Best friends forever and ever?

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A short poem to my best friends.(I'm not good with poems, I'm sorry)

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



Best friends forever and ever?

What is a friend?

Is it someone you talk to?

someone who you are with?

or is it someone who is always there when you needed them most?

what is the difference between friends and bestfriends?

Best friends make you smile when you are down,

make you realize that you are perfect even with your flaws,

cry with you,

and even cry for you!

Bestfriends support together,

fight problems together,

and feel for each other.

If I was to choose my Bestfriends all over again,

I wouldn't change a thing.

My bestfriends are my ally and my family.

I just hopped that it stays forever....






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