Poem from Schitzophoria

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Use your Sword of Sanity

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



From: Schitzophoria

Year:17 A.I. (After Insanity)

Author: Unknown


The Order of The Mad King



Under the green moon’s descent,

and under the red sky,

this world of your sanity,

has always been a lie.


Behind all the masks,

Of the normal and the sane,

Hidden in the darkness,

Is where The Mad King shall Reign.


Within his dark eyes,

he turns the land to dust,

He feeds on your own thoughts,

And turns them to evil and lust.


With these tools he warps,

and twists your reality,

he takes away your peace,

and grants you with insanity.


The flowers of your life,

Have wilted to the bud,

The people you once knew,

Are servants, and maidens of blood.


Disorder is his son,

And evil is his daughter,

Rising from black lakes,

Are his children of the water.


Forests burn,

 and do not cease.

Cities full ,

of those once decease.


Everything he touches,

begins to bear his mark,

within the woods of the tree dolls,

his domain blackens the dark.


But the Achilles heel is what you seek,

to stop his profanity,

you must first kill his maiden,

to gain your sword of sanity.


Be warned now fools,

that if you are ever found,

the king’s being of torture,

is where you are bound.


All his ways are truths,

hidden within the fear and pain.

let your ruler in,

All hail The Mad Kings reign!

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