The Journey

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The start of my weight loss journey

Submitted: February 20, 2019

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Submitted: February 20, 2019



I'm taking a breath & focusing on me Looking in the mirror wondering what I see Slimmer and fitter is what I want to be But voices in my head won't let me be free

Ninety five kilos is a threat to my heart Sporting a muffin top with stretch marks of art Seeing what I see, it's time I be smart Hitting the gym, so my weight can depart

But this is not just about exercise though For it's an intervention and rightly so Its keepin' my mind off trivial things i know So I don't bottle up these emotions & blow

looking at me now I start to wonder Would I ever reach the goal I'm after to be slim & trim and brave & bolder To be smart & honest and happy & wiser

But I've got to try and stop these thoughts From ruining my life that my parents have fought With a guilty conscience I was nudged to saught The expertise of my doctor who helped me sort

Tomorrow I will don my armor Next week I hope I am slightly braver In six weeks time I hope I feel better In six months time I hope I have the answer

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