Forever love

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My love for my best friend

Loving you was never my decision

Not an illusion or even submission

All the times I thought I had perfect vision

Didn't realise it was the start of a collision

Everything I ever thought I knew

Came crashing down around me, breaking me in two

I tried my best but i couldn't get through

Now I'm just laying here, wanting to be rescued

I didn't think I was ever going to make it

The day I lost ya was the day I tried to quit yea

Took too many pills to try and shake it

But all it left me was pain in my heart I couldn't take it

All night all i ever wanted was to hold ya

Wrap you in my arms with my head on your shoulder

Limbs intertwined, as close as I could get to ya

But evil forces were screaming at me to break ya

Six years later and I finally had enough

Waiting almost killed me, but also made me tough,

For I never want to live without the Giggity gumnut stuff

So I'm going to lock you in my heart, forever my bestie in handcuffs

Our love for each other is different from most

It is as unique as my homemade cinnamon toast

For we both overcame so many highs and lows

That even though we may never be lovers Not a day will go bye that we won't be close

I love you my forever friend

Submitted: March 10, 2019

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