I miss you, I love you.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this for the girl I love, she has yet to see it. Trouble is, she's so bloody far away! :(

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



If only I could be, where you are tonight,

If only I could hold you, close and tight.

Stroke your hair, and kiss your cheek,

Though of our love, we dare not speak.


You see, ours, it's a secret kind of love,

One, seemingly, that only I know of.

I cannot help but think of you, as I lie here alone,

In this cold and empty bed, you're unreachable by phone.


What to do? But sit and write you a letter?

Hoping that you'll understand, for me, there's no-one better.

Nobody better in this world for you, than me,

You're the sugar and the milk, in my perfect cup of tea.


As I fall asleep, my thoughts turn to you,

Lips to lips, heart to heart, eyes like glass, I can see straight through.

And what I see, I love, your very heart and soul,

It's passion-filled, complete and whole.


And now you too know, of the love of which I speak,

Run your fingers through my hair, and kiss my cheek.

And now it's your turn to hold me, close and tight,

Finally now, I am, where you are tonight.

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