Muse for Hope

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Feelings get lost along the way. All we need to know is that hope can be just around the corner.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



I look outside the window as I sit at my desk, attempting to come up with an idea for a story. Yellow, auburn and red dying leaves slowly drift to the ground from the limb that once bore it. A warm, but bitter crisp in the air as a gust blows through the small opening in the pane touching my flesh. Reminded of the days spent playing with those I held close to me in these beautiful colours. Holding them close in my arms as we smile warmly into each other's faces. How did everything get so messed up. My mind, empty, I reach down to power off the computer when a glint of light streams pass the window.

I get up to follow where the light went to. All I see is bright light and a silhouette walking towards me. Not towards me but walking pass under the window. As the obscured silhouette walks closer colours emerge and there she was. Her hair complementing the season, eyes as clear as a beautiful emerald. As green as the fresh new spring. A face that brings warmth, telling me that everything will work out.

Instead of my fingers falling upon the keys, I find myself searching my camera. I pull the window open wide her back now to me. My finger pressing the button as I attempt to capture the moment. All I see is that hope now sliding away. My life, my dreams walking away. I hope to one day see again.

Each time my mind's eye sees her face, all the colours and joy rushes in. I find myself illustrating my desire, play the music of my heart. And just as she walks away, the memory slowly fades and darkness enters. But the memory isn't lost. For though she is the sun that rises to start the day, she is also the moon that brightens my nights. Keeping me safe from the harms and the sharpness that dwells inside a cavern of emptiness.

It is the place they stay now I have seen her. I do hope that again, I will see her soon. To make record of the face that has brought light back into my life.

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