The Passport Issue

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A row because of passport belonging to a young man to have a paper to pass to a phys ed easy group...

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



A middle-aged couple quarreled today. Seems to be nothing special, but this issue is the real one, not made off the top of one’s head. The reason for testing their boiling feelings is the passport of their junior beloved son Jim, a nice guy of age twenty, and his granny.

As all the teenagers of his generation, he is busy, but with foreign languages and applied linguistics. Stinky and muddy thing, I must confess. If it was not for the languages, he would not at all enter the specialty. Anyway, for the omnipresent reasons does he not have enough time for dating, kissing, getting laid, you name it; but also for visiting surgeon to get a paper that says he should be in a physical education special group. The only hope to get it is his granny Lillian that, despite her mice in the kettle, is august pure altruist the world might not have seen to this day to such an extent she actually helps even strangers, though even while being ill.

That day, let it be Wednesday, she has managed to take her grandson’s passport and go to the surgeon. Having a medicine card of his with her, the surgeon-guy looked through it, wrote a paper with diagnosis and gave it to old lady. Goodbyes exchanged, happy granny flew home with her spirit somewhere among the gods, or maybe not that high – she is ill.

But the passport issue is in its term usage. It is over, shall be changed, and the whole thing was mentioned out loud by the receptionist.

His parents are as busy as him – they are transcendent embodiments of business per se, so they either have not got the time necessary to change it, or maybe just have forgotten; things happen.

Coming home, granny calls her son-in-law. On the verge of having fatigue, she speaks modestly about an outdated passport and hopes for him to have it changed. Being awoken by the call and perceiving mother-in-law’s voice as the loud one.

“Are you drunk?” asked she.

“I’m absolutely adequate!” severely replies son-in-law in a staccato fashion.

The end of call.

Some minutes later, he calls her wife, a rare insurance agent these days that can somehow financially support all the men in her family and still look gorgeously in her late-forties. He attacked her with complaints about her mother’s shouting into cellphone’s microphone about some odd passport issue. She had nothing to do but to say she has no idea. It was him who ended the call abruptly, leaving her shocked at unfinished paper routine.

Several hours passed by, Jim has come home from the university. Upon hearing such terrific news and peculiar thing about the document from his mother, granny, and elder brother, who has also been granny’s witness, sketched out a conversation. Filled with contradictory feelings up, he tries to calm down.

Later in the evening, his father calls him. On the way of the usual chat, Jim asks his father’s dare to speak with his wife, who does all the job, and mean – cooking, working, washing, wiping – and his obligations are nothing compared to this; back to them – in such terms and reasons for calling wife rather than his mother-in-law back and find out what has happened. He outspeaks in a puzzling way to confuse his son, but instead he strikes back.

In the end, both confused and exhausted, ceased the call. No apologies or anything like that followed.

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