A normal day begins, making a turn for the worst...

The apocalypse

I awoke. I awoke to the smell of a rotting flesh. I got used to it by now, we were now six days in this apocalypse. The smell began to get a bit of a drone on us. We were in a small group of survivors there was five of us including me. There was: Jake, who was a ex-soldier, Lily, who was a pilot for the army, Tom, who I didn’t know much about he kept him self to himself and Katie, who was just a single parent looking to save her family and then there was me, Colin, I was a mechanic, I used to fix all sorts of things cars, boats, vans, doors anything with a bit of technology in it. We had been staying in a small camp, it was a abandoned row of houses. We had knocked down the walls so it was more spacious. A new day was going to begin soon, a new day of struggling to survive, finding recourses’ and looking for help. I began to get up. It was eight o’clock in the morning and it was silent, as silent as death it self. All was calm until I heard a scream from the east. I quickly through on some clothes and ran outside to see Lily surrounded by zombies.I looked for the nearest weapon which was a baseball bat, I clutched it in my hand and ran over. I, I just started swinging and I could not stop, nothing could stop me. When all of them were dead I looked down only to see that Lily was there no more she had turned already it was too late I had already lost her. The others came down. We did not have to say anything we just stared in silence. “we lost another survivor” said Jake in a deep dark solemn voice. I nodded, I could not speak as what happened in the last 30 seconds was enough shock for me for a life time.We went back to where we were yesterday, at a crashed helicopter sight. Me being a mechanic I knew what we needed: two wheels, a blade, an engine and some fuel. Everyone went out looking for these apart from me I was trying to fix minor its on the helicopter. I looked in the front to find a dead pilot with a radio picking up signal. I reached slowly for the radio. Then a hand grabbed me. It was the pilot. His dead eyes stared into mine as we were in an enduring battle I thrusted him back and in a quick thought I waited for him to approach me then I closed the door on his head. Now I had to clean that up as well yay my favourite. I listened to the radio and a crackly voice said “ If you can hear this it means you are one of the very few survivors of this. Come to the main city north we are trying to find the cure”.A few hours later, I told the rest of the group about the message on the radio they said once we had fixed this helicopter we should head there and pick them up. We had found all of the things we needed so, I fixed them all in and it was ready to go. For some reason there was a tingling at the back of my throat, I thought it must have been when I was face to face with that zombie, that his breath was that bad that it set of me senses. We waited till morning to start the helicopter we were all ready to leave.It was morning and I was feeling sick and I had to fly a helicopter. Only if Lily was still here she would know how to fly this thing I had no clue. I got some getting used to but in no time we were high in the sky. I took a break and things took a turn for the worse we were running out of fuel. We began to drop. My vision went a orangey colour and all I could crave was meat but, it was human meat. My skin began to decay. I looked up to see Jake saying something but I could not hear. Just before we crashed I bit him. I was now a zombie.I ran away and I just kept running I did not want to run in fact I did not know what I was doing. I heard gunfire and ran over there to see another band of survivors. Many zombies were climbing up and I was one of them. We hoarded up one set of stairs and they were over ran. My teeth sunk into there arm, it was all over for them. My blood crave was settled for a while. I ran away and I couldn’t stop something was possessing me to do this and I did not have the will power to stop.I looked in my pocket to find a I.D card that read Colin Fletcher. A part of me remembered something about that name and the other half did not care, I through it aside and carried on running. I remembered something about the north side of town so I went there to find a small facility. I heard screaming from the back to see a woman trapped. This was luck I was blood thirsty and she had a broken leg. I ran and just as I thought it was a trap.I awoke in a test chamber tied up right to a table. They were injecting me with all different sorts of liquids, there were: green, blue, yellow, red and purple. After a while I got used to the routine 5 hours in my box, 5 hours testing,10 hours in my box and 4 hours of beating up in other words the best way to hit a zombie or sometimes I would get fed. After about six weeks of this I  broke out and fell on the chemical table. This alerted them they just put me back in my box.I woke up as a human. I could walk, talk and do whatever I pleased. What they did not realise is that all of the chemicals mixed together makes the cure. This group were amazed to see me. They made dozens and dozens of the cure. We got onto a roof top with some flares and scouted a helicopter out. After doing this for about 3 hours a helicopter finally came. We all got aboard. We explained to the pilot that we had found a cure and he came up with a good idea. He said we should find atomic bomb but take out all of the explosives and fill it with the cure. So we did we hovered above the island with the bomb. We dropped it within about 20 seconds everyone one was back to normal. This apocalypse lasted 2 months 1 week and 5 days 


Submitted: October 06, 2012

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Cody S. D. Crum

This was a pretty standard zombie story. Survive, find the cure, and turn everyone normal.
I will critique though.
It was a little hard to read, as all one paragraph, difficult to separate dialogs.
I don't mean to be harsh, but this was also a little chaotic to read. It moved around, very quickly, and with little description.

I definitely think this could be polished, expanded and worked on to be made into a much more original, and pleasing to read zombie story.

I also wrote one, "To Report Strange Behavior", about a very different sort of apocalypse. Tell me what you think, and keep me updated on how this story evolves.

= )

Sun, October 7th, 2012 7:53pm

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