The Drinkers

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This one started as a video in my head while I was listening to some jazzy-bluesy instrumentals.

Submitted: April 05, 2010

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Submitted: April 05, 2010



Shes had enough can't take no more

she dries her eyes and slams the door

"This time's for real" she tells herself half-heartedly

He downs a shot to chase away the fear thats creepin up on him

then drapes himself in anger to face the mirror with a thicker skin

He argues to himself as he packs her things to throw away

This empty satisfactions not enough to win the game

A neon sign points to a place

Where she can close her eyes to see

She goes inside and leaves behind

a heart that needs to bleed

She feels an arm around her waist

Tastes the liquor on a strangers lips

And sways with disconnected pleasure

as the jukebox record pops and skips

As he gets himself together he hears a familiar melody

In the distance between the raindrops in a faded memory

It calls to him in fragments weaving in and out of lanes

He drops his burdens at the door vulnerability remains

He comes upon a neon sign he knows it all too well

The rhythm of the rain in sync with the tears too long he held

He turns to walk away defeated head hung low

When a reflection stares back up at him from a puddle in the road

She reaches out he pulls her in

He holds her close and tight

No words are spoken

Just a silent reconciliation

 Of two hearts bleeding in the night

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