first date jitters

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describing my first ever date, don't judge too hard

Submitted: April 28, 2019

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Submitted: April 28, 2019



I thought I was doing good,
I thought I was happy,
But maybe deep down
I knew it wasnt true

I had an opportunity
To go out on my very first date
I thought things were good
I thought it was going great

I thought just maybe
I might have found the one for me
But I guess it wasnt right
Maybe it just wasnt meant to be

In hindsight I knew,
That I shoulda done things different
But it's hard you know
It's really hard for me

But we ended on good terms I think
I even gave him my number
But hope I didn't have
For right before the end of said date
He told me we could be just friends

But wouldn't you know it
After a couple of days he texted
Asked me how I'm doing
And would i like to go out for coffee

Now here is where it gets tricky you see
For at the end of my first date,
I couldn't wait to tell my friend,
after all he is my number one best man

I told him all that happened
Gave him a play by play of the action
But he saw red flags that I didn't
Both from me and from my date
He told me his opinion,
his God honest truth

He made me feel like shit,
Made me lose my happy
But he told me that he loved me
And was only looking out for my best
So even though it hurt my heart,
and shed a tear I did

I realised that he was only helping
Because I struggle to understand
Everyone may not realise it
But autism can be a pain
No I don't have the extent as some

But for me it's hard enough
I struggle with body language
And socialising in general
And sometimes what I think is happening
Its not really happening at all

So yes it hurt me deeply,
But I just have to say
That I'm thankful for that friend
For sticking by me and
helping guide my way

So now my second date is set
And yes it is just coffee
But hopefully this time round
I will do better, and maybe even score a kiss

© Copyright 2019 Jezzy Jay. All rights reserved.

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