The Amateur Actors of Orange County

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by Anon Amous

The first novel in a series involving the exploits of George Rook and company.

Table of Contents

Off Book Rook

Judge Turpin to the rescue.
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Don't Mention the word Halibut

Abby's first audition after turning "amateur".
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The Smartest Fish

The first rehearsal of Little Women.
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From Out of the Fog

Sam and George aren't the only ones who know how to surf fish for Corbina.
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The Worst of all the Tyrannical

A fifteen year old Abby Shields begins her apprenticeship into the realm of surf fishing. But not necessarily for all the right reasons. Read Chapter

Great Uncle Donny's Problem

Great Uncle Donny's problem with the State of California Fish and Game Department.
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Sam Witherspoon's New Entourage

Sam has a new set of friends to walk the red carpet with him.
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The Smartest of Those Who Play in the Waves

Abby begins her apprenticeship in surf fishing and a mysterious stranger appears at Sam's front gate.
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From Out of the Mouths of Babes

A mysterious stranger's sad tale of fishing for his very last corbina.
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One Lone Cockroach

George Rook's fear of spiders, cockroaches and musical directors.
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The Ride to the Red Carpet

Sam Witherspoon escorts his brand entourage to the Newport Beach Film Festival.
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A Little Back Story on Sam Witherspoon

What's makes Sam tick and what happened on the Red Carpet.
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The Second Chance

George Rook's and Darla Lankershim's most ardent and loyal fan.
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Two Very Dangerous Fans

Lucinda and Dorinda are up to no good, while Ronny Loomis is trying to get his Equity card.
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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Unfortunately Mary, Lucinda and Dorinda passed their background check. And as for Sam Witherspoon, he is missing his old fishing buddy.
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“Little Women, the Harbor Boulevard Musical”

Lucinda and Dorinda wait for their chance to strike, while George Rook waits for his chance to get away from "Mr. Stage Fright".
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The Resistance Begins

Unfortunately, Lucinda does not understand Spanish, but fortunately, Dorinda does.
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“We Only Need to Take Out One”

Lucinda tries to narrow down the field to only one candidate.
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Still Waiting For the Moment

"We'll wait until the final curtain", was all that Lucinda said at the end for the first act.
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From Off the Sidewalks of Balboa

Sam notices and angry stare and later a familiar face. But he just can't place it.
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The Return of Donny Shields

Donny Shields's rapid and unexpected rehabilitation back into the society of men.
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The Holster Malfunction

The last chapter in the Saga of George Rook and company. The novel is now finished (for the most part) JP
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