A hill of Sand

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

That night, that night when the hill of sand crumbled.

The hill of Sand

The day began dark, no sunrise no bright sunbeams blinding our eyes. No rooster announced the sunless day. Regardless, the day started. It was the first day of summer.

No school, but we all awoke at six in the morning.

What to do today? EVERYTHING! go to the lake, swim, dive.

Go to the woods, climb that old gnarly oak tree, build a tree fort.

But not today.

Today was the first day of summer, and today was full of trouble.

Someone had drowned in the lake. Someone had been hung from the old oak trees limb.

Summer began on a bad note.

'go back to sleep, its storming out side and the power is out' dad said

and it was, plus the wind was in a hurry.

the news of the drowned man and the hung woman was in the house, we heard it from our room.

Despite the storm, and lack of power the towns people shuffled in and out of our house to deliver the latest news.

The front door must of been very wet, the rain fell, and the wind drove it in our house. We could hear the water drops being driven into the living-room.

\"hey, lets go see that lady hanging from the tree\" I said to my brother.

\"no way! dad would kill us!\"

\"what do you want to do all day sit in here? I am bored, lets go!\"

\"no! I ant going, arrr are you?\"

\"if you stay here, you are a chicken! later\" and i jumped out of the window.

Will finish this later.


Submitted: October 15, 2008

© Copyright 2021 jimbo13. All rights reserved.

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