The Lost Key

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This is all about the story of a very good friends without knowing he will fall inlove with her, that makes his heart broken...

Submitted: January 10, 2010

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Submitted: January 10, 2010



Looking back, I take pride that we were able to surpass the obstacles in our relationship – long distance situations, doubts, uncertainties and many more.
We’ve been through so much, yet we are stronger than ever.

Who would have thought that you two will go this far? We should resolve our troubles before midnight comes. We made peace on the day that we declared war. A friend asked us if we both knew it from the start.

Some friendships are bound to remain as such. But when it takes a moving turn,
you just have to sit back and watch what will happen.It might be good, it maybe bad. But you’ll never know until you take the risk and sacrifice your whole self.

I am in love with myself, with my own unique ability to express that love in infinite ways despite of my imperfections and limitations.

No matter how many times I may deny or ignore it, being in love will always be the grandest experience that life can give to me and everyone else.

I just woke up one morning and I thought of you. I realized I’m in love with you. But I tried to fight this feeling because I was afraid it will destroy our budding friendship. You said that I had to prove myself and our friendship would remain.

We constantly found new way to liven up our boring day. There was even time we sneaked out and went out to watch your favorite movie. Then returned to school to catch exam in Theology.

But soon I realized you couldn’t always have what you want. That all things do change. I thought you were just kidding. But when you started talking about his qualities I knew you were serious.The giddiness in your voice and sparkle in your eyes were enough to erase the doubts in me. Then you said sorry when you realized that behind my smiling face I was hurting inside.I asked myself why you chose him instead of me, the realization hit me hard.He gave you expensive ring, I just made you bracelets from strings. You dined in a restaurant, we just ate at the school canteen. He promised to treat you to Star City, but all I could promise you was a walk in the park. I figured out that couldn’t match him in  anyway.

"I did my best but my best wasn’t good enough to win your heart.
I felt miserable, depressed, insecure and lonely.
Seeing you everyday was a battle for me.
I smiled and laughed all day, but I cried at night.

I forced to lock my heart and guard it fiercely.
I promised to myself that it will never bleeding
Now  after long time, I’ve found courage to venture outside,
And have a new start
But I realized I lost my key outside.

Now I’m just waiting for someone.
Special someone who can find my lost key
Who can open my heart and set me free
Who can show me how wonderful it is…
 to smile again, to share again and to love again."

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