Cutthroat Koala: Part I

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The town of Mammal Falls will never be the same after the path of slaughter made by a vicious predator, a fluffy little koala.

Submitted: June 29, 2008

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Submitted: June 29, 2008



The three boy scouts are in the forest in the quiet little city of Mammal Falls scrounging for food and shelter, as they have been separated from their troop. The eldest of the scouts bends over to examen strange tracks he found below them. Then, bursting from the darkness like the shadowy figure of Death himself, was a vicious koala who has been starved for a week. It latched onto the youngest scouts face and bit and scratched as if it were a cheetah.

Leaving the youngest behind, the older two ran for their lives. The middle scout tripped over a rock and bashed his head on a log, lying dazed and confused. The oldest scout leaves behind yet another helpless child and takes refuge in a nearby cave. The piercing screams of his fellow scout could be heard like the screeching of tires on an otherwise quiet summer night. When he found a nice cozy spot in the cave, he started a fire with some sticks he gathered. He had used up his last match, so if the fire went out, he would freeze to death.

He awoke the next morning face to face with his scout leader. With a surge of excitement, he jumped up, thinking that the scout leader found him and spent the night in the cave. But to his horror, the scout leader was missing his entire bottom half, from his stomach down, the thumb of his right hand, and half of his index finger on the left. There were bloody hand prints leading into the cave which led the scout to believe the leader escaped his attacker. But what the scout didn't realize was that the attacker was hot on the trail of the blood leading into the cave.

After thinking it over for a long time, the scout decided the only way to survive without going outside and exposing himself to danger was the eat the scout leader. After carving out the anus of the leader (that is where the most meat is) he began to cook the meat over the fire. To his dismay, this only attracted a bear who barreled toward him, and with one mighty swoop of the great paw, the scout was dead, his lifeless body sprawled out on the floor of the cave.

The police arrived the next morning searching for the entire troop. They found the leader and a trail of blood from a second victim with bear paw prints leading away. The youngest of the scouts was sitting in an ambulance with what could be called a face covered in blood. A koala is perched high up in a tree, unseen by any of the armed policemen.

The young boy scout looks up, but is pounced on before he could scream out for help. The koala then leaps onto the neck of a nearby paramedic and catches the attention of the police officer, who draws his gun. Shots ring out, causeing a murder of crows to fly off. Other officers rush to the scene to find one of their fallen comrades lying on the ground, barely able to speak. With his last bit of strength, he points behind them, but not in time. The crack of gunfire can be heard in the distance and the ear shattering screams of police officers fill the forest of death.

The first officer fired at the seemingly unstoppable koala, and it jumps off and attaches itself to his neck. The second officer cannot fire at the risk of hitting the first. After the koala peels a thick layer of skin from the officers neck, it hurls itself at the second officers who screams and fires blindly at the koala. He is knocked down as he struggles to free himself from the koala death grip. He manages to throw the beast at a tree trunk and reaches for his gun which he dropped in the struggle. He empties an entire clip and hits nothing but the air behind the swift koala.

Backup has arrived, and watch as the police officer is mutilated by the bloodthirsty animal. The animal lifts it's head up and the glint in its eyes was terrifying. It sent one of the officers crying and another screaming. All fire at the koala and all hit nothing but grass, trees, and the body of the two dead officers. The beast lifted itself up onto a branch and jumped from tree to tree until it was out of view. The officers looked on in terror, pondering what demon from hell has just escaped their grasps towards a city of unsuspecting people.

To Be Continued...

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