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Submitted: April 18, 2009

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Submitted: April 18, 2009



My room
Sitting alone in a room you begin to truly understand what it is the room was intended to do. I sit here, in this giant bright square and see for the first time, the beauty within. I have lived in this house for many years, and I was the one who decorated and cleaned, and made the place a home. But I never sat in it….
I never got around to sitting in that soft, squishy chair I bought all those years ago from the antique store. I was so happy when I brought it home; he just smiled when I dragged it in the doorway. I couldn’t wait to build the most comfortable spot in the world. I matched all the colors, and made it feel warm and welcoming. I wanted them to all love being home.
I searched out just the right piece of furniture to go in each and every spot. I made it like a treasure hunt, searching for just the right puzzle piece to finish my picture. I cleaned it all whenever there was a spill or fixed any rips in the fabric, they spent so much time with my treasures…
I was the one who created this little bit of heaven. Don’t get me wrong, they helped when they had time, but no one had the dedication I had. He tried to keep it all going but he just made more work for me. I still love him. The little ones did little things. They would vacuum or dust, but most of all they helped make it all seem lovelier. After all, a house is not worth the time, if there is no-one around to enjoy it. I appreciate their attempts.
They all grew up, as we all do. They moved away, and he and I were happy for awhile. But he got sick, and left me to my little piece of heaven all alone.
So now, after 30 years, I for the first time am going to sit on that antique chair I brought for $60.00. I don’t know if I have the energy to do it. My heart races so fast. This is not how it should be. I shouldn’t be alone here…
It feels like a tomb, a pharaoh’s tomb. I sit on the floor and close my eyes and imagine my family in the room appreciating the room. I will just lay here for a bit….

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