Initiation letter from "The Army Of Dark Souls"

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Only a select few have been chosen, and you are one of them.

Submitted: June 29, 2008

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Submitted: June 29, 2008



Greetings. I have sensed great potential in you, my brother. I am the messenger of our true lord. He has no name, but many of you pitiful humans may know him as "Satan", "Lucipher", or simply, the "Devil".
He is planning a massive attack on your Earthly plane with the combined forces of all the damned souls of the underworld. If you are willing to cooperate, then you shall serve as one of his Lords valued dark soldiers.
I have sensed a great evil within the depths of your soul, and it, along with many other souls will make a fine soldier in the battle against your peoples so-called "Lord". Join us in the fight to bring your world to it's knees under the supreme rule of our true dark lord.
If you are wondering why your friend has turned to the dark lord, he hasn't. He wanted to much power for himself, and attempted to murder me with a cobra dagger he keeps in his home. The struggle was long and fierce, but I knocked him down and slit his throat with the very weapon he had tried to use against me.
I am merely using his body as shell to hold my soul. What you will see is not your friend, Jamie, or Jimmy, I can't quite remember, but the Dark lords servant.
Think about what I have said and just follow these steps to summon me.
Step 1:
To prove you are absolutely committed to our cause, you will collect the flesh of an innocent person, and drain the blood into a small jar of some sort and burn the skin. Put the skin into a pouch and put it around your neck, this is your first “Medal of Honor” in the army of dark souls.
Step 2:
Arrange a series of candles into the shape of a pentagram in a dark room, like and attic or basement.
Step 3:
Place a drop of the blood on each candle and recite the following chant:
Ortus of malum
nex ut totus
Exercitus of atrum animus
mos reign confuto
ego tribuo meus animus ut him
I shall be waiting for your reply. It would be a shame if you were to decline my offer.

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