Choosing the final moment.

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What if you had the power of time-space travelling? Where would you go ? Most importantly when would you go ? It seems like choosing to face the apocalypse head on was not as heroic as one may think.

Submitted: May 07, 2010

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Submitted: May 07, 2010



If I were somehow able to master the space-time continuum and have the courage to use this means and travel wherever and whenever my heart would desire, unlike most other people I have the pleasure of knowing, I’d choose the oddest place in the oddest time-frame I could.

After the Harlem neighbourhood, through the Central Park and past the Hilton Hotel on Broadway Avenue, I’d arrive to the little port which houses the small ferryboat to guide me to the Statue of Liberty, the last ferryboat I’ll ever have the chance to get on. This all would happen around 4:20 PM, Easter European Time, just about 20 minutes before the sunset.

To be a bit more specific, that would be about 2 years, 7 month and 14 days in the future, at a distance of about 7657 kilometers from my current position.

Happy with my serenity atop the lady of liberty’s head, watching first the little island beneath me and then settling my gaze upon the immense concrete colossuses standing proud, like eternal guardians of the ever lively city I decide to take a few seconds to contemplate on the meaning of this gift from the French people to their fellow Americans, and the great grey beauty, the city before my eyes, which it has faced for so many years.

Through the dissipating fog, from atop the Statue of Liberty I notice the tiny, ever-moving waves behaving strangely. They start crawling on the water’s surface seemingly without a purpose, in all directions, tumbling and bubbling, moving slowly before eventually finding their peace back into the massive block of bluish liquid.

Suddenly, it all stops. Everything, every sound, every noise, every movement and it feels like time just stopped a bit to catch its breath for a while.

A soft, warm, gust of wind breaks the painful silence, waking me up to reality. With a quick glance I notice an odd grey-ish trail on the pale yellow sky. With a dismissive thought I continue enjoying the splendid view from my quiet, open space.

A piercing shriek breaks the now comfortable silence, guiding my confused attention to the ground level, to the supposed source of the sound. It fades so quickly that I don’t get the chance of pinpointing the location of it and thus understand the cause.

Calmly, I turn my eyes back to the beautiful orange sky only to be greeted by a strange, out-of-place black dot, about a foot away from the now dissipated grey stripe decorating the massive yellowish background. The little quiet dot was apparently growing, but at such an insignificant rate that I couldn’t be sure. The most fascinating thing was what was following it. The barely noticeable orange stretched shape was after the black one right behind, like two kids chasing each other in a childish game.

“A falling star!” I said with a sudden foolish realization. With a quick, naïve smile I wished this very moment of serenity and peace, my life, the entire world would never end. The thought quickly drifted away.

Another shout followed by some quick yells and then a series of piercing screams stirred the entire mass of population down there. I could not distinguish the exact actions but I could swear people started yelling, pointing and moving, running, hiding and staring at the now bigger (in a creepy way) black dot (about 2-3 centimeters in width and height) followed by that weird orange mixed with yellow tail about 3 times lengthier than its black source, both of those followed by the same grey-ish trail dissipating high up in the sky among the dark gray clouds.

With a slow, imperceptible move, the meteor touched the surface of the horizon and, after only a few moments, a blurry gradient of black brown and grey started to grow with it’s source originating from the point of impact at a slow but steady rate.

With a sudden slap of realization, my blood pumping, I figured that was no falling star and that it was an actual extra terrestrial object, most probably a meteor, impacting the ground, killing or hurting, directly or indirectly god knows how many people. This time a stronger, chilly and very uncomfortable gust of wind ignited my fear, splashing on my sweaty face.

As I stood there frozen, the former meteor cloud which was near it’s fully developed mass, got engulfed in a new, bigger one. Strangely, it had the same texture. Impulsively I looked down just to see the very city before my eyes crumbling to pieces with every movement of the ground. The earthquake that just started was destroying the city with it’s every shake.

While there were only screams now and then in the beginning, my auditory sense could not distinguish any particular sound now, because of the constant loud and annoying hum.

Restaurants, hotels, business centers, theaters. Shopping centers and every building you could imagine were shattering, breaking and tearing apart.

The last to fall before my eyes, which stood proudly for so many years, the only structure to cross the horizon line was the Empire State Building.

The New York we all knew, was no more.

Up above, three more shapes could be distinguished, lighting the celestial dome like little candles on an Easter night, at the church : A meteor, a comet and a meteorite respectively, in order from right to left, spaced out more or less evenly. In shock, all I could do was turn around and see a huge asteroid growing exponentially with a fiercely glare, gazing right at me.

Then I knew those would be last few thoughts to cross my mind.

But no, why would this happen? This can’t happen. The Mayan story was just a myth, they couldn’t possibly predict such an event so many years ago. No, this was surely a dream.

But how could I feel the little sprinkles of water mixed with dust from the city carried with speed, finding their end on my face after a forceful impact? How? How could I have heard the genuine screams of the people who already died not two miles in front of me? How could I possibly feel this extreme fear? How could I still smell the odor of wet mud, and gas, and dust and blood?

Was this happening all over the world ? Was everyone dead ? Was I the only one still breathing ? Why would God allow such a thing ? “Maybe it’s a test of faith” I thought. “Yes! This must be it!” After fully accepting what was happening, the last thing I could do after a quick prayer was to jump, and let myself go, hoping for a divine intervention.

Jump and fall, let myself go, believe that this was only a test and that I would be saved and everything would go back to the way it was, with people still smiling at little things and still enjoying life, just the way it was.

With full confidence I climbed the concrete ledge and after a plain, emotionless, almost dumb smile, I let myself go, let all my worries drift away and jumped off the edge, into the eerie mass of water.

With all the commotion in the water, the splash was insignificant and the randomly moving waves pulled my body like nothing out of the ordinary just happened.

With the impact which shattered the last bone I could feel in my body, I couldn’t even panic. I sank deeper and deeper, I couldn’t breathe, but no one cared. I could see a light though, a huge one, but with a dark center. Was this the light everyone was talking about ?

At 4:40 PM, Eastern European Time, on 21 of December 2012, the sun sank into the horizon line and everything went dark, except the huge fireball heading right at the Statue of Liberty. That was the mystical light I saw. I slowly closed my eyes and died.

With a forceful impact, the ground shook with a fiery menace and the huge mass of molten rock and gas glided on the water’s surface and went right through the Statue, like a knife through soft butter and did not stop until reaching it’s final goal, the already wrecked city of New York. The commotion did not end though as the immense shock-wave produced by the impact continued destroying everything in it’s path in an ever-growing circular area.

Like it wasn’t enough, like some deity wanted to mock us, to make sure there was absolutely no chance of survival, there were even more huge glowing objects on the sky, a massive tsunami born from the result of the asteroid impacting the ground and the earthquake was still there, ever-present, ever shaking the very foundations of earth.

I could have chosen any moment, any place. Why did I choose this? Why did i choose to see the last moment of humankind? Why was I so eager to face the apocalypse head on?

After every living person and creature on the planet faced it’s inevitable ending silence was set.

The sky was red, as if it was stained with blood, as if we were martyrs for some greater purpose. The stench of death was in the air and between the huge chunks of rock and ruble, pieces of carbonized people were still scattered around in the complete, eternally painful silence.

A low volume siren, somewhere very very far away went off, as if to announce the ending and to set the starting point for the next cycle, a new beginning, just like our Mayan ancestors predicted.

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