The Lucky Star

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two lonely people brought together by fate and one lucky star.

  Sarah Connors was beautiful. She was the type of woman that every man wanted and every woman wanted to be. She came from a wealthy family and yet she was pretty well grounded and wasn’t so much interested in her family’s wealth or status, as she was interested in being loved and particularly romanced. It was more important for her to be respected for her mind and heart and soul rather than her looks and wealth and had gone through many “loves” and each time it turned out terribly. She really wanted to be loved and sought romance. Not just another guy who wanted her as a “trophy” to drape on their arm. She was secretly NOT happy but she didn’t even know it at this point.

  She had a boyfriend who was also from the wealthy side of the tracks like her, but he flaunted his wealth and treated everyone around him like his personal property. She was concerned about his attitude but always felt that he would change. That she would change it. In reality he was something of a jerk but she “thought” she loved him and that eventually he would grow up and appreciate her for the jewel she really was.

  Tonight was a costume party that they were invited to from some mutual friends. She came as Juliet and he came as Prince Charming. He immediately made a beeline for the wet bar and left her standing there alone, as usual. She never complained but took it in stride and made pleasant small talk with the other guest at this affair. It was always a place to rub elbows and many important people always showed up at these things. Frankly it bored her but she did her best to smile and act like she was having a good time.

  After a while she noticed that her boyfriend had been gone for some time and looking around she searched the penthouse apartment that was the home of this party and found him in a dark secluded corner in a lip lock with a woman dressed as Cleopatra. She started to say something but then realized that he had probably been cheating on her during the entire time of their relationship, or was the type that would. Suddenly it hit her just how unhappy she was and how he had behaved all this time and her eyes were finally open to the sad reality of their relationship. It was indeed one sided with her doing all the giving and him just taking what he could get with no intention of returning her love. He was a player all right, and was as smooth with his words as he was arrogant.

  In any case it was enough to make her “give up” in her mind and silently slink away. She was sort of in shock as she made her way through the crowd out to the balcony. She decided to get some fresh air and walked out to the balcony of the penthouse and look out at the full moon and the stars that were shining down on this part of the city. The night sky tonight was cloudless and the stars twinkled here and there overlooking every thing.  She felt the breeze caress her face for a moment and thought about how she wished she could just be happy. She looked down at her costume and remembered that she was dressed as Juliet and looked up at the stars thinking how she just wished that somehow she would meet her Romeo, someone to really love her and treat her like a princess.

  Suddenly a falling star was streaking across the night sky and as she looked up and watched it she made a wish that before the night was through she would meet her Romeo and then took a deep breath. She looked down at the street below and noticed a public park across the street with trees and walk ways and thought that she didn’t want to be inside any more, that she needed to escape,so she quietly made her way back through the party and out the door to the elevator and eventually found herself walking across the street.

  Her now ex-boy friend wouldn’t notice her gone until way later but some other guys who were sitting in a car down at the street noticed the young woman leaving the penthouse and waking towards the park, and they silently got out of the car and began to follow her. They looked at each other and smirked and nodded at one another. There were three of them and they were up to no good. One held a knife in his hand as he put it back in his pocket. They looked around as they crossed the street towards the park to make sure that no one noticed them follow her and they walked silently a ways back from her so that she wouldn’t notice them either.

  She was deep in thought. Thinking that tonight was indeed going to be different. She just had no idea how different. The full moon above cast strange shadows here and there along the path as she continued to look down but her thoughts were back at that penthouse and she kept replaying the scene of betrayal that she had just witnessed. She finally reached a circular water fountain deep into the park and stood looking at the water trickling down into many ripples in the pool of water below as the full moon was reflected in it. It seemed so lovely and the sound soothed her heart. She didn’t hear the three guys approach until they were right on her and it frightened her and suddenly she realized that maybe walking alone in the dark in a park where no one knew where she was wasn’t such a good idea. She reached into her handbag to grab her cell phone when the first guy got to her.

  “Hey, what you got in the bag lady? Maybe you should show me” he sneered at her.

  She started to step back and was stopped by the edge of the water fountain. A second guy came up suddenly now and started to grab at her arm. “Let’s take it and her” he looked over at the other guy and they all started to laugh.
 The third guy was saying at the same time “Yeah, she’s hot. I think we should take turns right here doing her.”

  Sarah instantly began screaming for help, as they two guys closest were now struggling with her trying to restrain her and to stifle her screams by trying to put their hands on her mouth. They intended to rob her and worse. The third reached for her bag and tried to pull it away from her grip but she was hanging on as she tried to kick at one assailant and bite another in the hand as he tried to put his hand on her mouth. She let out another scream. It looked bad for Juliet. She was indeed in a dire situation.


 Jonathan Crane was a wealthy man. He was handsome and rich and young. His parents had died when he was younger in a car wreak and left him an oil fortune inheritance that he invested wisely to triple the net value. He wasn’t spoiled though and knew how to earn an honest dollar (one of the things his dad has instilled in him as a young boy). He was now the owner of several companies and on the board of trustees’ of several others. He had been basically single ever since his fiancé Amy had died tragically in a car wreck, killed by a drunk driver on their wedding day on the way to the chapel. That was two years before and he had been mourning all this time but lately had been thinking about his life more and more and realized that perhaps Amy wouldn’t mine it too much if he moved on with his life. He lived in a huge two story Villa all by himself and was thinking how his home was so empty. Not like when Amy was in his life and made the house seem like a real home. He was ready for love and romance again.

  Make no mistake he was what many woman would of killed to be with. Handsome, kind, sweet and rich and plenty would throw themselves at him but he always wanted to find someone that was interested in his mind, heart and soul. Not just because he was rich and handsome. He wanted to fall in love, truly in love. Tonight he was restless and bored and felt like a horseback ride in the woods would do him good. His property was butted up against the tail end of the local public park and there were several trails in and around the huge park (Picture if you will Central Park). He got on his favorite horse Diego (he owned 4 on his huge 25 acre spread but his place was full of wine yards (one of his many hobbies) so he would ride down the hill from his house and go down his private road to the back end of the park and ride around.

  Tonight was a full moon and as he was slowly trotted down the trail he noticed a falling star and looked up at it and made a wish that tonight before the night was through he would finally meet the woman who would forever change his life. His Juliet, if you will.

  Jonathan continued to ride slowly down the trail in the woods looking up at the night time stars and listening to the evening breeze that gently rustled the trees and began to hear what he thought was a woman’s scream off in the distance. He stopped his horse for a moment and listened, trying to figure out where the scream came from and then heard it again. Taking the rains of the horse in hand he told his horse “Let’s go Diego” and took off in a full gallop towards the screams. He was upon the scene of Sarah’s attack in no time.

  Jonathan ducked under the branches of the nearest trees as he rode right in on her being attacked and ran right up on one of the attackers and kicked him to the ground as he turned around finally realizing that they weren’t alone now with this woman who was fighting for her life. The guy smacked the ground hard and got up and instantly ran off into the dark of the nearest woods. The other two instantly let Sarah go and tried to now attack the rider on the horse but Jonathan kicked the second guy in the face, instantly breaking his nose. He dropped the knife, grabbing his face in pain and screamed off into the dark as the third, seeing his buddy get his face smashed turned around and ran off in the dark as well. They didn’t stop running until they got to their car and immediately drove off, not knowing what hit them.

  It was all too much for Sarah and she fainted briefly and slumped to the ground. Jonathan had ridden after her assailants but they had ran through some thicket where his horse couldn’t follow so he decided to go back and check on her. He found her lying on the ground and immediately jumped off his horse and ran over to her. He leaned down on one knee and gently picked her up in his arms, along with her hand bag  and carried her next to the water fountain and set her down. He reached over the edge of the fountain, scooping some water in his hand and put some on her face, trying to revive her.

  She finally woke up and started to jump but then realized he was her rescuer and then looked around her suddenly. “Oh my god” she said as she put her hand to her mouth and instantly began to cry as the thought of what just happened sunk into her mind.

  “Shhh its okay miss. You’re okay now. Did they hurt you? Should I call the cops? Do you need an ambulance?” he asked all worried for her.

  She looked around for the guys who had attacked her. “Where are they? Did you get them?” She then looked over at Jonathan and realized he had just saved her life. He was looking down at her now, giving her a very friendly reassuring smile, the kind you’d see on a close friend.

  “No I’m sorry, they got away” Jonathan said, “ but I assure you they won’t have another chance to hurt you. Not while I’m around.” “Oh and here, you dropped this. I think they must have been after it” he handed Sarah her handbag.

  She looked at the handbag, and took it from him and looked in it for a moment. Seeing that nothing was disturbed she looked up at him deep into his eyes and smiled, feeling a little better.

  “Are you an Angel?” she said and smirked.  “How did you just show up like that?” “And man, am I glad you did.” She almost laughed now thinking about it.

  “Um, where are my manners?” he said. “I’m Jonathan, Jonathan Crane at your service.” He reached his hand out to her now, to shake it like a gentleman.

  She smiled, looking at his hand and then back at his eyes. He seemed nice, genuinely nice. ‘Is he my Romeo’ she thought to herself. ‘Hmmm’.

  “Hi my name is Sarah Connors, it’s really nice to meet you Jonathan” she took his hand and shook it. There was instant electricity between them that they both felt but neither said anything but just smiled silently to one another.

  “Here miss let me help you to your feet.” Jonathan said as he reached down and lifted her into his arms as they held each other for a moment. He couldn’t help think how amazingly beautiful she really was, even in this moon light and she was thinking how the Knight in shining armor that had came and saved her was really truly handsome. She was still a little uneasy and weak on her legs and sort of fell into his arms as he held her even closer for a moment. Again, there was electricity between them. Again, neither one of them said anything but smiled.

  “Here, you must still be startled. Let’s sit here for a moment until you regain your composure.” He helped her sit down, as she took his bent arm and they both sat down on the edge of the water fountain together, side by side.

  “Are you really okay?” he finally said, looking at her for moment, taking her all in quickly, and surveying her to see if she was bleeding or anything.

  She touched is arm for a moment and smiled at him. “Yes, thanks to you, I am now”

  “That’s good. I’m glad I came along when I did.” He noticed a hair that was in her face and reached up and brushed it gently out of the way and then moved his hand again. She smiled at him and almost moved her face to snuggle his hand as it gently grazed her face. There was something kind and reassuring about this guy who suddenly came into her life. He didn’t seem at all like any of the jerks that she was use to dealing with. This guy actually seemed to care and was kind and gentle. “I’m glad you’re okay miss” he said.

  “Please” she said and smiled. “Call me Sarah. After all you just saved my life didn’t you?”

 “Well I’m glad you’re okay Sarah. Um…what were you doing out here by yourself anyways?” He said, as he looked passed her shoulder into the darkness of the surrounding trees and was wondering if they were safe just sitting here. He looked over at his horse Diego who was grazing on some of the grass, and Diego snorted at him when he noticed that Jonathan was looking at him and then went back to grazing.

  “I was going to ask you the same thing, “ Sarah said as she glanced back towards the penthouse that she had left and thought about her asshole ex boyfriend.

  “Well I was restless and bored and decided tonight would be a good night for a horseback ride and I heard your screams and here we are” He sort of smiled now as she looked at him. They were now sitting with their knees facing one another and almost touching.

 “Yeah, sort the same for me” she said, deciding to leave out the whole cheating boy friend for the time being.

  “Look, I know I just met you but have you had dinner yet?” He said. He had many reasons for the question. One, he hadn’t eaten yet, and was beginning to get a little hungry. Two, she was beautiful and he would love her company and to get to know her better.  And finally he was concerned that she wasn’t safe here in the woods by herself.

  “Well actually no.” she said, her eyes getting big.  “Are you asking me out?” she almost laughed, thinking him suddenly charming and loved the idea cause she liked him already and wanted to get to know him better.

  “Yes, I am.” He sort of chuckled and felt a little awkward because he was rusty at dating since his fiancé had passed away.

  “I’d love to go to dinner with you Jonathan.” She said and smiled at him. “So where would you take me on ‘our date’?” Her eyes seemed to smile when she said ‘our date’.

  “Well” he paused for a moment. “I was actually wondering if you’d like to come back to my Villa where I’d cook you my specialty, pasta” He looked over at her for her reaction.

  “Wow pasta and a Villa huh?” she said, looking at him now trying to read him. So far he had not made a pass at her. He seemed genuinely sweet, almost shy like and she liked that.  “Sure that sounds great Jonathan” she said, as she looked into his eyes. He stood up and took her hand and helped her to her feet.

  “Um.” She said finally, looking around. “Where’s your Villa?” She looked over at the horse and then at her dress. She was dressed up in a beautiful dress that flowed almost to the ground and riding horseback would certainly pose a problem. “And how do you propose we get there? Not on him I hope?” She looked back at Jonathan. “I’m not exactly dressed for a horseback ride now am I?” “You don’t have a limo hidden in your back pocket by chance do you?” Sarah smirked, flirting with him now.

  He reached for his back pocket and felt it “Shoot. I left it back at the Villa.” He said, flirting back at her.  And they both laughed.

  “Its not that far honest.”  “We could walk if you don’t mind. My property is next to this park. It’s a nice night tonight, and it would give us an opportunity to chat and get to know each other if that is okay with you?” he said, looking down as her as she stood close to him now, again touching his arm gently.

  “I’d love that” she said and took off her high heel shoes one by one and held them in one hand as he took her hand and balanced her while she slid off her shoes. He noticed how beautiful her legs were now, and smiled to himself but said nothing except to raise his eyebrows briefly.

  For some reason neither one of them wanted to let go of the other persons hand so they just continued to hold hands, swinging them slightly as they slowly made their way down the trail back to his home. Diego the horse slowly walked behind the pair as Jonathan held his reins in his other hand.  During the walk back they talked about their lives and compared life stories and favorite likes and dislikes and just seemed to connect right away. They found out about the heart ache of each other and although neither one of them said it they both thought about the falling star and it made them both happy now to be in the company of the other. For once in both of their recent lives they were really truly happy. She found him to be charming and realized that even though he had had great tragedy in his life with the passing of his fiancé it didn’t jade him nor did his wealth. He found her to be really grounded. Since she was wealthy herself, he knew that she wasn’t a “gold digger” like so many he had met before. Instead she was genuinely sweet and sincere and kind and funny and he loved being in her company. He felt completely comfortable to be with her and she with him. He realized too that she had had bad luck in the love department like him self.

  In just the short time they were walking and talking they both felt like they had known the other forever. Their conversation just flowed from one subject to another and both would laugh and get excited when they realized they both liked so many of the same things, like food, and music, and movies and such.

  After a short while they finally made it to the gate of his property and slowly walked under the stone archway that led up his private road. The time went by quickly because they were both enjoying their talk. It was indeed a nice night. The full moon was shining down on them making everything seem cheery and hopeful here. The sky was full of what seemed like a million stars that shined down on them both and seemed to smile as they twinkled down on the two. And the breeze was cool and caressed their faces as they slowly walked up the road.  She was looking around her at everything.

  “Are those wine vineyards over there?” she asked as she looked over at one side.

  “Yep, one of two on my property, its my own brand. I’m very proud of it actually. Do you want to try some over dinner? I promise you its really good stuff.”

  “Sure that sounds fun” she said and held his hand as she looked over at him “ Pasta and wine. You certainly are full of surprises aren’t you?”

  “I hope you like my house” he said as they finally made it around the last line of trees and went up a slight incline and came up to the plateau of his property. As they passed the last trees they could see his house (his Villa) sitting off the end of a long open field that was sort of like a courtyard in front of his house. The Villa sat on the left with a 4-car garage on the right and his horse stable beyond that.  He had spotlights here and there and they gave everything a wonderful glow to the place. She marveled at it but thought about her own summer place that her own folks owned. Beyond everything was a strange glow that acted as a backdrop and she could barely make out the silhouette of the trees up close to his house and garage. She would later find out that his property was on the edge of a plateau that sat on the edge of a valley over looking the city below and the glow was the city lights coming up from behind his property. He had a great view from his place.

  Now that they were on pavement again, she put on her shoes and felt relatively safe she wouldn’t sprain her ankle like on the private dirt road they had been on or the trail before that.

  They took the horse and stabled it in its own place in the stable next to three other beautiful horses and she said goodbye to Diego.

  He notice her looking at the other horses as she went over and touched a white one on the nose and it sort of greeted her with a nod of his head.

  I see you like my horses. Would you love to go for a horse back ride sometime Sarah?”

  She darted her eyes at him “Oh yes, I’d love that”, she said all excited. Her parents had owned their own horses and riding them was one of her greatest memories growing up. “I’d really love that Jonathan”.

 “Well then good, we now know what we can do for our second date” Jonathan said and smiled, looking at her reaction as she smiled back at him when he said ‘second date’.

  She looked back at the horses longingly, reliving a pleasant memory and sighing briefly.

  “Are you ready to go see my house and have that dinner I promised you?” he asked, taking her hand again.

  “Yeah, lets” she nodded, smiling at him and took his arm that he had extend for her. She felt just like a princess now and all this was a wonderful romance novel that she suddenly found herself in.

  They walked over to the Villa, as he showed her his cars, his motorcycles and so forth. He wasn’t “showing off” his stuff like her ex boyfriend use to do with his “toys” as much as he was just talking to her and they were on the way.  As they got to the front door of his Old Mexico styled Villa he reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a garage door remote and keyed in his security code and then put his key in the lock. He looked at her and said  “Mi casa es su casa.” which was Spanish for “my house is your house”, as he opened up the door for her and let her in.

  “Nice” she said as she followed him in and looked around.

 They found themselves in the main entrance hall of his house. It was as tall as the house was, two stories. There was a semi circular staircase in the middle that led to the upper floors with a hallway that went all the way all the way around the room and doors on both sides of it, and below on the ground level were more doors on each side of it.

  “Would you like a quick tour of the place before we adjourn to my kitchen so I can fix us that pasta dinner?” he said.

  “I would love that Jonathan. Lead the way” she smiled at him. Like a gentleman he extend his arm to her and she took it in her hand and he took her around through all the rooms, showing off private mementoes he or his family had collected and told little stories for different things. She found it interesting. It was nice to be in a nice home and it felt natural to her to be here with him. He felt it too.

  On the left he led her into his master den with a fireplace in it. Through some doors it led to his master living room with another fireplace on the other side. . Through some more doors he led her to his library with it’s hundreds of books and then finally that led to his private theater. He stopped long enough to show her his collection that had many of her favorite movies and some were really hard to get out of print videos that she thought were near impossible to find. He found her fun to watch as she marveled over his movies and said “oh I have got to watch this one, I haven’t seen it in ages” and “ oh my god, how did you know this one is one of my favorites”. She would look at him like “how in the world did you get this one and he smiled and offered “you can come over any time you want and we can watch that if you want.” “I’d like that.”

  She came closer and touched his arm and looked up into his eyes “Me too” and for a moment it almost seemed like they were going to kiss but neither did but smiled at the other and continued on their tour.

The walked out side into a little garden that was right in the middle of his house, enclosed on all sides but open at the top so that you could see the stars above.
  She marveled at it. “Mmm man I love the smell of these plants.”

  “Yeah I like to come here and sit and just read or think” He said looking over at a bench.

  “I could see that” picturing herself here with him as she gently touched the top of the bench and ran her hand along it lovingly.

  He watched her for a moment and smiled, as she seemed lost in a thought. She finally looked over at him and they continued over to the other side where he led her into the formal dining room. It was huge with a huge table made of mahogany and many chairs to it. Again, it reminded her of her own folk’s house and his elegant taste in home items seemed to match hers. She looked at everything but it seemed sort of cold and unused.

 He noticed her look and said “I don’t really use this room that much. Not since…well.” His voice trailed off as he thought about his late fiancé and the parties they use to give before…

  Sarah could see how his eyes darkened for a moment and touched his hand with hers and brought him back to the present. “What’s in here?” she asked and smiled.

  “Oh come on.” He said and pushed opened the door to the huge kitchen that sat next to the dining room. She followed him into it and marveled. It was huge with nice shiny silver and black appliances, refrigerators and such. In the middle of the room was and island with a rack for pots and pans above it with all kinds of pots and pans.

 “Wow” she said as she marveled at everything. “You certainly have a nice kitchen.”

 “Yeah, and check this out” he said and took her hand over to a side room which was a smaller breakfast nook that seem familiar and lived in and way more comfortable.

  “Ah, now this is nice, very cozy Jonathan” she smiled at him and sort of hugged his arm again.

  “Yeah I like to eat in here or out on the patio out back when the weather is nice like it is tonight.”

  “Ooo I love that idea. Can we eat our dinner outside? I’d really prefer that if that is okay with you?” she said.

  “Sure, that’s a great idea. I’d like that” and he smiled at her for a moment as they both stood there in silence looking at each other. Again, they were close to one another and it seemed like they both wanted to kiss but neither of them did.

  “So…” she finally said and he caught her meaning.

  “Oh yeah, the rest of the tour.” He smiled and took her hand again. He led her back into the kitchen and out a door, which led back into the main entrance room, and he took her hand and slowly they made their way upstairs.

  “All the bedrooms are upstairs.” He offered.

  “Well I figured as much.” She giggled. “I didn’t think you slept on the bench down in the garden.

  “Actually I have a couple of times. Fell asleep in the middle of a particularly boring book” and they both laughed.

  They finally got to the top of the stairs and she looked around at the hallway on this level that went out on both sides of the stairs and around the room and met on the opposite side above the door. There were windows looking out the front of the house up here and doors on both sides.

  “These are my guest bedrooms” he said as he showed her each of the three and then his personal office where he did most of his business when he was home, and finally came to the master bedroom. “And this is my room” he smiled as he slowly opened the door and led her in.

  Inside the room was comfortable but elegant. He had couch and a fireplace and several chairs at one end and a king size bed with four posts that almost touched the ceiling at the other, with a bunch of huge pillows propped up on it on the huge head board. There were two small tables with lamps on each side and a clock on one with several smaller things here and there thrown about. It was truly like a small apartment all rolled up in one room. There was a huge bathroom off to one side. He had some nice artwork and some personal items that gave his room a personal touch and it was obvious to Sarah that no woman had been here in a long time. ‘Probably not since his Amy’ she thought

  “So this is my room.” He sort of shrugged to himself suddenly feeling a little uneasy.

  “I love it Jonathan.” She smiled at him trying to ease his uncomfortable ness.

  “Oh and this is my master bathroom with my Jacuzzi” he said as he showed her his huge bathroom with the shower and Jacuzzi. “I love this, it’s great when your back is hurting or something.” He looked over at the Jacuzzi.

 “I bet, I love those.” She said looking in with him and then walking into his huge bathroom for a moment and taking everything in.

  “Hey I have one down stairs next to my pool in the back yard” he said, beaming like a kid

  “Oooo a pool and a Jacuzzi.” She said as he was offering that they could take a dip if she wanted some time.

  She just smiled at him. “What about that pasta dinner? We can talk about that if you want over dinner”

  He smiled and took her hand as they walked back into his bedroom.  She reached over and touched his bedpost for a moment and then felt his bed, to see how comfortable it was. “Nice” she said. “I love the throw pillows.”

  “Yeah, I like lots of pillows” he said.

  “Yeah me too” she said. They both looked at his bed for a moment and then to each other and they both smiled as they made their way out the door and back down towards the kitchen.

  “I really do hope you’re going to like my pasta” Jonathan said as he held her arm and led her slowly down the stairs.

  “I’m sure I will Jonathan.” She smiled. “You certainly have an amazing house. I love it.”

  He smiled at her. “Thanks. It’s home to me”.

  They made it back to the kitchen and he began to pull out pots and pans and spices and so forth. “Will you sit here with me and keep me company while I prepare dinner or do you want to go to the den and watch some TV or perhaps the theater and pop in a movie?” he asked her as he was pulling out an apron out of a little pantry that was hanging on a hook.

  “Oh please, are you kidding? I’m helping” she suddenly reached up and took one of the other aprons and put it on, the one that said, “Kiss the cook” on it. He thought about that for a moment and sort of went “hmmm” to himself. “Okay” he agreed.

  And they both went about preparing dinner, as they talked some more about their lives.

  Jonathan was in the middle of preparing the noodles when it hit him that this seemed so right, so natural and how she made his house really feel like a home. And also the thought hit him that he really hadn’t had a woman in his house since his fiancé had died. His Amy practically lived here with him and they would spend the weekends together when they were both off from their commitments and such, spending time at the pool or Jacuzzi or just hanging out in his living room or theater or bedroom. 

  It made him feel happy again, like finally a dark cloud was lifted in his heart and in his home. He looked over at Sarah who was dressed like Juliet in all her splendor in her beautiful dress and such but had her apron rapped around her so that it was a funny juxtaposition of opposites. She had tied her hair up now behind her so that it wouldn’t get into the food but had a few tendrils of hair hanging down in front of her forehead that she would blow out of her face every once in a while. He loved watching her now. Every once in a while she would look up and notice him watching her and she would smile. It really made him happy to have her here. She felt right at home.

  He was making the pasta sauce now, and talking to her about his favorite restaurants, when she noticed he had gotten a little of the sauce on his cheek. It made her smile. She did a double take and stopped what she was doing and took a towel and got it wet and went over to him.

 “Here” she suddenly said and made him stop.

 “What?” he said a little confused as she took the towel and wiped his cheek. “You’ve got a little on you here” and she leaned into him and wiped it off slowly and then looked at him and showed him the towel. He touched his cheek after her and smiled and said thanks.

  “No problem sweetie” she smiled and walked back to her side of the island to work on the garlic bread that would be with the dinner.

  He just watched her as he thought about what an amazingly sweet person she was. About that time she got too close to the pot that the noodles were in and the steam coming out of it burned her hand slightly making her let out a slight yep of being hurt. He immediately rushed over to her and took her over to the sink and put it under the cool water for a moment and ran it for a bit.

  She looked at him as the anguish went away and the pain of the slight burn was replaced by the coolness of the cold water and by a pair of strong comforting hands that seemed to have love in their very touch.  It made her heart race a bit as he was concentrating at her hands and the slight redness that was beginning to sooth, she was busy watching him and thinking how truly wonderful and caring he was. Again, he came to her rescue. She thought she could spend a lifetime letting him do that, and she would be happy.

  He finally got out his first aid kit and put a little burnt ointment on the area and rubbed it in gently for her.

  “There you go, is that better?” he said with care in his eyes.

  “Very much so, thank you” and she reached up now and kissed his cheek. 

  He almost blushed but loved the sensation of her lips pressed to his face and the moment was gone too quickly.  She pulled away and smiled and said “my hero” and touched his cheek now where she had kissed him.
  He smiled and then looked over at the noodles that were about to boil over and then he turned down the flame and they went back to finishing preparing the mean.

  Eventually everything was ready, the noodles, the garlic bread, the pasta sauce and so forth. Jonathan pulled out a small rolling cart on wheels and they loaded everything on it along with a bottle of wine that was freshly chilled from his wine cellar and two glasses, plates, silverware and so forth and made their way to the back door.

  They stopped at the door where Jonathan reached up and adjusted some knobs on an electronic panel and then flipped a switch.

  “What’s that Jonathan?” Sarah asked.

  “Oh it pipes out music to my patio. I figured it would be nice to have some soft music in the background. I hope that’s okay?” He asked.

  “It sounds lovely” she replied.

  They proceeded outside, into the night air. There was a covered patio right next to the house and then an uncovered part. There were round tables in both parts of the covered and uncovered patio. Beyond that, slightly to one side, was the lighted pool and the Jacuzzi. There was also a grassy place with a barbeque pit and at the further edge was a fence and beyond that was the glow from the city below. There were speakers set up here and there and placed so that you could hear the music piped out here no matter where you were.

  “Oh Jonathan, it’s lovely. I love it” she said can I go look first?” she said and motioned to the fence and he agreed and they both went to the fence and looked down at the city night skyline.

  “This is amazing Jonathan” and smiled at him. “its so beautiful”

  “Thanks.” He said “and yes, very beautiful” but he was only looking at her now”

  They finally finished and went back to the cart.

“Where do you want to sit?” he asked.

  “How about over here”. And she walked over to one of the tables in the open air. He pushed the cart over to it and they unloaded everything on to the table. Jonathan then went over to her and held her chair while she sat down and he sat next to her.

  They both dug into the dinner and talked about the attackers and how they were both glad that things turned out the way it did and how good the food was and so forth. He poured her some of his wine and they ‘clinked’ their glasses.

  “To our first date” he said and smiled.

  “To our wonderful first date” she agreed and smiled back at him.

  They both enjoyed the dinner and the conversation. The night air was wonderful and there was a slight breeze that caressed their cheeks. At one point she pulled back from the table and let her hair down and shook her hair lose like and said “there. I almost forgot about that” and smiled. He smiled at her and thought how she was beautiful either way, with her hair up or down.

  The music was playing in the back ground as one of his favorite slow romantic songs came on. Since they were about finished anyways, he looked at her for a moment and then said, “Can I have this dance?”

  “I’d love that” she said as he got up and leaned over as he helped her pull he chair away from the table. Taking her hand in his he helped her to her feet and they walked over to an open area of the patio, under the stars and began to dance slowly to the song. He put his arm around her and held one hand out for her as she did the same and soon they were slowly dancing around and around in a slight circle. It felt wonderful to both of them to have the other in their arms. She leaned her head onto his chest and sort of let out a sigh of happiness as he slightly rested his chin on her head and they just held each other as they danced. There was a moment of silence for a moment as both just soaked in the wonderful feeling that both of them were feeling now. The song finally finished but they continued to dance for the longest time, not wanting to stop and finally they both realized that the music was over so they looked at each other. The stars and moon were shining down on them. The city sky light glow was acting like a backdrop as the cool breeze gently caressed both of them.

  She looked at him, he looked at her and neither said anything for a moment but their heart were speaking to each other by the look in both their eyes and they both just knew now was the moment.

  He wrapped his arms around her as she did him and they moved their faces closer together. He looked first at her eyes and then her lips as she did his. Tilting their heads counter clock wise to the other and closing their eyes they finally leaned in and kissed one another as waves of emotions and electricity shot between them.

  And in that moment, there in the semi dark ness of his back yard, and under the stars and the full moon light and with a slight breeze and the city skyline as a back drop, and with both their hearts beating in unison, the rest of the world melted away and there was only the two of them, lost in the kiss and the moment.

  It was indeed magical and would be forever remember as their first kiss. They would have many more to come in the future and each would be wonderful but none would change their lives as much as this one did.

  Neither one of them wanted to end the kiss, it seemed to last forever and yet seem to end far too quickly.  They finally stopped and pulled their faces away from the other and then looking into each other’s eyes and smiled to one another. They sort of rested their foreheads into one another and just slowly danced around a little more and then finally broke to go back to the table.

  “Thank you for the dance my lady” he said.

  “Tis my pleasure my lord” she replied and they both laughed at their mock English accents.

  They got back to the table and put everything back on the cart and then she stopped and looked over at the Jacuzzi and suddenly she moved closer to him and touched his arm.

 “Sweetie, do you want to sit in the Jacuzzi and finish off our wine?” he offered.

 “Um, what would I wear?” she asked and smirked”

 “Well I know this sounds weird but I have a female swimsuit you could borrow” He said and suddenly she remember how he told her his fiancé use to spend the weekends.

  “Are you sure you’re okay with that? With me wearing her swimsuit?” she asked a little concern and not wanting to make it seem weird or something.

  “No, really its okay. She bought a bunch of new ones that she never wore. I have box in my closet up in my room. What do you say?” he asked.

  She smiled. “As long as your cool with it” she looked over at the Jacuzzi again as she picked up a plate and put it on the cart. “it really does look nice. Sure if you’re cool with it”

  So with that they pushed the cart back into the house. He put away the dirty dishes in the dish washer and turned it on, pushed the cart away and put away the few leftovers in the refrigerator went back down stairs to the wine cellar and came back with a fresh bottle and left it at the kitchen to retrieve on the way back outside.

He led her upstairs again and he pulled out a box at the top of his bedroom closet and set it on his bed for her to look through. She pulled out several slinky bikini’s and such and finally picked one. “That’s amazing” she said as she looked at the size on the label “Theses are my size” “I think I’m going to wear this one” And she held up a pink and purple bikini and held it up to her and looked down at it.

  “Here let me get you a bathrobe and some slippers to change into and got them out of his closet and handed it to her. He then got two towels and gave her one.

  “You can change first and then I’ll change.” She said and smiled shyly at him.

 “Ok” he said and went and got his swim trunks and some flip-flops and went to his bathroom and changed. He brushed his teeth and combed his hair while he was in there and took one final look in the mirror to make sure he looked okay and was presentable.

He took the towel and flipped it over his shoulder and came out.

  When he did she sat up on the bed and her eyes flashed at him and she sort of went “mmm” under her breath, seeing him in shorts and no shirt. He was handsome.

  He smiled at her as she got up and went over to him and sort of touched his chin.

  “My turn” she said and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

  It was his turn to sit down and it took her a bit to do the same. She changed into the bikini and it fit her almost perfectly. She brushed her hair with the hairbrush she had in her handbag and then checked her teeth. She thought she looked pretty good and finally got the bathrobe and put it on and tied it around her and slipped on the flip-flops.

  When she came out his eyes flashed and he sat up on the bed and smiled and got up.

  As they got closer to each other she touched his arm and he immediately moved closer and they kissed again, this time sweetly on the lips.

  “Are you ready?” he asked.

  “Yes. Let’s go have some fun”

  He extended his arm like he always did and she took his elbow in her hand and they both went down stairs and to the kitchen and got the new bottle of chilled wine and two fresh wine glasses and went outside. The music was still playing outside and they made their way to the Jacuzzi. He went to a panel next to it and adjusted the temperature and checked it to make sure it wasn’t too hot or cold and then turned up the jets and put his towel down and through off his flip-flops and stepped up the steps to it. She took his hand and he helped her to the top step and then stepped into it. She stood there for a moment and then slowly took off her bathrobe and slowly took it off and sat it down to the side and put her towel next to where he had left his.

  His eyes flashed when he saw her. Here stood the most amazingly beautiful woman he had ever seen. He thought she was beautiful dressed up as Juliet and now she was standing here in a bikini looking like a Victoria Secret model. He let out a little “wow” when he saw her and she heard it and smiled. He helped her into the Jacuzzi and they both sat down and just enjoyed the water and the jets and such.  She moved closer, next to him and he reached over and got the wine bottle and the two glasses and pour them some and they drank and talked and just enjoyed the entire thing. The moon was shining down on them, the stars, the city skyline and everything else.

  “This is so relaxing. I love it here.” She almost gushed when she looked over at him, next to her and then around them.

  “It is isn’t it?” he said looking around and then at her “Truly wonderful”

 They both leaned into each other and kissed one another and then stopped and put their wine glasses away and went back into another kiss after that.

  Finally they stopped and looked at one another.

  “I have a confession.” She finally said.
  “That’s funny. I was about to say the same thing.” He said.

  “You first” she said, wondering what he was going to say.

  He looked at her and then up at the stars and then at her again as she moved closer now almost in his lap and draped one leg over his so that she was almost in his lap and she wrapped her arms around him now.

  “What is it sweetie?” she said.

  “Well it’s just that I’ve been really lonely for a long time and was afraid.” he finally said.

  “Afraid of what sweetie?” thinking this coming from a man who fought off the three attacker. “You, you could never be afraid of anything. You’re my hero” she said before she reached up now and touched his chest under the water and enjoyed the way his chest felt under her touch. He enjoyed it too.

  “Well I was afraid that I would never know love again, not really.” His eyes got slightly bigger as he studied her now for her reaction.

  “Awww sweetie. I feel the exact same way” she said and then leaned into him again and they kissed again and finally stopped as they looked at each other again.

  “It’s just that I thought I’d never meet another woman who I could love like my Amy and now I know that is not true.” He smiled at her.

  She moved in closer again, looking at his lips and taking a finger, touched his lips. “Shhhh you don’t have to say anything. I feel it too.” And smiled at him.

“I have a confession as well” she finally said and looked up at the sky and then at him.

 “What’s that sweetie?” he asked her. Looking up at the stars and then at her.

 “I’ve been feeling just like you but didn’t know it. I really didn’t think that love was possible but know I know that it can come true. If you want it enough and you’re have a lucky star to wish upon” she said.

  He almost jumped when she said that.

  “Oh my god, did you see it too?” he suddenly asked her.

  “What sweetie?” she asked, a little confused now.

  “The shooting star?” He said “ did you see the shooting star tonight?”

  “Oh god yes, wasn’t it wonderful?” she gushed. “But don’t laugh when I tell you okay?”

  “What, that you made a wish to find love tonight?” he offered.

  Her eyes got really big “Are you kidding me???” she asked incredulously.

  “Yes, I did as a matter of fact” she finally said.

  “I know, so did I” he said.

  They both looked up at the night sky and sat there for a moment in the silence and the semi dark of the night time and then looked at each other and realize that they had both wished upon the same star at the same time with the same wish and that was why they were now sitting with one another, because they were simply destined to be together.

  They both smiled at each other and kissed one another and then hugged each other and spent some time afterwards just holding each other and kissing and talking and falling deeply and forever in love. And they would never be parted from that moment on.

  Later that night they would finish up the little dip in the Jacuzzi, they both took turns in his shower and got dressed. They would end up watching “her favorite” movie in his private theater. She would stay the night in one of his guest rooms even though It would be so easy for them to sleep together, they both felt that they should take a little time to get to know each other better although they both wanted the other. Like he told her, she was a princess and not a slut or whore or easy and should be treated as such. It only made when they would eventually make love that more special for the both of them. It wasn’t just about sex, the physical outward connection but about connecting from the inside out.

  For both of them it was like looking at a table of puzzle pieces where so many looked like they would fit, and so many looked alike but it wasn’t until they went through so many false puzzle pieces until they finally found that perfect piece that fit next to them, the one they truly were meant to be with.

  The next morning he was awoken to her serving him breakfast in bed while wearing one of his button down shirts and some of his boxer shorts.  He thought she looked so cute.

They spent every moment together from that moment on and eventually they took another walk like the first one where they walked from the park side by side through his vineyard to his home.

  Now they walked together in a ceremony where a man stood in front of them and spoke some special words and they took each other’s hands and slipped some bands on each other’s fingers, symbolizing their eternal love for one another. Now they walked hand and hand, as a couple that not only shared the same likes and favorites on so many things but also on a common destiny, a destiny of love and trust and companionship.

  Once upon a time, they both were two lonely people who had hurt and heart ache and longing and weren’t sure what the future would hold for them selves but they never gave up hope or the idea of love and how it could still be for them. Many nights, while they were out walking after wards or riding horsebacks, they would often look up at the stars and think of that fateful night when two halves of the same whole found their other half, and became one, brought together by a lucky star, their lucky star.

 The End

(…of this story, but just the beginning for Sarah and Jonathan).


Submitted: January 14, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Jim Green. All rights reserved.

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