Hope or Not to Hope, that is the Question

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: ANGEL's house of Poems
Just something i felt with a close friend of mine

Submitted: October 08, 2019

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Submitted: October 07, 2019



There are so many days,
Where I just wanna curl up on a couch,
And forget Life existed

There is so many hours in those days
Where i feel like im doing the right thing Yet it seems the more I do, it just gets more twisted

I put on this face to show the WORLD
That there's nothing to fear, no, not a thing
That there is a special little thing called hope

But what i don't tell the WORLD
but maybe I should
Is that I'm struggling with the exact same thing myself

That there is no such thing as hope
Or even a little positivity

There is NO hope,
for the connection the WORLD wants..........
There is NO hope
for the connection I want..........

There is NO hope
For the WORLD, nor even for me
So why do I even bother

I bother Cause deep down
It's what we both need
I bother Cause it's Hope
That we both Crave indeed

Even if it will fucking hurt both of us.

But i guess, it's for the best
To let my hope for the WORLD die
For it obviously doesn't want or need it
And if i continue......
let's just say i have no balls and will most likely cry

I guess what I'm saying is
Your right and you win,
Your stubborn and I give in
So goodbye and goodnight


© Copyright 2020 Jezzy Jay. All rights reserved.

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