Communism comes to america

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Utopia in america?

Submitted: December 15, 2013

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Submitted: December 15, 2013



Jhonathan E. Cardona


English 101-53


Prof. Messina

November 13, 2013

Communist Declaration

“Workers of all lands, unite!” was the cry and the signature quote for communists igniting reform. How could it be that majority of the workers who produce for the nation, have the least control and earnings from their fruits of their labor? When our economy takes a hit, why is it us, the workers, who must bail out the one percent at the top. As human beings, taking care of the earth’s resources through farmers and labors, must have our own fair share of those resources. With capitalism being America’s economic system at a time when ten percent of Americans are unemployed, we must revolt to a new system of true equality, communism.

How is it that a world super power and first world country can rank behind a communist country in reserved assets and gross domestic product (gdp)? Not only does America rank behind China in terms of finance, but also a vital irony is that large companies send their goods to be mass-produced in China. Getting labor done overseas leaves our work force at a disadvantage and jobless. Manufacturing overseas for American companies has created a vicious cycle of strengthening another country, and lowering the standard of quality since labor wages are very low in china compared to American wage rates. This cycle ends with American citizens on unemployment, which is paid by working people’s taxes. Next with so many people unemployed minimum wage goes down and workers are forced to settle into jobs that they are not comfortable and or skilled at in order to survive. Furthermore, this lowers the quality and meaning of life for the employee. In welcoming a communist regime, everyone will be in a position of production and unemployment would be nearly nonexistent.  When outsourcing stops, money will stay in the country, ultimately enriching the economy. Additionally, once a communist campaign has been established, everyone will have a job guaranteed. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” According to the “father” of communism, Karl Marx, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist society will produce. The idea is that, with the full development of communism and unfettered productive forces, there will be enough to satisfy everyone's needs. In a flawed capitalist work system where production is mainly based on quantity and not quality and workers are compensated for speed and not efficiency, finished products do not meet high value and workers become unsatisfied. Our current state is a society that thrives on intelligence and solving puzzle like problems, so by taking workers’ creativity away from their products, ungratifying jobs will be abundance and quality product scarce. Also, when quantity is made a priority, workers only see working long shifts as an opportunity for more money. This leads to exploitation and alienation of the worker therefore leading for less chances of finding a better and higher paying job. Besides, with little amount of jobs available and a high amount of unemployment has led to wage-rates being driven down. In an ideal communist America regime, many jobs will be available and a small to non-existing unemployment thus making wage rates higher. Only then, will a worker be free to switch jobs fast and find higher earning employment, enabling the full realization of human freedom. For once in America, workers will have control over their labors.


In a state of bad health and extreme violence, Communism will bring back the health and unity to the majority. Currently America is the second most obese country in the world with over thirty percent of Americans being overweight. Followed by the high rates of health care, getting Americans fit and skinny seems impossible in a capitalist nation. Ideally, as a communist nation the American government would operate a national health care system and assume fiscal responsibility for the health care of all its citizens. There would be no private hospitals or clinics as all health services would be government run. With a focus on preventative services less of the population will go on to be healthier and lead happier lives. The more healthy Americans, the more that will be qualified for service in our military. On that account, as gratified healthy Americans patriotism will increase and so will the strength of our army. Today’s private health care and health insurance companies are tearing Americans by terms of economy and unavailability. If an individual has a pre-existing condition such as cancer, may result in denial of coverage by an insurance company. These rules have proven to be devastating, because when an individual needs medical attention the most he is denied coverage and independently, hospital and doctor rates are excessive for the average individual.

Therefore, it is the priority on private business and profit that is tearing our people and our country apart. For the most part, this can be seen in all the deadly school shootings that are at the moment plaguing America. Many young people with serious mental conditions are left untreated. Untreated mental conditions and alienation have led these ill individuals to commit tragic crimes, costing thousands of lives of innocent youth. Capitalist America has failed to respond because spending on mental health and substance abuse services is less than eight percent of all health spending. After decades of deconstructing our inpatient psychiatric hospitals and community mental health centers and after decades of insurance companies demanding that they pay only for social workers and nurses to treat even the most extremely mentally ill and potentially violent individuals (rather than including psychologists and psychiatrists) we now have a mental health care system that simply ignores those among Americans who suffer with incapacitating symptoms of psychiatric illness and whose suffering can lead to fatal violence. The communist solution would include preventative mental health treatment, free psychiatrist visits, and a ban on all guns. Borrowing over from communist China’s law of private citizens not being able to posses guns will reduce our crime rate and deaths by suicide. At comparison, USA’s safety index is forty six percent to China’s seventy- three percent. (

The greater concern of some opponents seems to be that in a communist setting no one will work hard because every citizen will belong to a classless country. A classless society will not affect that because with the majority of people being affected by joblessness, poor health, and violence are the ones that make up most of the country. In effect, one would work harder if they see that a utopian society is in the making. No longer will parents be anxious about their seven year old in school being subject to senseless gun violence. The average working person will have free access to health insurance to continue working in favorable conditions. Additionally, jobs will be available, and the person will earn according to their abilities not by who they know.

Finally, in this country we have the freedom of speech and political freedom.  A communist party can be formed on the ideas of Karl Marx, and the blueprint to communism can be expressed through the means of writing, art, film, and organized protests. Ultimately, communism is better for a safer, healthier, and equally mighty country. It is unfair for Americans to continue to see the president offer $30 billion in bail out money to banks. The same banks that denied refinancing to thousands on their homes during the recession. The working class, as the majority in numbers must seek flip the capitalists’ imperialist pyramid upside down. It is the one percent that control money, corporations, and land while the 99 percent of Americans work for them in unfavorable conditions. Americans must seek back to the reason why this once great nation was created, freedom and justice. It is justice expressed through democracy that can only succeed in communism.

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Communism comes to america

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