The day my back went out

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This is a true story

Submitted: January 26, 2018

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Submitted: January 26, 2018



  During the summer one year I was out by the carport getting ready to start the lawn mower to cut my lawn. You know, it's one of those things you have to do if you live in a house and you do your own maintenance and all and cutting the lawn is one of those endless chores that is just a given. The rain would always make the grass grow like crazy afterwards, so it was an endless battle to keep it well maintained and looking good and not too shabby. No one likes a messy yard I guess. I don't anyways.


  Anyways, I'm out by the carport and I'm leaning over and I'm pulling on the chord to start the lawn mower and as I'm doing this I suddenly feel one of my disc in my lower back actually slip. If you've ever slipped a disc in your back you know it. Its the weirdest feeling in the world and I actually felt mine sort of do this weird little shift in my back and suddenly I lose all the strength in my legs.


  There was the post to the carport right next to me and so that I don't completely fall on my face since I no longer had any strength in my legs and couldn't stand up I held onto it and slid to my knees in great pain now and sort of freaked out. Like I was going “Oh my god. What that?” to myself you know. The pain was intense and not having any strength in my legs and not being able to stand up totally freaked me out.


  So there I am, holding onto this post for dear life and I'm in great pain and trying to figure out what to do and I look and I see my ex wife (my first ex wife mind you since I've been married and divorced twice) and I can see her in the corner room of the house that faced the carport. We used that little room as a TV room and she's sitting in a chair near the window watching TV. Now with it being summer, we had the fans on in the house but the windows itself of course was closed to keep the cool in.


  So I'm now waving to get her attention to come help me, like “Anita. Come here. I need you” type of deal, still in great pain. I'm waving frantically and watching to see if you sees me.


  And here is the funny part of all of this and to this day I still laugh to myself when I think about this....


  My wife Anita finally turns and looks out the window and sees me waving at her to come here and she waves back, like “Oh hi”. ( Laughs hard) . Can you believe that? She waves back at me like “Oh hi”. ( Now mind you, I'm on my knees at this point, holding onto the post for dear life.  You would think they would see something bad was going on.) 


  I'm like “NO. I need you to come here right now” and now motioning for her to come help me.


  She looks at me like “Are you serious?” And of course I shake my head, still in great pain that I'm very much serious and to come help me. I can't stand up.


  She immediately comes out and asks what's going on and I tell her I think I've slipped a disc in my back and of course then she gets all concerned and helps me slowly get back to my feet. She said something like "I thought you were just fooling around" and I say "No".  I'm still hanging onto the pole for dear life and then grab onto her and we somehow manage to get me into the house where I sit in a comfortable chair for a moment trying to process everything.


  I would end up having to go to the hospital where they gave me some pain medication and then physical therapy for a while.


  I totally empathize with anyone with back troubles and anyone who has ever slipped a disc. They are no fun. Its a total “freak out session” when one moment you are feeling healthy and you can walk etc and the next minute you suddenly can't.


  Anyways I got through this and now when I think back to it I don't remember the incredible pain and such so much but more that one moment when my ex wife looks out the window at me and all innocently waves at me like “Oh hi”.


  To this day I still laugh at that.

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