood stove. Annie had been welcomed to have as many as she liked, but was also warned not to spoil her dinner. Once she had immersed herself in the soft, warm biscuits, Auntie had turned to Daddy and they talked about things that Annie didn't understand. Things about solitary and the cities. She did remember Auntie inviting them to come to her place for a while. When Daddy refused, Annie felt a little sad. She rather liked Auntie Clive. But she reasoned that that was no where the new smell had come from.

~ Shuffle

~ A great deal into that night, Annie eventually couldn't help but nod off in the sitting room. She had tried to fight it, but a large meal and a late hour were fighting against her. The sun was even almost gone now. Since the sitting room and kitchen sat next to each other and undivided, Daddy must have seen and carried her to bed. She didn't remember this she only assumed, because she came to momentarily in her bed and with her PJs on with Daddy beside the bed saying the prayer he says every night. As he finished, Auntie came in one last time with a new basket, not unlike the one with the biscuits and knelt beside the bed. She told annie that she hadn't tried the special gift she brought for her. A sleepy Annie peered into the basket. A cloth had been laid inside and had a lof berries in it. Any took a shy amount in her hand and stuffed them into her mouth. The taste was amazing and without thinking of her manners she grabbed a much larger handful and crammed in into her mouth, almost choking on it. Daddy conjured a glass of water for her and she drank and finshed the basket, making them both laugh. When asked what they were, Auntie said they were wild berries that she grew in her garden - which Annie didn't understand. They couldn't possibly be wild if they were grown in a garden.

That was the last she had seen of Auntie Clive so far, but she emembered that scent of the berry juice and they crushed between her teeth. Mixed with the smell of pineapples, her mouth started to salivate. After a quick glance around to ensure nobody was watching, Annie took a bite out of the ever-changing leaf. The taste was beyond possible. It tasted as good as it smelled, if not better, which was a huge relief to Annie. If her mouth was salivating before she could barely have been able to tell. every bite she had to swallow because the flavor was to most delicious thing she had ever had. She ate the entire plant down to the ground.

She might have even ate another entire leaf is se wasn't so thirsty. Looking around she saw a plant just beyond the leaves, that grew up from a steam that went perfectly verticle and then curved downwards and finished to make a semi-circle. On the end of the stem a flower grew down then curved back up away from the stem to form a shape similar to an upside down bell. With an idea she ran over and tried to peer in. She was too short to see in perfecty though, so she tried to gently angle the flower down. Something inside shifted and the flower suddlenly snapped forward as a rush of water flowed out and splashed her face.

Her curiosity was satisfied and she went to another stalk, this time angling it towards her open mouth. She missed the first couple seconds and cool water hit her in the face again as she moved the stream to her mouth.

Lowering her head to meet her hand as she wiped her mouth dry, she noticed a leaf had become detached from the first bell. She wanted to take a sample back home with her, because she loved the feel of the soft, blue, leather petal. She reached to pick it up when she saw the most peculiar thing. Annie didn't notice it as she deended up as she was placing the petal back in her pocket she noticed something was watching her from behind a stalk. As to not scare it, she moved back down again, but didn't move closer. The thing that was studying her was a small catipllar type creature, but more animated. It had big bulging eyes that looked both very intelligent and innocent at the same time. It was white and fuzzy, with a pink zig-zagging strip down its back. Annie could tell from the look in it's eyes that it was fearful of her presence, not sure of what her intentions were, so she stretched a hand our on the ground just in front of if. It stard at her hand for a while and hen looked up to her again trying to judge her. After a long pause, she spoke to it, urging it to come closer, and that she wouldn't hurt it. It must have made up it's mind because in the blink of an eye it flew faster than any bug she had see before up her arm and stopped at her elbow staring at her again. She almost panicked and jumped back but she caught herself. She laughed, and she saw it relax too. Using her free had she beckoned t into her palm and then placed it on her shoulder. With a little "Squee" its eyes filled with hapiness and Annie knew she had made a friend.


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