A really dirty story

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Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018




Warning : This is a really dirty story. If this sort of things bothers you please don't read.



Danny loved her dearly. Dam she had a body on her to kill for and he spent lots of money doting on her any chance he got. His buddies were all jealous because they secretly wanted her themselves. Hell anyone that would see her would want her for themselves. She was just that hot. Mind you, she was one of a kind and Danny was so proud to call her his.


Tonight he was gonna “ride her hard and put her away wet” like they say. You know what I'm talking about. He had been looking forward to this for a long time. He even had a place picked out that would offer up a little privacy for his best girl and himself.


“Oh hell yeah baby. Just you and me” Danny would say. He was all revved up and so was she. They were good together for sure. She felt so good in his hands and he knew all the right buttons to push to get her to do just what he wanted along with all the right moves.


Before you knew it they were both wet and dirty. “Dam that was fun baby. We'll have to try this again real soon” he told her as he petted her softly afterwards. “I think we both need a shower. I know you do for sure baby. You was real good” he told her as he continued to pet her afterwards.


He left the secret place with her and drove to the car wash. He got out after pulling up into the stall. His 4 X 4 suped up truck was totally covered up in mud from the “mudding” he had just got through doing.


“Yeah baby. You definitely need a bath. I'm gonna wash you real good” Danny said as he put his money in the slot and held the nozzle, getting ready to wash off the mud off his “baby”.



See, I told you it was a really dirty story. What were you expecting?



Naughty, naughty. 

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