Suburbanite blues

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Poetry, song lyrics I contributed to a musical project called "New Albion"

Submitted: December 12, 2018

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Submitted: December 12, 2018






Suburbanite blues (lyrics/poetry)


Broken, hopeless

Water,bed rest

Slept in, all day,

No work, no pay

Relapsed, cravings

Dwindling, savings


Broken, restless,





It's been forever 

Since I seen your face around

It's hard to hold a grudge

When were from the same town

Does it matter?

All these years gone by

Could be awkward 

So I let you pass me by,


I met your eyes,


We were on the same train

Heard you were back in town

Guess what, nothing's changed

If nothing changes

Does it mean we're still the same.

Just Different faces

Our age should bear the blame


So I just thought

I'd let you know ,

There's a time for letting go

It's not like you owe anything

To anyone


Like a statement you can't retract

Just before you turn your back

Would you go for one more stroll

Down the old stomping grounds


Because it's senseless

According to the census

That you would ever want to stay


At your accusations 

I stand defenceless 

In a mutual silence

 Could we be the same?


As we sing suburbanite blues

We sing a suburbanite truth

Is there something we can do?

Is it true 

That you can never trust yourself now

Can you?


You had ambition, well come and join the queue 

Your dads not racist, 

He's just from the old school,

You know what it's like

When your football team, always seem to lose

We could change the channel

He only would refuse,

"Oh they're useless!"

For all the abuses that you've seen

When we're together,

It's like a bohemian dream team,

The season's over, and it only just begun

After two pints of courage

He could show us how's it's done.


So I thought I'd let you know,

There's a time, for letting go

It's not like you owe anything,

To anyone,



Like being ashamed of your family name

You said I could never know your pain,

Does the old neighbourhood,

That I never left

Remind you, of some things

that you just can't change





That's just suburbanite blues,

There's nothing we can do,

I guess it's true,

That you can only trust yourself now

Can you?


Your out of art school,

That only ever left you scarred

Dropping xanax

I read that's pretty avant garde

Does it matter?

What the people do

Make you happy 

They should be happy for you too


As you stood, in the quiet

Of the autumnal rain,

Thinking, " I'm here for a funeral"

It's only a couple of days,


To celebrate the one we loved

The one we had to lose,

These days

Our friends  only ever come together,

As the bringers of sad news


You said

"Your right about something, 

It's just suburbanite blues



As I lay asleep

 Under a false assumption

Voices blend in 

to each other 

At a Sunday luncheon

It's always the same conversation

At your family functions



I turned around because 

I thought I heard you say

"What else were we supposed to do?"

I understand, but what's with the attitude?

 You know what?

 I think I'm coming down too.


Is there something we can prove,

Is it true?

That you can never trust yourself, now

Can you?


Dinner at your parents house

They're so Christian 

They're so devout

The sister that you hate 

Sits next to me

Fake king edward cutlery

And I don't know which fork

I should use for desert


Staring at an empty plate

 your brother works in real estate

He said "Have your never ever, been to Spain?"


"Oh You really should you would love the place"

How I know it

It so cultured compared to here


Now I'm wondering is it true,

Did you dig the hole, to fall into?


And how would you ever know,

The point your body left your soul?


Your father stories for the hundredth time

Mother plays her role

She just rolls her eyes

As your Aunty speaks about politics

I was really hoping it didn't have to come to this

Before she asks


Do you mind,

If we say the Lord's Prayer?


Afterwards she asks


So Does your mother still live on her own?

It must be hard to be alone

And I don't how she raised 3 kids,

No offence

In a neighbourhood quite like this,


God bless and send her my love

For me


I sat wondering if it's true,

Do you think the human spirit weighs 2.2?


How would they ever know?

Oh no

The point the body left the soul


Sounds like suburbanite blues,

Is there something we can do?

Is it true?

That you never trust yourself now

Do you


I remember your voice,

When you used to sing,

You were the queen of karaoke 

Although it's not same thing


Face tattoos and piercings,

What that all about?

On the water diet

How's that working out

Cut and carried,

Crossed out from your wish list,

I wish you all the best

From a safe distance 


And it's senseless

According to the census

That you would ever want

To stay

© Copyright 2019 jim koya. All rights reserved.

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