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No inspiration lately. I think I shouldn't have gave up on her. At least she inspired lots of poems. Poems I need to write for this stupid senior project. Ugh, fuck my "Hopeless-Romantic-Ness".

Submitted: November 07, 2010

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Submitted: November 07, 2010



5:20AM, the alarm starts blaring.

I'm gonna be late but l lay there, not caring.

I've got nothing to look forward to, everyday's the same.

Leave for school, wait in traffic and the radio's lame.

I need a beauty...seriously.  I need to be dumbed down.

I need a beauty to waste my time with, wandering around.

I need a beauty to focus on, my mind's roaming astray.

My game's been watered down because I've got no one to play.

She had me one track minded.  Now I've got no one to impress.

I regret getting over her, because now I'm beauty-less.

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